Essential Hair oils for hair loss and thinning hair

Hair growth Oils

Continuing the series on preventing Postpartum hair loss, this post features on some of the best Essential Oils for Hair growth.

5 Best oils for hair growth :

1.Rosemary Pure Oil –

It has ample antioxidants inducing hair regrowth or at the most reducing the hair loss. Few drops of Rosemary oil can be added to one table spoon of carrier oil, mainly coconut oil [with its ample self benefits] to rub onto the scalp. It can also be added to your shampoo or conditioner and left for a longer time to get to the hair roots. One can also prepare Rosemary hair infusion and wash hair with it.

You can add extra virgin Olive oil to Pure Rosemary oil before massaging to get more thicker hair.

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2. Castor Oil –

This thick oil, one of the essential hair oils, is rich in all what a hair growth needs. Full of Vitamin E, Omega-6 and 9 fatty acids, many other proteins, it is a great essential oil for replenishing hair and skin cells. It also has anti oxidants which helps hair get stronger and less frizzy. One of my friends used this oil after delivery. Though she had reduced hair loss but the new growth was nearly going nil. And I was the witness , seeing some significant results of her hair growth. It promotes hair growth and even helps reducing dandruff’s.

Use it on damp hair (not wet)  and prepare your mixture with the carrier oils. You can use 2 table spoon Castor oil + 2 table spoon coconut oil and put it well throughout the scalp. Leave it for whole night or 2-3 hours before giving it a wash. Since it has thick density, do not use it too much.

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3. Cedarwood –

Termed as an enemy to hair loss, this essential hair oils enhances circulation in scalp and promotes new hair growth. The best part is, it is effective for both oily and dry scalp and is gentle as well. It cleanses the impurities off the scalp and encourages new hair growth along with reduction in hair thinning. Mentioned below are some real cedarwood oils –

  • Cedrus libani
  • Cedrus atlantica
  • Cedrus deodara
  • Cedrus brevifolia

Use some 10-12 drops of this essential oil into 4 spoons of Jojoba or Coconut oil for massaging the scalp. Use it thrice a week for a good result. Again you can also add few drops in shampoo to have a good wash.

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4. Chamomile Oil –

Roman Chamomile oil has better effect on hair growth. This pale blue green oil is rather an all rounder. It has anti-inflammatory properties and massaging the scalp with it leads to good blood circulation. It also tends to relax muscles and in turn helps in reducing day to day stress. Reducing stress in turn promotes hair growth.

It can be used with Jojoba or coconut oil (3 drops Chamomile oil : 2 table spoon coconut oil). Or one can even mix it in water and rinse with it after cleaning the hair and leave it to pat dry.

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5. Peppermint Oil –

Recent researches have proved that peppermint oil induces blood circulation on the hair scalp and stimulates hair growth. It has even proven its thickness for thin hair. Since it is highly concentrated, this essential oil can be clubbed with normal oils as Jojoba or Coconut oil (2drops Peppermint oil in one spoon Coconut oil). It can be rubbed to scalp and left for atleast 30-40minutes for proper absorption. One can even add 4-5 drops while shampooing the hair.

*Since it is too intense, try using the mixture on your hand first, if it goes fine then use on the hair. If not, one can definitely use Rosemary + Lavender essential oils combination for similar benefits.

Read this article to know more about the benefits of Peppermint oil.

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Combining various essential hair oils as ,

Lavender oil + Thyme oil + rosemary + cedar wood oils, can be a great combination to treat hair loss.

Castor Oil + Almond oil + Coconut oil, is another great combination for hair growth.

*Getting these pure Essential hair oils can be really difficult as many brands promote it as essential oil but they have not been derived from correct sources. Always double check the authenticity of these oils before buying via any medium.

What we need is to be consistent in the application of chosen essential hair oils and not immediately wash it off. But always before trying any essential oil, try it on the hand and if it goes unreacted, use it for scalp. Also the massage should be very gentle and till the scalp to help the absorption of these oils.

Would love to hear, if any or other essential oil or any combination worked wonders for your hair?

