Fathers day : Thanking my Kid’s Dad!

Happy Fathers Day, Dad and son!

And that’s for an extra loving and caring Dad! This time, Dad of my child, who has got less of the fame on my blog rather. Mom’s take all of it when it comes to Parenting & rather Fatherhood somehow hides under the influential “Motherhood”. Indeed, Moms are persuasive when it comes to raising up a child. But to me, it is both the parents who have to be the sturdy wheels to get cycle run smoothly on all sort of roads. Fathers day is near and lemme grab this opportunity to let him know that he is a special father.

And why should I not thank my kid’s Dad?

For, It is he who helps me get my “Me” time. He is so willingly qualified to play, engage, and make him learn new things while I want that secluded time to pamper myself.

Isn’t it he, who gets him so many wonders of the world? Be it his favourite dessert or toys, I don’t even need to tell or ask him to get one. He always has bundles of surprises with him to thrill up our child.

That love is out of the world, when my kid gets to see him at the end of the day & he jumps, dances, laughs to get close to his dad. Those moments become so precious for me to hold forever.

Even after his schedule, many times it is “He” who voluntarily gets him to bed or gets the poops done. Rather he is my kid’s first choice when it comes to getting pee and poops done.. I’m yet to know the secret;)

I just love the father – child bond when they are least interested in what the “Mom” has to say. Ignoring my talks seems to be their favourite task! Lol, but I laugh coz they are so graciously busy and hooked to themselves!

I love the way my child enjoys his weekends “Shower bath” from his dad. So playful, frolicsome, bathrooms give me a sense of waterpark then. But I love the smiles of togetherness during those moments!

Let me thank him, for trying to get him read books [which actually is my creative passionate job] when I’m in different swings.

It gets me nutty seeing them rock the house floors with their creepy dances, laughs and rolls. Their fondness grows by each passing act.

It’s so fascinating to see no tears upon getting hurt when my kid is with his dad. He says, papa do the “MAGIC” and I’ll be Okay, it really sounds crazy to me.

I laugh that this duo yearn so much for father-son selfie, that they forget mama can also fit into;)

Those are the moments of bliss to see him comfortably sleeping on his daddy’s shoulder while we are out .

Coz that bond is beautiful when I hear – Mama, daddy will not sleep, you may sleep. Let daddy play with me.

They have some unmatched camaraderie which amuses me most of the times, they get along with so many hugs and warmth, it cheers my inner self!

And this is all why I need to thank my kid’s dad, for his relentless love, and for being the fulcrum of our lives! I need to thank him for showering us the power of a male along with the emotions of a Dad. I really need to tell him once that “You are awesome” and we love you forever!

Wishing Happy Fathers Day, to an incredible dad!

Happy Fathers Day, Dad and son!

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