Happy Teachers day : To my Child’s Mentors!

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Happy Teacher’s Day!

The day panicked and shivered me, I was confused how “He” would be without “Me”! After all it was his first day of school, which got me, a mum edgy!

But, hardly did I knew that down the line, it was going to be the best start for my baby. A start in the hands of “Those” who nurtured kids with Love, Care and Responsibility!

So, why not, let me take a moment to thank the beautiful world of “Teachers” around my son!

Here is a poem penned down by me, for what my son shared and I felt!

Happy Teachers Day!

A celebration of Indian Festival “Onam” : My Son with his lovely teachers!

A real life story of how a teacher impacted a poor child, emotionally, morally and socially..Clickย Here

Teachers Day

66 thoughts on “Happy Teachers day : To my Child’s Mentors!

  1. My girls went off today but they were confident and excited and that made me happy. Sadly my one daughter didn’t know anyone in her class so we were concerned with that but she’s a very sweet girl and know she will be ok. I now what for the excitement as they share their first day with me.

    1. Thank you so much Christie. Even my mum is a teacher and that’s why i have seen them working so hard for kids. They indeed need all love and respect! Lots of love to your mum as well.

  2. Wow thats so thoughtful and kind! I use to work in a kindergarten and sometimes we dont get appreciate enough by the parents because after all we are teaching and caring the kids. We care a lot about the kids and sometimes we give even more attention to a child more than their own parents. So thanks for doing this in honor of the teacher!

  3. I love that you wrote this poem to teachers. They put in so much energy and time, and often don’t get the credit they deserve. I hope your child has a great year with their teacher!

  4. This was a very nice poem to all the teachers who take the time and effort to shape our children. This was wonderful. I have not decided how I want my daughters education to take, either from home or in a school environment.

  5. The kids in that class are all so cute!! (And your poem is beautiful too of course). We don’t really have a teacher’s day here in the US, it sounds like a great idea.

  6. This is such a beautiful poem to appreciate teachers.In Singapore,we celebrated Teacher’s Day during last week.This photo is really beautiful with all the teachers.

  7. I love that you and your son worked on this together and I am sure the sentiment was felt from his teacher. What a kind and thoughtful thing to do as a teacher’s wife I know that they really do appreciate parents support. What a great way to begin the school year. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks, It is always great to have a teacher in family and I’m sure you would feel proud of yourself being a teacher’s wife. My son’s teacher just loved it and she hugged both of us:)

  8. Awe, that is such a sweet poem for the teachers who work so hard. I never really understood the amount of pains teachers take until I worked as a teacher myself. They really deserve all the respect!

  9. Wow a real great tribute to teachers in your poem. I loved each and every word of poem. Teachers are the foundation of our success and we must respect them a lot.

  10. Oh that is so adorable! The poem especially! My cousin has little ones which started school this year and she was a mess for a couple days, until she saw what awesome teacher her twins had!

  11. I am a teacher myself and i really loved your poem. it feels really great when parents appreciate what teachers do for every child . Awesome post!

  12. I am a teacher myself and you have no idea how much we appreciate parents who appreciate the things that we do. I just read the post above mine and I realized it is similar. I guess we teachers think alike ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. This is very beautiful. There is no teacher’s day in my country so it’s always nice to read about different traditions in different countries.

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