Essential Hair oils for hair loss and thinning hair

Hair growth Oils

Continuing the series on preventing Postpartum hair loss, this post features on some of the best Essential Oils for Hair growth.

5 Best oils for hair growth :

1.Rosemary Pure Oil –

It has ample antioxidants inducing hair regrowth or at the most reducing the hair loss. Few drops of Rosemary oil can be added to one table spoon of carrier oil, mainly coconut oil [with its ample self benefits] to rub onto the scalp. It can also be added to your shampoo or conditioner and left for a longer time to get to the hair roots. One can also prepare Rosemary hair infusion and wash hair with it.

You can add extra virgin Olive oil to Pure Rosemary oil before massaging to get more thicker hair.

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2. Castor Oil –

This thick oil, one of the essential hair oils, is rich in all what a hair growth needs. Full of Vitamin E, Omega-6 and 9 fatty acids, many other proteins, it is a great essential oil for replenishing hair and skin cells. It also has anti oxidants which helps hair get stronger and less frizzy. One of my friends used this oil after delivery. Though she had reduced hair loss but the new growth was nearly going nil. And I was the witness , seeing some significant results of her hair growth. It promotes hair growth and even helps reducing dandruff’s.

Use it on damp hair (not wet)  and prepare your mixture with the carrier oils. You can use 2 table spoon Castor oil + 2 table spoon coconut oil and put it well throughout the scalp. Leave it for whole night or 2-3 hours before giving it a wash. Since it has thick density, do not use it too much.

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3. Cedarwood –

Termed as an enemy to hair loss, this essential hair oils enhances circulation in scalp and promotes new hair growth. The best part is, it is effective for both oily and dry scalp and is gentle as well. It cleanses the impurities off the scalp and encourages new hair growth along with reduction in hair thinning. Mentioned below are some real cedarwood oils –

  • Cedrus libani
  • Cedrus atlantica
  • Cedrus deodara
  • Cedrus brevifolia

Use some 10-12 drops of this essential oil into 4 spoons of Jojoba or Coconut oil for massaging the scalp. Use it thrice a week for a good result. Again you can also add few drops in shampoo to have a good wash.

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4. Chamomile Oil –

Roman Chamomile oil has better effect on hair growth. This pale blue green oil is rather an all rounder. It has anti-inflammatory properties and massaging the scalp with it leads to good blood circulation. It also tends to relax muscles and in turn helps in reducing day to day stress. Reducing stress in turn promotes hair growth.

It can be used with Jojoba or coconut oil (3 drops Chamomile oil : 2 table spoon coconut oil). Or one can even mix it in water and rinse with it after cleaning the hair and leave it to pat dry.

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5. Peppermint Oil –

Recent researches have proved that peppermint oil induces blood circulation on the hair scalp and stimulates hair growth. It has even proven its thickness for thin hair. Since it is highly concentrated, this essential oil can be clubbed with normal oils as Jojoba or Coconut oil (2drops Peppermint oil in one spoon Coconut oil). It can be rubbed to scalp and left for atleast 30-40minutes for proper absorption. One can even add 4-5 drops while shampooing the hair.

*Since it is too intense, try using the mixture on your hand first, if it goes fine then use on the hair. If not, one can definitely use Rosemary + Lavender essential oils combination for similar benefits.

Read this article to know more about the benefits of Peppermint oil.

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Combining various essential hair oils as ,

Lavender oil + Thyme oil + rosemary + cedar wood oils, can be a great combination to treat hair loss.

Castor Oil + Almond oil + Coconut oil, is another great combination for hair growth.

*Getting these pure Essential hair oils can be really difficult as many brands promote it as essential oil but they have not been derived from correct sources. Always double check the authenticity of these oils before buying via any medium.

What we need is to be consistent in the application of chosen essential hair oils and not immediately wash it off. But always before trying any essential oil, try it on the hand and if it goes unreacted, use it for scalp. Also the massage should be very gentle and till the scalp to help the absorption of these oils.

Would love to hear, if any or other essential oil or any combination worked wonders for your hair?

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