Endurer by Kapil Raj : Book review

Endurer by Kapil Raj : Book review

Endurer – A Rape Story

“You’re going to be a real woman”, and she laughed out “what is real” and hug her Mom, when she was in this world!

Intense & absoluteness, are what defines “Endurer – A Rape Story”. Would you imagine, I finished reading “Endurer” in flat 5 hours, such was the desperation, to know the real plot getting unfolded with every turn. Kapil Raj’s “Endurer”, hits the soul really hard, unnerves you at the hidden cruelty and makes you feel the pain of Rape survivors. Rape, its aftermath, protests, real justice and law amendments, have been in the nip of the air from quite some years. And this work of fiction, agonises you and brings alive the fleshy tales running at smallest places of the world in front of your eyes.

Here is a book review of the fictional work by Author Kapil Raj - Endurer . The book is from the perpective of a collge going happy girl who finds herself raped one night after a rave party. Read more #Bookreview #endurer #fiction #novel #goodreads #message #emotionalread

The Plot of Endurer, a Book by Kapil Raj :

Youth and college days are the most swashbuckling phase of anyones life. Even, we enjoyed the “gained freedom” in our college days. Now being a mom, I could read the story from the mind of a Youth and from the eyes of a Mom, and this sent chills in my spine, as a woman and as a mom.

Live, she had said and that’s what Palak was trying to do, unaware that her broken heart would be shattered to pieces that soon!

The plot goes as , Palak, who is a beautiful college going girl, wants to enjoy every moment of her life. It’s her Birthday and everyone in the college gets crazy to host a Night out at their Friend’s flat. But the start goes wary, when bragging Uday had a fight with Rohin as their cars rammed in. That was the start, an incidence which left ample scars in Uday’s flushed mind. But they party hard along with Rohin, a quite decent man. Uber-cool, yet sophisticated and affluent Jahan was slowly taking over Palak’s heart beat. Hanging with the bunch of friends (Tanya, Ankita, Uday, Jahan, Rohin, Arav), unplanned trips, night outs, drugs, parties, all became an important part of their lives. Already heartbroken by the loss of her Moo (Maa), and no-worthy father, Palak goes crazy over her new college life.

It is quite a resemblance with today’s youngsters, who love to experiment everything in their life. Fear of unknown, is what they never know.

She never assumed that her presence at a Rave Party in Delhi, would go berserk. Rave Parties are Illegal, but these youngsters plan to have their last party before their examinations, being hosted by few “influential youngsters“. That night collapsed Palak, as she woke up only to find that her body has been played with, by monsters. Struggling from the hallucinations, all she knows was that she was sodomized and was raped by the person, whom she had started to admire. Worst, she gets to know that her video tape is in circulation and beasts are enjoying watching those clips and forwarding them more.

Should it be reported to police or they should keep mum about all what had happened? Should a doctor be consulted? What if Palak bear the societal backlash?

Her studious Room-mate, Sam, becomes her pillar of strength and to bring her out of her bearings, Sam allows Rohin to take her far away from Delhi, at his haveli in Nawalgarh.

Wanting her Moo to be with her, her cries, screams, tears find solace in Sethani’s love and care. Her mind and heart continuously switched between her flashbacks, and stories of Meethi and Sethani. Supported by Sethani (Rohin’s mom), she stood up as a rock to know the real culprits behind her rape and bring out their faces to the world. Meanwhile, Life was not easy for Rohin. He couldn’t believe he committed such a crime and went on with the help of his dear friend “Moon”, to figure out what could have happened.

The thrill begins when Palak gets a faint memory of the presence of a known face when the ghastly crime was being committed. It takes twisty, unprecedented moves, which even you as a reader would have not expected. The world she had believed in had harshly stabbed in her back. She gains that courage to put across her voice on the social media, discloses the names of her real offenders.

Here is a book review of the fictional work by Author Kapil Raj - Endurer . The book is from the perpective of a collge going happy girl who finds herself raped one night after a rave party. Read more #Bookreview #endurer #fiction #novel #goodreads #message #emotionalread

My take on the Book :

As a woman, this story asks you that why is the victim blamed for the Rape?There have been numerous times, when we have failed to support a woman, due to the societal pressures. Who gave men the right to play with women, just for some moments of fun, lust and desires? The world is self-serving and loves playing with emotions of the weaker ones.

