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Foster Parent’s story : World Adoption day!

This is NOT MY story, but of a friend very close to me. Showcasing her struggling emotions in the form of words. Hope I did justice in exhibiting her feeling of “Baby adoption” and how even a foster child can bring the ultimate euphoria in parent’s lives.

Adopt a child, make the world aware of adoption this world Adoption day on 9 Nov. Don't get dejected by Infertility, there are thousand's of babies awaiting your foster love. Be a Foster parent and support Adoption. #adoption #adoptchild #fosterparent #foster

Life was beautiful, I was in the arms of the man I loved swaying away with all the beautiful emotions this life could soak me into. After all, we married each other post a long family struggle and the resultant was divine.

We used to roam around hand in hand, immerse ourselves amidst the beautiful nature on weekends and concentrated on our jobs during the week. Celebrations and get togethers were common to make our lives cheerful. We ensured that our wishes got fulfilled in one way or the other. True to me, I felt I was in Fairyland, my hubby pampered all my wishes just like my dad and I felt princess to the two most adorable men in my life, dad and Him.

Life sailed smoothly, yes sometimes the winds were strong enough to drift our boats apart but then the nights got us to calm and be together side by side, with same emotions once again. It went on so for close to 4years, and then we started thinking of having a baby. Most of the married couples in our circle were in the process of being called “Mom and Dad”. This feeling allured us so much, we loved the innocence of every child. The magic it brings in the life seemed angelic. The modest fingers, teeny feet and the toothless smiles just blew us away every time we looked at the babies. I couldn’t stop myself shopping those cute adorable dresses, accessories even before getting pregnant.

We were sure that we wanted to start our family soon, very soon. Excitedly, we started looking for the optimum dates [in full fertility zone] to try getting conceived. We also got close to 4-5 test kits at home to test out the good news. 3-4 months were in vain, we were told by our friends that it is perfectly fine, things take time. But those 3-4 months horridly doubled into 8months with no success. I sensed something fishy within us. Though I was tensed and nervous “he” was always positive. We decided to get ourselves tested, not only me, but both.

The test results were very clear, I had to welcome a cyst in my ovary and was diagnosed with PCOS [Polycystic ovary syndrome]. The day was quite somber, and the night turned bitter, when I started accusing my body. My gynaecologist never said that I could not be a mother, but then she was not even certain if I could. “He” stayed calm and did not let fatherhood ride over the Husband-wife relation and loved me all the more. But, somewhere inside my heart, I was broken and grief stricken. As months passed to the treatment, I got more heavy hearted and accused myself internally to not get introduced to that fascinating world of “Motherhood”.

We switched many hospitals and doctors, travelled many cities to avail the best treatment. It had been a strife of close to 4 years and we were losing all our hopes. My smiles and the playful attitude was getting faded. Our relation was getting more strained and stressful. Even the smallest of the things irked me, my hormones were testing me immensely. Medications started giving my body a tiring time. I felt as if my self – confidence vanished somewhere.

Adopt a child, make the world aware of adoption this world Adoption day on 9 Nov. Don't get dejected by Infertility, there are thousand's of babies awaiting your foster love. Be a Foster parent and support Adoption. #adoption #adoptchild #fosterparent #foster

The glittering pink and blue dresses got covered in a pile of dust. The bows stared at me from the hangers and the tiny booties waited to touch the floor. I saw tears in my eyes looking at the same adorable baby posters, which excited something in me, earlier. I locked the wardrobe and did not want to see any of this again. I unsubscribed form the parenting websites, stopped going to the celebrations, specially kid’s birthday parties. Something maddening was setting in me.

Why was God being that unfair to me? Why did he choose just me for this situation? Had I really done something worse, that I had to repent so much? I thought to get counselled to get that peace of mind. And this decision was a turning point for us. I knew, I was not the alone to-be-mama in this world who could not conceive. And, so, within 3 months of counselling, “We” decided to give a fresh start. This time by, adopting a baby. Yes, God had sent me on this earth to love a fairy who was waiting for a mama. He wanted me to hold the hand of a baby who was waiting to be hugged and kissed forever. He wanted me to cherish a beauty whose life missed the true love of mama-papa.

How could have I blamed God for being partial towards me? There are so many kids waiting a pure foster care. Some luckily get that love while so many wait for their lives to get that the blissful love. Some are not even lucky to call someone “mama-papa” in their lives. I shrieked, had goosebumps all over my body at the painful thought of seeing those eyes yearning for that tenderness, emotion and affection.

We were firm, we wanted to adopt the baby. We researched a lot by the medium of Central Adoptive Research Agency(CARA) and registered with them. We got through the process of child adoption in India and applied for Foster care.

After the verifications, In over 10months, we received the call from agency to see a baby girl of 3 months, legally free for adoption.

Adopt a child, make the world aware of adoption this world Adoption day on 9 Nov. Don't get dejected by Infertility, there are thousand's of babies awaiting your foster love. Be a Foster parent and support Adoption. #adoption #adoptchild #fosterparent #fosterThe moment I received the call, I had tears, this time tears of being a mother, and the happiness to see a spirited baby. I hugged my husband, since I knew he wanted to be a proud dad and it was the day that we could see our baby. Yes she was our baby no matter what. And we decided to accept her without seeing. Her thought of being in our lives itself was enough for us.

