Fantasy books : Best Disney storybooks for kids

Fantasy books : Best Disney storybooks for kids

Fantasyland: Best Disney Storybooks (2019-March 2020)

Disney is synonymous to Fantasy, isn’t it? At least for me and my son, many Disney movies trigger a wave of magnificence and creativity. And this wasn’t enough when our visit to Disneyland made us fall in love with their spectacular and awe-inspiring fantasyland for kids and adults equally! When it comes to raising readers, I’ve always believed in keeping a mix of reads, Rhymic, and hilarious books, Value and Lifeskill’s cultivating books, and yes fantasy books too! Disney storybooks have been my boy’s favorites since toddlerhood. I’m certain that kids are more glued to watching Disney movies, but reading the best of Disney storybooks is like an Aladdin flying on his carpet into a different world.

We had compiled our favorite Dr.Suess Storybooks for younger kids and the best of Agatha Christie for older kids.

Here are some Best Disney Storybooks for Kids:

If you're a disney lover, you ought to love their storybooks too. Here is a list of 6 new releases and are the Best Disney storybooks for 2019-2020 till now. #Disney #disneybooks #disneystorybooks #storybooks #toystory #frozen2 #disneypixar

Most of the collection that we’ve shared here is of 2019 and early 2020, which will give you a fragrance of freshness.

1. Frozen 2:Anna, Elsa, and the Secret River 

Frozen Fans must have watched Frozen2 in the theatres, but this original picture book with fantastic art takes you into a magical world. This book is NOT exactly what the movie was (though the start of the story sounds similar), but has a different storyline altogether. It is more of a prequel of Frozen II. The plot in this short yet enchanting story is of Elsa and Anna, their search for a magical river which their mother sings, and their relationship between dreams and reality. The illustrations are pretty captivating, but the story is a little short. Perfect for Preschoolers and Kindergartners.

Get your hands on the book at Amazon here:

2. The Pigeon HAS to Go to School!

This book is so relatable to preschoolers who are about to begin their formal schooling. With curiosity builds around Why the Pigeon has to go to school when he already knows everything? If you and your child love reading some hilarious books, then this is perfect. Believe me, this was one of a very amusing book and a good read for kids between 3-6years.
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3. This Is Black Widow:

A Reading Level 1 book, this is a perfect read for children in the age group of 6-8years. This storybook has been released very recently in March, but we couldn’t get our hands on it. So, we opted to read the Kindle version of This Is Black Widow: Level 1. This book is a great read for our Marvel Avengers housed inside currently. Here you’ll meet Natasha, an Avenger and one of S.H.I.El.D.’s top secret agents. One must read it to their kids, as the story does show a great role model, in the form of a black widow. She falls, yet she gets up and builds an amazing storyline. It’s easy reading for kids 5years+ but you can always read aloud to our young Avenger fans (3+years too).

Get your hands on the latest book (released on March 17th -Paperback version) on Amazon here (you can buy when available). You can alternatively read this Kindle Version (2015) currently.

4. Toy Story Storybook Collection:

Toy Story fans, this is for you! If you’re a Toy Story fan, then you must have watched all four Pixar’s Toy Story series. With 18 action-packed fun stories, this storybook is even a perfect gift option. My boy loves me reading a few of these during our bedtime. It is a fab compilation, with almost all characters of Toy Story and some great picturization.

Grab this book for your Toy Story fan!

5. Disney Before the Story: Mulan’s Secret Plan

Mulan, the Disney character, as a young strong Chinese woman, has always left me startled. Her heroic and graceful personality makes her a perfect role model of how strong women can be. But before the start of her adventurous journey, this book showcases Mulan, as a girl ready to start her school and begin her learnings. But our normal can’t be Mulan’s normal, right? As she realizes that this classroom learning is not for her. Its a story of how she sets on new learning for herself.
This book is an interesting read for kids 5+years. You can grab your book at Amazon.

6. Bruce’s Big Storm:

Raise your hands Ryan T. Higgins fans! This is for all Mother Bruce Series lovers and we love the grumpy Bruce! With extraordinary illustrations, this book is a visual treat and this book was an addition to the Mother Bruce series for us. The books are funny yet imaginative due to Bruce’s character.

In this book, it has shown that a big storm has hit and this brings all neighboring woodland creatures knocking his door for the shelter. But Bruceé’s home is already too full. What do you think our gimpy bear will do? Will he open up his house for animals to take the shelter? If yes, what all events will be followed?

Don’t miss to grab your read!

Well, I can go on adding more to this list as we simply love these storybooks. I hope you enjoyed reading this list of Best Disney storybooks. Have you read any of these to your children? Share with me your favorite storybooks, I would like to gran the ones, I haven’t read yet.

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