 Take good care of your hair mamas! Read more on 10 best tips to prevent Hair loss after delivery or Postpartum hair loss here. 

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  1. theterrificfive

    This is great to know! I’ve recently gotten into essential oils, but more so to take care of the kids, but this is really useful.

    1. Jhilmil

      Yea, essential oils are important for many things!

  2. livanie´s

    Oh my!!! This is exactly what I need right now. I´m always loosing so much hair in summer! Thank you so much for these amazing tips!

    1. Jhilmil

      Happy that my post could be of help:)

  3. oneloveourlove1114

    This is such great and useful information. We have many of these oil already but needed some guidance. Thank you so much fro putting this together!

  4. Toya

    Very useful information. This is especially perfect timing after a summer filled with visits to the pool!

  5. toastycritic

    I wouldn’t have thought to use Castor oil. I guess I have so many strange associations from movies as a youth where taking that was punishment for something. But that’s great that it can help with hair growth.

    1. Jhilmil

      Oh, well I’m not aware of those associations;), but yes it is a great oil for hair.

  6. nlampert

    I’m always impressed with how many beneficial uses there are for essential oils! I don’t have hair loss or thinning hair but I would like my hair to grow a little faster so I might have to try some of these.

    1. Jhilmil

      You’re lucky to have good hair, but yes you can always maintain hair health using these essential oils in their pure form.

  7. C-Ludik

    Great post ! I am always loosing hair in summer… so this is really useful. I will definitively try the recommended mix of these various essential oils: lavender + thyme + rosemary + cedar wood. I already have 3 of them at home. I just need to buy the cedar wood oil.

    1. Jhilmil

      Oh yes, do it and be consistent with it!

  8. Keoshia

    I have heard of caster and peppermint oil, but not the other too. Will looking to getting those as well.

  9. Sophie

    I had no idea essential oils such as peppermint and rosemary were so good for hair growth! I need to invest more in my hair.

    1. Jhilmil

      Oh yea, they do wonders for hair as well!

  10. Milica

    My hubby has a problem with thinning hair. I’ll have to tell him about this. Thanks!

    1. Jhilmil

      Try it out consistently with diet. Things will work out.

  11. smraiyyan

    Great post! very informative and loved reading. I will surely implement of those. Keep the good work going

  12. Aditi

    Oh I never knew that essential oils can help with hair care as well. I have a moderate hair fall situation and I think I can use some care with essential oils. Thanks for sharing these. 🙂

    1. Jhilmil

      Do try out. Also have protein rich diet and try some of the other factors as mentioned in my another post – 10 tips to reduce hair loss and thinning.
      Thanks for coming by:)

  13. Charmaine

    Thanks a lot. I admit I’m starting to have hair loss at my age and was really looking for something to help me with. I’ll try the castor oil and hopefully will work for me.

    1. Jhilmil

      Ya, castor is the most important for hair. Also have protein rich diet and try some of the other factors as mentioned in my another post – 10 tips to reduce hair loss and thinning. Cumulatively, I believe that it will help you reduce hair loss.

  14. Great tips… nowadays people are also looking for Argan oil…which is also very effective..

    1. Jhilmil

      Is it, didn’t knew of Argan oil. Thanks for letting me know:)

  15. Joanna

    I didn’t know about the benefits of any of these oils. In my country oils are not very common. I do love almond oil for my hair, which I bought from India and it makes miracles on my hair.

  16. Rhian Westbury

    I didn’t realize how good oils were for hair loss or thinning hair, definitely one to remember x

  17. Wynne Katherine

    This is very useful for me because I have a friend who is fighting over hair loss, and i definitely will tell my friend about this!

  18. Courtney

    Ooooo these oils sound fantastic!!! My hair needs all the help it can get, so I need to give these a try

  19. Liza Perry

    Never heard about Castor and Peppermint oil for hair, thank you! I also often use coconut oil or garlic ?

  20. Yukti

    Nice tips on thinning of hair. I really need them as I face hair problem nowadays. I use castor oil but not using chamomile oil and now will try it.

  21. Middle Eats

    This list has come into my life at the perfect time, my hair is falling out by the handful at the moment and it’s really starting to concern me now! Need to do something asap and I think I’m going to start with this list.

