Happy Teacher’s Day Mr. Das

As the train starts to say Happy Teacher’s Day!

Happy Teachers Day Story

The train whistled and they stared their journey for the main city of Kolkata from a nearby village [close to Jhargram]. Train took hardly 5 hours to reach Kolkata Junction, but it was rainy day in the summers. Temperatures soared to as high as 45degree last day and since morning it was raining. Some delay was expected.

But that delay was sinking their hearts. Pankaj and his mama papa were too curious to have a glance of the building. The building which could reform his family’s life. Pankaj was just 8years, and this train was a start to help him make a decent future. It had been years of them living in sheer poverty, with both of Pankaj’s parents then working out on local farming to support their family of 3kids. Pankaj, was the eldest of all three. Last year the cyclone had blown away their house and the struggle had been terrible. Amidst all this, they prayed, that this day turns out to be a life changer for them. They saw a silver lining in the cloudy rainy sky.

Pankaj in an English Medium School?

Pankaj was to apply under the EWS[Economically Weaker section] quota reserved for the poor children in an Urban English Medium school of Kolkata. They planned to try out their luck but their hearts were thumping.

“English…Metro city…Environment…” It all seemed a misfit, but this little brain was adamant. He had the faith in himself irrespective of the circumstances. Although the clouds were narrating a different story that day it felt so.

EWS quota for his class had just 5 students and it was the last day for the application. Train was late by 3 hours and they struggled to reach the school only to find that the doors were closed. Sad, they made some arrangements close by only to try tomorrow. They reached school early 6am the next day, and were informed that the admissions were closed.

It was morning time and every teacher was to report in school. Mr. Das was entering the premises, but looking at the sad face of Pankaj, he couldn’t resist asking the reason. Pankaj narrated his story, he wanted to get admission and make his future. Mr. Das took him inside and in next 3hours his name was on this list! One last EWS opening was still vacant and yes it was done in the name of Pankaj.

Class IV, Section B, Roll. No, 21, Pankaj was IN.

The start of Journey

And here began the journey. Pankaj got a small cheap accommodation nearby. His dedication towards studies was intense, but after all he was a poor child with a very different upbringing. He didn’t knew English, his dressing style was not upto the mark, his interests didn’t match those of other kids. He was at the verge of mockery most of the times in his class. The only thing which kept him going was his will power to design his future. He could be seen studying under the bushes, on the small rocks, and anywhere he could find the space. It would take time for sure.

8months later, there was a Science quiz being held in the school for the Primary section kids. 4 teams, all with bright smart students sat on their desks across the judging panel. Pankaj was somewhere on a chair in the audiences behind. As the quiz started, it gained the pace with teams striving to take the lead from one another. Some questions were a miss, some hit. With every miss, audience was asked the question. Any kid with maximum correct answers was promised to be given a wild card entry to the quiz. That was quite interesting!

It was “HIS” day, he gave close to 5 answers and all were correct. Sad, they were all missed by those “so called bright students”. His every answer was either in Hindi or a mix of Hindi and English, but it did not matter when it came to intellect. The panelists clapped and welcomed him as a wild card entry. Somewhere on the extreme right, Mr.Das was smiling.

Life with Mr.Das

Happy teachers Day Real story

Mr. Das was a Senior Science teacher in this school from past 10years and had a very strong personality. His principles were somewhat different from many young teachers. Sometimes, this led him into conflicts as well, but he turned out to be a winner always. That day, Mr. Das called Pankaj in his room for a small conversation.

He was patient. Mr.Das listened “His” past and his future goals. At the tender age of 8years, the responsibility which Pankaj spoke out, drilled his heart and mind. Mr.Das promised himself a future for Pankaj. He asked Pankaj to come to study with him every day for 2hours. He wanted to hone him in English, Science and Maths. Maths, since, Pankaj seemed to have a good aptitude and this combination would make his future worth every knowledge.

Beginning of Learning spree

No fees, No sweets, No selfish motives… This act was to help a child earn his future in this competitive world. He never compared Pankaj to other students. He got old books given by senior students for him. Pankaj had a whole lot to read and learn under “Mr.Das”.

