Dos and Dont’s during conceiving : Pregnancy Guide

Dos and Dont’s during conceiving : Pregnancy Guide

Are you planning for a baby?

It is a dream to most of the couples when it comes to conception in a few months after marriage. But not all of them conceive within the “quick” timeframe. At this point, it is very important for us to understand that every woman takes her own time to conceive and very much depends on the body, health, and lifestyle. There is nothing wrong if you take a month or two longer to conceive. The time of conceiving does not define whether the pregnancy is healthy or not.

Hillard Said,  “Eighty-five percent of women will become pregnant within one year of trying!

Many gynecologists believe that pregnancy is very specific to the health of the woman who is trying to conceive and there is no fixed time for the body to react. The most important thing to remember here is uterine health which will play an important role in conception. According to one of the best maternity hospitals in Mumbai which treats complicated pregnancy cases, these are some dos and don’ts which a woman should follow to have a healthy pregnancy or even to increase her chances of conception.

Are you planning to conceive and birth a beautiful baby? Then here are some Do's and Dont's while the process of Conceiving. Know your body, opt for healthy lifestyle and Go Stress free. Read more #cloudnine #hospital #maternityhospital #conceiving #pregnancy #pregnant #motherhood
Planning to Conceive

Do’s and Dont’s for conception :

1. BMI :

Your BMI is very important. Being overweight or very thin may lessen up your chances of being pregnant. It has nothing to do with the fat content of your body but the overall health of an individual. Being overweight brings down blood pressure and this causes a lot of problems. Also, the blood circulation to the nerves is not so great for people who are overweight, and in a few years, the overall nervous system faces stress and strain.

This will, in turn, affect the proper functioning of all organs of the body. This is exactly the reason why weight is associated with most of the deadly diseases. We are not going to scare you more but the fact is, being overweight reduces the chances of pregnancy and also increases the risk of miscarriages.

2. Lifestyle :

Following a healthy lifestyle with clean habits is very important. Even if you are not the one who follows, it is the right time to change your mindset, if you are planning to birth a baby. Preparing your body for at least 6 months before trying for conception is very important. It will not only increase the chances of pregnancy but will also give you a feel-good factor about yourself for a healthy and happy mind and body. Have an active lifestyle, start your day with Yoga, exercise, Walking. Yoga is a great option as it relaxes your body and mind. Also, one should focus on breathing exercises.  

Also, ensure that you are not overdoing with your exercise, as at the end of the day, we don’t want a fatigued body.

Quit a sedentary lifestyle and if you smoke or drink too much, better quit that too!

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Are you planning to conceive and birth a beautiful baby? Then here are some Do's and Dont's while the process of Conceiving. Know your body, opt for healthy lifestyle and Go Stress free. Read more #cloudnine #hospital #maternityhospital #conceiving #pregnancy #pregnant #motherhood
Dos and Donts while planning to conceive

3. Dietary Patterns :

Including lots of vitamins, calcium, minerals, and fibers in your diet will do a lot of wonders than you can imagine. As women near their 30s, they are in need of more mineral supply than men. The reason is the metabolism and the function of the body. It is very important to keep your iron, calcium, and vitamin levels always up. This will help to boost your hormones which will in turn work towards doing the wonder. Lessen up your sugar content and increase whole grains, fibrous fruits and foods, Green foods, and veggies in your diet.

When you are trying to conceive, Prenatal vitamins with Folic acid are a must. Ask your gynecologist and opt for them. Choosing the right plant-based prenatal vitamins is essential as they do make a difference in your baby’s growth and development.

4. De-Stress your Life :

Starting a family should be a happy feeling and it should not be stressful. Usually, women get stressed while trying to conceive. You simply need to relax and remove all negativities, stress, and anxiety from your lives. Try to inculcate a happy feeling and atmosphere around. Stress will rather impact your ovulation and hamper the fertility on the other hand.

So, opt for things and activities that make you happy and be optimistic. Read good, light and positive books, hear some good music, play some games with your partner or maybe a friend.

5. Know your Ovulation Cycle :

Don’t pick a random day to start conceiving. Chart out your Ovulation days, (which are the best for conceiving) even our body gives the clue of this fertile period. Ovulation days can be between Day 11-21, from the Last menstrual period. Usually, during Ovulation, a woman will have some clear vaginal discharge, and it is a perfect time to plan for conception.

Also, don’t overdo it, at times the intercourse becomes stressful and it can lead to unnecessary stress. Let things go in a relaxing way.

It is very important to discuss your issues with your family or friends and also take the best opinion from any gynecologist at the maternity hospital in Pune or any other city you belong to. This will help you in planning your pregnancy. 

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