It’s a heart rending story, you’ll get goosebumps, you’ll be forced to feel the pain and suffering and virtually witness many small fleshy tales. Let me tell you, this book, will leave you with a blank face, but with a mind, unable to rest even for a nanosecond!

Will she be able to take the revenge of crime committed against her by the so called “Influentials of society”? Why did her own friends plotted against her? Did Rohin (who loved her) actually raped her? Was it a gang rape and who filmed the video? Her own friends or strangers and why?

To get all these answers, pick this book penned down by Kapil Raj, a first time author, and give it a read. Every turning page holds a mystery, which keeps on filling your heart with varied emotions, all in a go!

Kapil Raj, says,

 “Though we have started to understand and acknowledge the pain and offer help when we read any new rape case, the problem lies in the treatment of the victims. Our judgments are still based out of deep-rooted social coding. “ 

Isn’t that true, its time to stop blaming Police and victims, It’s time to blame our pre-conceived notions and take the corrective action!

Do read out this book, share with me your thoughts on it and womanhood.

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  1. Vartika Gakhar

    This sounds really thought-provoking story. Such cases give every girl jitters thinking what if she was at her place. As I m in my reading zone these days, will surely check out this book. Thanks for the review, Jhilmil.

  2. Noor Anand Chawla

    This book should be a must-read for all young people. It is important that we educate the men and empower the women, and these are the books paving the way for that.

  3. Sajid Akhter

    Hi Jhilmil,

    Lovely review. This book is a real good one. Women empowerment is such a need of the hour. It is vital for their upliftment and equal status. Educated self independent women are key to the future of our country.

    Thanks for sharing, have a good day.

  4. Madhu

    Reading about women empowerment is always so satisfying …It gives so much of strenght and power to us…Thanks for sharing the review…shall dafinately find time to read it !

  5. Alpana Deo

    Very well written review. It is sad that such crimes are not stopping. The overall mindset, definition of pleasure needs to change.

  6. Amrita

    A very difficult story to take in. The problem is heart wrenching and shows sociopathic tendencies in the youths who are behind crimes like these.

  7. Prerna Wahi

    The book seems like a heavy read so not sure when I will get to it but your review is very well written and does justice. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Namrata

    This book sounds like a must read and I am gonna read it during my upcoming travel. Books are my bae during my travel.

  9. certainly a worthy plot to read, And while we read and enjoy the book, the question is still there, why a woman has to answer the soictey. And its the victim who is always blamed in such case. its time we women stand for each other and offer support to ourseves

  10. Hema

    This seems to be a thought provoking story. I am eager to read the book after going through the review. Rape is a very touchy subject I am glad authors ate writing about it in a positive way.

  11. Nisha

    It takes courage to write a piece on such a burning topic. It’s a shame that rape victims are considered to be responsible for the crime committed to them. The author described a harsh reality. Loved your take.

  12. Neha Jella

    A heart-rending story about a girl whose beliefs and honour have been overwhelmed stands up for choices and rediscovers the meaning of life. I have bought this book online a couple of days ago and it is very beautifully written.

  13. Snigdha Prusti

    There are so many suspense in the story.. I would definitely gonna pick up this book.. You have reviewed it really well jhilmil..

  14. Mrinal Kiran

    Rape is such a sensitive topic… Even if I read something like that in newspapers, it sends a shiver down my spine! The story is so deep, painful and powerful… I would get this book!

  15. Varsh

    As a woman and a mother the topic of rape gives me creeps. Victims are shamed and ridiculed while the rapists move around fearlessly. Would read this book for sure, Jhilmil. Any girl could become Palak today.

  16. Shub

    I saw this on your Instagram and it’s very intriguing topic. I am going to catch hold of this book asap and finish reading too.

  17. Charu Chittwal

    Sounds like a damn interesting, book for sure and the review was just damn fab, thank you for sharing this beautiful blog, will definitely give this blog a read ?

  18. Amrit kaur

    I am curious to know more about Rohin and hia truth. Would pick up the book and then read the full story to know the thoughts of the author.

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