  22. kaidigger

    Very informative post for those who facing hair problems, i have been using a combination of castor oil and coconut oil for my hair since 2014 and love my results

  23. Anosa Malanga VA

    Wow, this is a nice read! Thanks for the information. I never thought that these oils are good for hair growth though. Now I learn something new.

  24. Anjali Chawla

    Great Tips, Jhilmil. I’ve had a hair fall problem but using a blend of castor oil, coconut oil, fenugreek seeds, black Cumin, and gooseberry powder helped me. Plus protein rich diet worked wonders. I like the idea of essential oils. I’ll try for sure. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Deimarys

    I didn’t know Rosemary oil could help with hair grow. Mine it’s thinning and very oily. I have problems getting good products for my hair care.

  26. Isabelle

    Essential oils seem to be the latest craze! I haven’t actually tried them before though so this was a good list of recommendations 🙂

  27. Afroza Khan

    I love peppermint oil! I also use it on my dry skin. It really works!

  28. I have full thick hair so i am lucky but this is great for anyone who has thinning hair or loses hair. Essential oils are great for so many things.

  29. alisonrost

    I have a friend whose hair has thinned a lot since she’s gotten older. Definitely passing your post along to her. I know she’s always seeing natural remedies and especially loves essential oils! x

  30. helerinablogs

    I use almond and coconut oil already on my hair. I never thought of adding other things so will definitely give some of these a go.

  31. Thanks for these tips! I think I will go for chamomile oil. Good that you suggested to add a few drops of oil into shampoo and not just massage it straight to scalp.

  32. Anna

    I have thin hair and this was really handy. time to buy Castor Oil + Almond oil + Coconut oil 😀 thanks for sharing this gem~

  33. Bhumi

    First, essential oils are my fav. I have a bunch of them. Castor oil is the best oil for hair growth/treating hair loss. I think this is really helpful to a lot of people?

  34. Amalia

    Wow, this is incredible! My husband has been trying to grow his hair (he is suffering from hair loss) and will show him your tips, they are so easy to implement!

  35. Jeenu Pillai

    Ain’t you the saviour I was looking for! I had been suffering for hair long for so long that I don’t even remember how I looked before. Thank you so much for sharing this. I am definitely trying these out.

  36. stephaniesherlock

    Great advice. Essential oils have so many benefits. Do you have any advice for grey hair?

  37. I have never heard of Castor Oil. I am looking for a product that fits my hair. I am currently using coconut oil.

  38. ashley

    i have alopecia so this is always a growing concern for me. I’ve tried everything except for this! i’ll have to go out this weekend and get some oils!

  39. toastycritic

    Its funny to me all of the things that Castor oil can do. As a child it was always used as a punishment. So to hear about it now and all of the great things it can do I wonder how it became a punishment in the first place.

  40. London Mumma

    I never knew that essential oils could be used for thinning hair.

  41. Nayna Kanabar

    This is such an interesting post apart from Almond oil and coconut oil I did not know you could use these other oils on your hair.

  42. I think oils are perfect for not only hair but skin and even cooking. I should probably use these since I want my hair to be strong and healthy!

  43. Melanie May

    I never new oils could help with hair thinning. I have thick hair but thinning around the face so I am going to try rosemary oil but I would have to wash it out so my hair doesn’t look too greasy. Thanks so much for the tips.

  44. Via Bella

    This is awesome! I totally agree with using oils in the hair. I need to get back into it since my hair has been acting up recently too.

  45. ayeshafarhad

    This is such a good post! I have very recently got into the habit of using essential oils and its amazing what benefits it can bring you in your daily life!

  46. lauren

    Such a good article! I attempted oils I think I need to be more consistent ..seems like stress shedding is making a comeback. I will share one thing I found to really help with my postpartum hair loss was adding a postpartum hair loss vitamin from baby blues ( is where I order it). It’s meant to replenish vitamins shed after having the baby. Actually did an amazing job with helping my regrowth and my hair feel less thin. I’m excited to add the combination of oils to my routine.

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