It rained heavily the next day, signifying the start of a new life. Crazily, we drove, thinking all about how her eyes, nose, lips would be? Would she have curly hair like my husband or straight like me? Will she smile seeing us, her to-be -parents? So many emotions breezed out in the air. The weather was perfect that day, tress were hustling with joy as we crossed them.

As the car stopped, I ran inside and asked the authorities for the glimpse. Every minute was getting me frantic. We saw, held, hugged and kissed her multiple times. She was beautiful, with those grey eyes and curly black hair. She instantly held my finger tightly with her soft and beautiful hands. She knew we were her’s and she was our’s forever and ever! Being a foster parent was the biggest happiness that my life could give me and my husband.

This is my friend’s child adoption story. It is a #Worldadoptionday on 9th Nov 2017, to celebrate the adoption, cherish the foster care, to bring new joys in our lives. I urge you all to provide a foster home to babies, to share your love with them. Incase you are having fertility issues, don’t feel dejected, its never late to adopt a baby. Babies are majestic, promote adoption in India and world. Let a graceful soul have the love they need. Parenting is the biggest joy, go get it by adoption!

 Love to you all!

  1. Sreekar

    Wow. thats very intimately put and well written. I have no personal experience or of my friends through such issues. But I can only imagine what parents go through when in such phases!

  2. Mummasaurus

    this has been such a heart warming read 🙂 i have been through this spot so i pretty much know how you feel. but nevertheless, what is most important is the abiility to love someone like a mother is meant to love a child. god bless you and your family, may love always find a way to you.

  3. alisonrost

    I too have a friend who, because of medical circumstances, decided to adopt. As I’ve watched their story unfold, I’ve come to realize that we become mothers not when we pee on a stick or hear the heartbeat or learn how to properly install a car seat for that first white-knuckled trip home from the hospital. Instead, we become mothers through all of the mundane, everyday moments along the way. Making pancakes on a Saturday morning, changing a diaper at 3 am, reading bed time stories, worrying through the teenage years, and holding our grandchildren for the very first time. Thank-you for sharing her beautiful story. x

    1. Jhilmil

      That is so true, we really do not become mama’s when we give birth bt that love unfolds along the journey and in small small things we do for our babies. Thanks so much Alison:)

  4. Minakshi bajpai

    Thank god that adoption system is here for those who cant have their own babies. Its like saviour for many. And also great for those kids who are away from their own parents. Great and touchy write up.

  5. Trystwithvanillagirl

    Me and husband have a recently counselled a couple to go for adoption. I know it is really hard not to have that love in their life. you have a very well put your emotions and feelings in words in this post. Loved reading it

  6. Neha @growingwithnemit

    This is the most emotional and loveliest post I am reading recently. I feel strongly for adoption, me and my husband have a very clear understanding on this, we want want to have a second child anytime in future, we are going to adopt a baby girl. Thanks for sharing your friend’s heart touching story.

    1. Jhilmil

      Hey Neha, Thanks, I’m really happy to know of your decision, since even we have thought that incase we think of 2nd baby, we will give home and parental love to someone who needs it:)

  7. Jennifer L

    Thank you for sharing with us your story, and showing us the journey you two had to take. I think its so beautiful to adopt a child and so honorable. I’d love to be able to adopt a child some day.

  8. Yukti

    Very emotional topic and we all should be open for adoption. I have seen many of my relatives and friends adopted children and they feel blessed. Kudos to you for spreading this beautiful message.

  9. Tamala Baldwin

    I felt so many emotions while reading this post… most of them being LOVE!!!! God loves you and I am so happy you were able to see that even during your trial!!!! God is always ushering us to our good and I am so glad you and your baby found one another in this lifetime!!!

  10. Blair Villanueva

    Great story and very heart warming. Yeah something hapoen for a reason that couples are not blessed to bear their own child. However, adoption is there as a solution. If the couples are truly willing, they can never stop being a parent to someone.

  11. Kim

    What a beautiful story. I think it is so important that people remember adoption is an option, even if they can have their own children, there are so many in this world without parents, who need love and guidance… I am so happy that your friend became a mother and I’m sure she is doing an amazing job.

  12. Ana

    Thank you so much for sharing such a profound and touching story. I fully believe that a family is destined to be the parent of however a child comes into their life. I had tears in my eyes as the story unfolded and can relate on many levels. Truly inspiring and I hope makes a person think about sharing their life with a child waiting for the love of a family. Wishing many blessings to the couple and their new bundle of joy!

  13. Shell

    This heartwarming post gives hope and strength to parents who are in this same struggle…. thank you so much for sharing with us this personal journey….

  14. helenafree

    Loved this post tremendously!! So many people struggle with not being able to have children and they think that is it. They don’t even consider adoption. More people need to put the idea of adoption out there. Thank you!

  15. esperanzascottogmailcom

    I’m so glad that you decided to adopt! There are so many kids out there who need homes. We had foster children stay with my family when I was growing up but we never found a child to adopt. I would love to consider adopting one day!

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