It was never a day off, Mr. Das ensured that he taught Pankaj every single day. Sometimes the class lingered due to other contingencies but it would resume in the nights even at 9pm. It was not just bookish knowledge, he gave Pankaj a very practical learning. They experimented on smaller versions, cracked some funny aptitude questions, and tapped English as they conversed. He made him aware of the moral responsibilities as a person. With every passing day, the sun was getting brighter and the days getting longer. He made Pankaj learn meditation. They walked together in the book fairs, they sat together in the literature fairs. Pankaj was gaining golds from Mr. Das who was just doing a service to humanity.

It has been 5 years hence, Pankaj has never stood 1st in his class in all these 5years and 5 classes. But he was always in top 10. Did that bother Mr.Das? No, never. Rankings were nothing for him to benchmark Pankaj, his aptitude and hardwork. His learning had not been bookish but very practical. He won many inter-school competitions in Science and Maths. He got medals in Olympiad’s and cracked many contests. His aptitude spree was not to stop anytime soon.
With his every win, Mr.Das and Pankaj ate one-one Rasho-gulla to celebrate.

The Present 

Today, Pankaj is in IX standard(13years), and his parents are in Delhi to lead a better life. Mr. Das wants him to be a Medical Scientist. His goal to work towards humanity has bridged the gap with Pankaj’s thoughts. Soon, Pankaj will be applying for the sponsorship of higher education, and I believe that his learnings with Mr.Das will help him gain that.

With this real story, I wanted to salute and thank selfless teachers like Mr.Das aka “Dada for Pankaj”.

Still there are such teachers who from the core are truly “teaching” children and helping them mark out.

Still there are teachers who have not taken a penny to develop kids like Pankaj.

Still there are teachers who have sacrificed their lives to outgrow a child from nowhere.

Still there are teachers who teach from heart and not just books.

Still there are teachers who ignite the imaginations, instil the love.

Still there are teachers who don’t measure the intellect with ranks in classes.

Still there are teachers who teach by demonstrations in real life.

Still there are some teachers who smile as the knowledge transmits.

Still there are teachers who believe not only in books, but in moral, social and cultural development of a child.

Still there are teachers who drill their students to touch upon humanity rather than just on maths equations.

Mr. Das is a teacher of eternity, his influence can never put a pause! He is one of those who has irrigated dessert to see thriving lush green tree!

Hence the saying goes true : “A good education can change anyone, but a good teacher can change the world”.

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[Let me know what you think of Mr.Das. Who seems to be your favourite Teacher and Why?]


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  1. Judy

    Teachers like Mr. Das are few today. It is more commercial nowadays. When I was young we had such kind of teachers. I cherish all of them!

    1. Jhilmil

      Yes, its hard to find such gems, but they still are:) Thanks.

  2. Aditinona

    wow.. such an inspiring story.. people like him are few and rare now.. but yes they do exist and its because of this balance that people still believe in this profession

    1. Jhilmil

      Yup that’s true, because of people like him the world still respects teachers! Thanks

  3. Karyn Locke

    What a lovely story. There are so many teachers that truly care about their students and he looks like no exception.

    1. Jhilmil

      Actually, he did all things from his heart! Thanks

  4. Hitasha

    Very impressive story. Rare but a few such Teachers are still there.

  5. I loved reading this, when I was younger I always wanted to be a teacher, not so much now. We need more people like Mr Das!

    1. Jhilmil

      Oh wow, we fascinate teachers when we are kids:). Thanks

  6. Amber

    It’s always wonderful when you find a good teacher. For the most part my kids have had good teachers. But some yell a little too much and don’t seem like they want to be there. So I definitely prefer the supportive teachers!

    1. Jhilmil

      yes, supportive teachers make a impact in kids lives! Thanks

  7. Mel Butler

    Ah that is such a lovely story 🙂 It is always great when you have such a good teacher as they always make the world of difference when needed. Glad to know that there is still great teachers out there helping

    1. Prakash

      It was a good read, yes good teachers always has impacted many lives in better way with magnificent influence.

