Equal pay for Equal work : Pay Parity at workplace

Equal pay for Equal work : Pay Parity at workplace

Equal pay: Gender Pay gap between employees

Recently I read the article citing that “Adobe has reached Gender Pay parity”. Having nearly 20,000 employees globally, it is indeed more than a modest accomplishment. Implementing an Equal pay is an ongoing process and that’s what Adobe is committed to.

“Gender Pay gap is a myth”!

If so, then look around, evaluate and even a male chauvinist will agree that it is an absurd reality, hanging globally. Prevailing since decades, The World Economic Forum stated recently that the gender gap won’t be closed till 100 more years. And this is the reason, why every corporate need to look at their Gender Pay parity. We all definitely cannot wait for the next 100 years to bridge this gap. Gender-based discrimination is so deeply ingrained in practice that most of the times it is never even noticed. Right from the first pay package to various appraisals, most of the women are paid less than their male counterparts, even with similar roles.

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What are the reasons for the Gender Pay Gap?

Gender Pay Gap is not a myth, but harsh truth. Its time that organizations move towards gender Pay parity, time to be aware and ask for Equal pay for Equal work. Gender Pay Gap 2019 facts . #Paygap #genderpaygap #payparity #genderdiscrimination #discrimination #equality #issuesatworkplace #workplacechallenges

It is often considered that women need more time for their family and are more likely to opt for part-time work opportunities. Motherhood often comes as a penalty for working women, with biased attitudes around promotions and equalizing pay packages. Women’s compensation suffers once she plans to return back to work.

I would agree partly, that women do need time for their family, but when at the workplace, a woman is giving an equal effort as that of her male counterpart. Then why is the gap?

Men are the bread-earners and they’ve got a family to feed.

Well, so are the women. If this gap is bridged, the same family will be overjoyed, after all its a family income. Don’t you agree?

Women don’t negotiate well during interviews.

Yes, that’s a sad truth which has turned the tables now. Women are earning more high degrees and even asking for better pay packages. Now, its time for the companies to do their part.

A poll conducted by Ipsos Mori stated that 4 in every 10 women stated “Equal Pay” as one of the major workplace challenges. And I would not negate that since I’ve seen Pay gaps myself.

Driving Equal pay for Equal work:

Awareness is what can drive a positive change! There is actually nothing that we can do as an employee, except being aware and voicing out our opinion to the authorities. If we don’t raise our voice right at the beginning, this gap will only get compounded, basis our previous salaries, when we need to have children and take care of our family.

After 3 years working with an Indian Teleco giant, I discovered the Pay gap which I was introduced to. Little did I knew then what to do and how to cater. Swiftly as I changed my job, I made it certain to get the salary at par with male counterparts on the same position and same role.

It felt better, I must say! Giving in the same quantum of hours, working around the table to fetch the same revenues, I had to be in a better position. India has its own Equal Remuneration Act, 1976, wherein any discrimination wrt unequal pay at the workplace due to gender discriminations can be challenged.

It’s time that companies foster that inclusive culture and pledge to review their Pay Parity policies on an ongoing basis. Companies are hiring women talent, and they ought to be accountable to mentor and provide equal growth opportunities to women workforce. Just speaking on diversity won’t solve the matter!

Gender Pay Gap is not a myth, but harsh truth. Its time that organizations move towards gender Pay parity, time to be aware and ask for Equal pay for Equal work. Gender Pay Gap 2019 facts . #Paygap #genderpaygap #payparity #genderdiscrimination #discrimination #equality #issuesatworkplace #workplacechallenges

What are your thoughts on Equal pay for Equal work?

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  1. Akanksha

    Hi Jhilmil, good post there! I think equal pay for equal work has a bigger issue. The very thought that women don’t work as well as men. It is subtle but if you are receptive enough, you can feel the bias at play. Women have to prove themselves even for a very basic level work. But slowly in Urban India at least, things are changing. A few who are aware are demanding equal pay and treatment. Sometimes work, sometimes backfires. But someone has to take the bullet right?

    1. Jhilmil

      Absolutely Akanksha, I’ve myself felt the heat of Pay discrimination, but once this gap is initiated it gets compounded at every step, and that’s the reason, we need more awareness. We need more women to stand up and demand parity at workplace! Thanks for sharing your thoughts:)

  2. Abhijit

    It is really unfair. When in work place a person should be paid for his or her ability and contribution and not based on gender. I am surprised even in Hollywood many star actresses were paid way below their male counterparts. This is a horrible practicd and must be addressed.

    1. Jhilmil

      Yes Abhijit Ji, even in Bollywood, many celebrities have spokesn about this. Pay Parity needs sensitization in India . Thanks for coming by!

  3. Mayuri Nidigallu

    These posts will really help women, Jhilmil. It will make them think, give them a direction and hopefully enough support to make them go out there and get what is due to them.

  4. anupriya

    Sometimes I feel so sad that our corporate leaders even allowed things to come to a situation where the disparity became starking wide. But the only solace is that many corporates are now taking definitive actions to bring in the parity. Very informative post

  5. pinakin joshi

    that’s a sad truth, today when woman work as hard as any man, its better to see them as an individual, rather than a weaker gender.

  6. vidhya thakkar

    I love your posts! yes it’s an important issue to be discussed

  7. Deepa

    That’s a sad reality. Women must get their due in the workplace but that’s not what happens in reality. Hope to see some change in the coming years.

  8. Roma

    There are several fold layers to this disparity dear, as a women empowerment worker I can tell you this buddy. I am glad you brought it up.

  9. Arti

    Things will change, things are changing.. pay gap isn’t just related to the corporate, we need to first seed equality at our home so that a girl and boy are raised equally and treated equally in every junction of life

  10. Harjeet Kaur

    Great post-Jhilmil….I always wonder why parity. Even Tennis players are paid so less compared to there male counterparts. Hope this ends soon.

  11. Noor Anand Chawla

    Well-researched article Jhilmil 🙂

  12. Ujjwal mishra

    This pay gap is in every field . from high paying acting career to a labour with contractor. One more point raised by you is correct women dont negotiate salary well at the time of accepting the offer.

  13. Siddhi

    Gender pay gap isn’t a myth. The biggest media houses I have worked with decide your payscale basis your gender. Infact your appointment is also basis gender.

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