Food Art : Easy way to make kids eat!

Fascinating Food art!

Food art : Easy way to let kids eat nutritional food

Kids hate eating food especially those green veggies, isn’t it? And we parents being creative, try to woo our kids by hook or crook to get their hands on healthy meals. It is a constant fight of every household I see. Further, my lil one had started his play school recently few months back. So I wanted to make something really interesting for him after a tiring school time (now Summer camps) to let him know my happiness to see him back. And that’s when one day I planned to go compelling with the nutritious foods and get a tag of “Gifted Mama”. And that’s how I began on food art spree.

I picked up some random foods available at home for a try, with my first food art being :

1. A cheesy Yummy House :

Food art : Easy way to let kids eat nutritional food

Simple constituents, quick to make, delicious to taste and energizing to eyes! All you need is –

Multigrain Bread: (with 45-65 Calories in a slice), it is a good source of fiber since it has whole grains.

If not, you can also opt for – 100% Whole wheat Bread

Peanut Butter: Packed with some great nutrition as proteins, vitamins, Magnesium, Potassium, good fat, it poses as a wholesome diet for a child.

Cheese: My kid loves eating cheese, yes I restrict it to one slice a day. He gets Calcium & proteins but have limited of extra calories and fats by this restriction.

Banana: A perfect fat free diet with abundant carbohydrates, proteins.

Tree Trunk was made with a Chocolate roll, you can replace that with any similar food in your kitchen loved by your kid.

The farm feel by grapes made it tempting for my kid to pounce on it!

*Baked / Fried Bell peppers : Exceptionally high in Vitamin C, it is a healthy addition to diet that made my Tree leaves!

*Those pink door are of refreshing mint “Tic-Tac” which my son loves after his food.

*Although he could not eat capsicum directly, but he ate it in the sandwiches made later:)

*Bell peppers can be replaced with red Watermelon and Mango pieces perfect fruits for summers to relish upon!

And you know ..Guess what, as soon as my son saw it, he said “I’ll finish eating this house” and in next few minutes, except the bell pepper & celery stick, the complete house was in his tummy. Ahh, I lost my hard worked house in those few minutes;).

Oh God, where was my creativity lost for those few years when I struggled to make him eat! I never found making him eat that easy.

2. Snowman Day:

Food art : Easy way to let kids eat nutritional food

The next day was a Snowman Day, but we did it together. I kept all the ingredients ready & designing it was just 5minutes task. It was becoming both a fun activity and a great eating experience for my child. Simple enough, isn’t it my cheesy snowman?

The hut with cheesy holidays is with whole wheat bread, the snowman is indeed cheesy mama’s.

Hands are crafted out of bread and with a loved carrot-y nose:). Simple yet delightful, don’t you agree?

It was becoming more of a hobby for him now, when next day I was instructed to design a Pacman with the monster, Lol!

3. Pacman was here:

Food art : Easy way to let kids eat nutritional food - Pac Man

Cheese again came to rescue, with black grape being its eye! (Cheese can be easily replaced with the Rice Idly, which can be so filing)

I made Pac-man eat those watermelon pieces since they were deliciously sweet & my son loves it.

Bread came as a rescue for making of the monster, with strawberry crush on its top. You can even put peanut butter or fruit jam or strawberry pieces instead of strawberry crush. It can be a fruity snack to eat, isn’t it Mama’s?

So that’s how we are into exploring more and more with with the food, trying to put more of nutrition into the exotic crafts we make together now. The shelfs are full of amazing fruits – Kiwi’s, cherries, strawberries, raspberries, banana, mangoes , watermelons. All of this can be used to make lovely crafts – flower, fish, sheep, your kids favorite toy, or anything. Just let your imagination bring out the best of the tastes, your lil munchkin will love to relish on!

Nutritious Food = Happy mama

Crafty Food  = Happy Child

Nutritious Crafty Food = Happy mama and Child!

 Would love to know, if you tried any of such food art with your child and how did kids react to it? 

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