        1. Prakash

          Keep creating good contents like this, certainly relevant one always paysoff in the long run.All the best

    2. Jhilmil

      Thanks, indeed I had tears when I witnessed Mr.das! Thanks

  8. This is such an inspiring story. Our nation needs more such teachers like Mr. Das.

    1. Jhilmil

      That’s true Sayanti, I would say this world need people like Mr.Das. Thanks

  9. Courtney Andrews

    What a nice story 🙂 I remember a few teachers from my childhood that made a difference in my life. I’m happy to know these kind of teachers still exist!

    1. Jhilmil

      Yea, very less but such teachers and people are still there. They need to be shown to the world. Thanks

  10. Star harford

    What a brilliant man Mr Das is! Teachers that care about the children are the absolute best!

    1. Jhilmil

      true, and we all need such teachers like him!

  11. Lauren

    Teachers like Mr. Das are such a gift to the world. I had a teacher like him and still look fondly upon those memories.

    1. Jhilmil

      Wow, you were lucky to have such a teacher! Thanks

  12. Familyearthtrek

    What an incredible true story! I know that there are many Mr. Das out there in the world but we need someone like him so much more! Not only as teacher but as human being!

    1. Jhilmil

      yes, we need many more Mr. Das as a human all around the world. It can be such a beautiful place then! Thanks

  13. Laura Dove

    What a lovely story! Teachers are so special and it’s so important that we recognise that and commend them on their work!

    1. Jhilmil

      So true, They are commendable! Thanks

  14. Jenn JG

    What a great story! Teachers really do make such a big impact in our kids lives as well as ours as parents! Too bad they aren’t appreciated/paid as much as they should be

    1. Jhilmil

      Yea, they aren’t given much appreciation, while they are the blocks for our kids. They need to be given that respect and admiration. Thanks

  15. LC

    That is a quotable tweet: “A good education can change anyone, but a good teacher can change the world”. It is so true thanks for sharing.

  16. Very inspirational story! Thanks for sharing this..teachers definitely make a difference in a child’s life.

  17. jadoreledecor

    Nicely written. Sometimes all a student needs is a chance. Great teachers can be so helpful in that regard.

    1. Jhilmil

      That’s correct, one chance makes a difference for life. thanks

  18. Officially Chic

    This story really touched my heart! It just goes to show the importance of educators and how we must cherish them. Our children need them! I’m so thankful for all of the amazing educators out there! I pray that my son has teachers like Mr. Das.


    1. Jhilmil

      Our children actually need such teachers/educators day in and out! They have to be developed holistically! Thanks

  19. Natalie Aubele

    Love this story ! I had a few amazing teachers too and I know I was lucky . They make all the difference !

  20. Teachers really play an important role in society. This is very inspiring.

  21. msmamabean

    A very interesting and feel good read. We need more teachers like this!

  22. Outnumbered

    What a great testimony to a wonderful teacher. I know many good teachers who love their students, but your Mr. Das seems to be extra special!

  23. Aditi

    Such teachers are so rare these days. I’m so glad Pankaj found his mentor for life in Mr. Das. I had a couple of teachers like him that made school times one of the best.

  24. Lindsey shore

    Such a great story.. I remember noticing the teachers who actually cared for us vs. The ones that didn’t… rare to find!

  25. Georgiana Quaint

    Sometimes I don´t even think about the fact that something I take as granted – education – is not for everyone in countries that have problems with poverty because the parents cannot afford the school although it can make a huge difference in the future life of children like Pankaj.

  26. What a great teacher! It’s so uplifting to hear stories like this! Teachers don’t get enough respect and gems like this one are few and far between sometimes.

  27. Ankita

    An inspiring story indeed. Educators really play an important role in our life’s, we must respect them because we always get to learn a lot from them. Thanks for the share:)

  28. Indeed such an inspiring story. I am glad Mr. Das still exist. I must say that people like him are already few nowadays. For me teachers are really a blessing to every kid and plays a great role to hone each and everyone in school.

  29. shelbibritton

    I have a few teachers from my past who I cherish so much! Love it when these amazing women get a little extra love!

  30. Yukti

    Teachers like Mr. Das are few in the world nowadays. He is doing a great service to mankind by imparting the valuable knowledge to needy people without any fees. Spreading Knowledge is like spreading Light. Beautiful and inspiring post for all!

  31. Captain macoy

    Such a beautiful story! Only few now are like mr. das, I’m glad in my times all my teachers are good!

