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Flintobox – Educational Subscription Box for Kids

This is NOT a sponsored Post! This Flintobox review is 100% my experience with my kid.

When Creativity galore’s with Subscription Boxes

Flintobox - Educational Subscription box for Kids in India

Hey friends, I have always been a creative soul and the same went in the genes of my kid. Looking at his creative interests rather than being glued to television’s made it more encouraging to shape his platform. We all parents think of raising ingenious kids, but very less do I see people engaging in really an imaginative manner with small kids. The reason could be simply, family responsibilities or Work commitments or similar. I guess these helped out people to think out of the box & begin kids subscription boxes, one of the very known is Flintobox. This is for the first time that my to-be-3year old kid had his first Flinto, an education subscription box in India.

What exactly is Flintobox?

As they say,

Flintobox is an age-appropriate subscription box for children, delivered to your doorstep every month! Each box is loaded with play-based activities for kids that promote early child development in a fun and explorative way.

It is an activity box for kids of all ages, starting from 2 years till 12 years. They have different subscription boxes with a new theme every month for a child of specific age. I had been planning to introduce it to my kid from last 6months, looking at his high creative interests but somehow it was being delayed. Now finally, he got his first Indiabox – The Flintobox as a gift from his Aunt (Maasi).

Frankly, I was excited more than him, rather curious. I wanted to explore the theme, how they go about with the month planners, and all. And the first thought post having it in my hand was , yes they did a good job.

Simple Reasons, why I found Flintobox perfect for my kid:

1. Introduction of New concepts :

Like, living in a metro with less of house space, I had not introduced my child to Gardening concept. This month’s theme was “Nature Detective”, which was built completely around Nature, plants, flowers, gardening. And all this could be practically taught in a simple and creative manner at home by Flinto Subscription box.

Flintobox - Educational Subscription box for Kids in India

2.  Enhance knowledge / Vocabulary of your child :

Oh yes, Coco peat, seeds, organic soil, Roots, Garden insects, Earthworms and many more are some new words he has learnt recently. Out of the 5 weekly boxes, as of now I have only completed 1st activity with him. But looking at his sparkling eyes and eagerness to learn while engaging, was heart warming for me.

He simply muttered to his friends that, “I have added coco peat and seeds in my small pot man and now I’ll water it. After getting daily water and sunshine, I will see the small plants.” Wow, it was one time and he got the whole of concept looking at it!

Flintobox - Educational Subscription box for Kids in India

3. Skill Development :

For sure, all these small things develop Fine motor skills, thought processes, psychological development, rather a whole of cognitive development. The activities help kids create, explore the theme, Play with the small objects and learn the new concepts. The best part is, no theoretical but only practical learning.

4. Who develop the Activity kits?

Well they say that it is developed by Montessori experts and child psychologists. This does makes a sense to me looking at my July subscription box.

5. Easy to understand :

Really easy to act upon. With good stepwise instruction booklet having descriptive images, it goes really convenient with kids and parents as well.

6. Happy Eating Kid:

My Picky eater was all happy to eat and that too quick enough what ever I gave him, while he was engaged with his box. Mom’s I guess this shall make you more happy. I guess Flinto’s should get a campaign around it, lol. I’m sure that with things, even kids who are stuck to electronic gadgets will have some time off them. And they’ll love this time.

7. Free Worksheets :

They also get you some cool worksheets Free of cost, which you can take the prints & give them to your child. One I got now was of “Sky Adventure”, which involved making Rocket of the dots, Following the stars, Colouring the space, learning Rocket shapes. That itself made me built a small story of the Sky adventures and my kid was happy to do these. Attaching the sample worksheet to help you know what it was for 3-4 year old kids

What exactly lies in the box?

Flintobox - Educational Subscription box for Kids in India


There are some 4-5 packets with different set of activities, created around a month’s theme. Those packets come with all the inbuilt tools required to get it done (you don’t need to buy anything extra for it). July Theme for my Kids age was Nature detective and look what all I have :

Small tumbler, coco peat, seeds, watering jar , story book and instruction booklet, Leaping frogs, My Garden kit, flowers, stamping pad and many more.

Engaging with one activity can be at times small and too simple, while can be more creative other times. Like preparing up my garden was very small activity but what entailed was discussing, identifying, showing the utility of every item in “My garden”. The later part was educative and full of new learning.

Simple subscription modes :

With three subscription modes – 3months , 6months and 12months , it allows a perfect flexibility for you to decide. Opt for 3months for the first time, and looking at the outcome, go for the second round. The longer subscription, the more discounting you get.

August’s theme is Little Transporter and I’m super excited to receive and begin this. Reason, my kid has serious fascination with automobiles and transports. I’m sure he’ll go crazy to see his surprise!

Shall keep you posted of the complete Week 1, 2 and 3 activity of July in next post. Get the update in your mailbox directly, by subscribing to my blog.

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  1. Rose

    I know kids love to receive mail so a box with educational fun in it is a great gift. I’m glad you received one in India finally and that your child like it.

  2. Amber

    This looks like a fabulous box. My daughter LOVES to get subscription boxes. She loves nature, so she’d be all about this box.

  3. Nyxloves

    This is an amazing subscription box. My daughter is too young for it but I am going to subscribe for such boxes as it is a great opportunity to learn and spend time with her. Thanks 🙂

  4. Laura Dove

    Oh what a fab little activity box! We love these subscription boxes, the kids go crazy for them and love the unknown aspect of what’s inside! Looks like a great idea!

  5. Tina

    I absolutely love this idea! This is definitely the type of thing I want to look into for the second year of homeschooling my preschooler. Looks like all of my other kids are in the age range as well!

  6. Violinkit

    Wow! These Flinto Box activity packs are a great idea. Anything that drags kids these days away from their electronic games and computers is a Win Win for me. There is also the added plus of introducing the child to the natural world and giving him/her a natural curiosity as to how nature evolves and grows.

  7. chelf

    What a brilliant idea! I’m quite familiar with beauty and fashion boxes and even food / kawaii subscription boxes but never thought of an activity box for the little ones! Cool! Very cool indeed!

  8. Ellie Chan

    This is such a great idea as an educational but fun subscription for kids. It’s a great way to keep them entertained when they might get bored and also help them learn

  9. C-Ludik

    I like the concept of this subscription box… such a great gift idea ! We should encourage such fun and informational activities. It’s so good for kids to learn while they explore and play 😉

  10. Monique

    I’m loving these children’s subscription boxes. This one looks great. I’m bookmarking every post I see with these boxes for when I have children!

  11. Gee Villaruz

    Subscription box for kids is really nice. It’s one way to better enhance kids talents, abilities and capabilities. In our place, there are only few, around 1 or 2, brands offering subscription box for kids that’s why I am finding hard to have one for my kids.

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