  32. It’s amazing the difference a great teacher can make. We need more like Mr. Das in this world. This is a great story

  33. Margarette Puno

    Wow! Teacher Das is a one in a million teacher. How i wish all teachers will be like her someday.

  34. Aarika

    Teacher Das is awesome. I absolutely agree that “A good teacher can change the world.” This is a wonderful heartfelt post. Thank you!

  35. Ruchi Verma

    Teachers like Me.Das really making great future and giving great values and education to kids like pankaj …I’m feeling so good reading this

  36. IRA Verma

    Right values can only come from such great teachers and Mr Das is one such great teacher

  37. A good teacher can make or break the life of a student, just like Mr. Das made his. amazing.

  38. Gurjeet Chhabra

    It’s so inspiring, touching. I salute Mr.Das , teaching Pankaj with selfless motive. Making kid future bright. I wish more teacher like him can change scenario of our country

  39. Nisha

    It’s one profession after army that I respect the most. Teachers like Mr. Das has been keeping the true spirit of teaching alive. Thanks for sharing.

  40. Dipika Singh

    Teachers like Mr. Das make sure that our future generations are right on the track and get the best out of life. What a wonderful post and thanks for sharing about him with us.

  41. Sayeri

    I can connect so well with this story. How do you know about this? Its in kolkata after all. 🙂 Its great to know that Mr. Das like a teacher is still there. I also have some personal experience like this. Will share some day. I wish Pankaj will get all the success in life.

  42. vidhya thakkar

    Such an Inspiring story! loved this article. The story is wonderful!! Loved your blog too!

  43. Mrinal Kiran

    This was so inspiring… In this world full of selfish people, there are still many people whom we can call human ❤ the world needs such noble and kind hearted people!

  44. Varsh

    This post reminded me of my teachers in school who werr always so helpful and supportive. Mr.Das is an inspiration. Hope we get more like him.

  45. Amrita

    Teachers can change life.Mr Das is the type of teacher who changes the world.A beautiful post indeed.

  46. Jiya

    Such role models are less in today’s Era. The story gives the inspiration to me and many. Lovely it is how a teacher can change the life of someone.

  47. Charu Chittwal

    Was probably one of the best teachers day post that I have read recently, such teachers are seen rarely these days

  48. Reetuparna Saha

    This was such a heart warming read. Teachers shape our lives in the better way possible. This story reminds me of the movie Hichki. Teachers should always recognize talent and never be partial towards students.

  49. Apsara

    I had heard from my mom about her teacher who is like mr. Das.

    Or else today all are so busy and commercial that no one looks or take proper care of education of kids.

  50. Nidhi KM

    True teachers invest in kids. They work really hard to see their students flourish. I too respect my teavhers of my Masters and will always be thankful to them to help me be what I am

  51. Ishieta

    What a journey! Hats off to Mr. Das. That one decision and those 3 hours, changed one life, which will go on to touch many more. Thanks for sharing their story.

  52. Snigdha Prusti

    Wow, such a lovely story. Teacher Das is really an awesome teacher and we need such teachers in our society now, isn’t it?

  53. Akanksha Goel

    What a lovely and touching story. There are not many people like him these days but they surely do exist. This is very inspiring.

  54. Siddhi

    This is an extremely inspiring story. my grandfather was a teacher and his character was much similar to that of Mr. Das. He had shaped some of the greatest leaders of then Maharashtra and I take pride in saying that I am his granddaughter.

  55. Bushra

    Mr Das is Teacher in true sense. This reminds me of my Hindi teacher Dhawan Mam who with her innovative teaching style always be in my memories

  56. Prerna Sinha

    Absolutely amazing story! This is really great. And it is true, a good education can change anyone but a good teacher can charge the world!

  57. Jhilmil D Saha

    It is a heart touching tale of an ideal and honest teacher. Teachers like Mr. Das are rare but they still do exist.

  58. Tina

    Now a days it is so commercial. It’s so rare to get a person like that. This is such a touching tale.

  59. Airene

    I wish everyone had teachers like Mr. DAS, he is what we call a true teacher. Really, teachers like this are hard to find! Belated happy teachers day

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