Holistic care for Breast Cancer patients : Breast Cancer Awareness

Holistic care for Breast Cancer patients : Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast cancer awareness and Holistic care 

The word Cancer has always got me into a downhearted soul, even though my maternal granny was a Breast cancer survivor for many decades. But she succumbed to pancreatic cancer. So, this fear of BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene (breast cancer gene) has always witnessed a sombre feeling from within. And thus, I always look out for the technological advancements in this area. 

A cancer patient doesn’t just needs treatment in the form of Chemotherapy or Surgery involving lump removal, but they equally need an Emotional, Psychological, Physiological and Nutritional support to rehabilitate with breast cancer.

Breast Cancer fact file : Did you know? 

All you want to know about Breast cancer, its awareness, fact file, and the holistic approach towards wellbeing of cancer survivors. #breastcancer #breastcancerawareness #awareness #cancer #wellbeing #therapies

Science behind Breast Cancer :

Breast cancer occurs when the breast cells multiply in an uncontrolled manner. These cells then clump together into tumours. Breast cancer is not a result of a standalone factor but it is a result of genetic, hormonal, and environmental risk factors. On one side mutations in the BRCA genes, carried down in the family with a history of Breast cancer plays an important role and on the other sides factors as listed below results in cancerous cells.

  • Presence of  environmental contaminants
  • Lifestyle factors as smoking, alcohol intake, physical exercise, long night working hours
  • Exposure to chemical substances as pesticides, pollutants, medications
  • Exposure to radiations which can result in mutations
  • Being Obese, more so after menopause
  • Bearing a child late in life, lack of breastfeeding

Basically a combination of these factors together or with the genetic mutations results in the risk of breast cancer.

Symptoms and Diagnosis of Breast Cancer :

Symptoms :

  1. Presence of lump
  2. Changes in the size of breasts
  3. Changes in texture of the skin as in, puckering of skin
  4. Any inflammation on that area
  5. Inverted nipples and nipple discharge

Current treatments available :

Presence of BRAC genes can be easily identified by the blood test. Their presence just means that one can have an increased chances of Breast cancer. Current diagnosis basis the symptoms include Mammography, MRI Screening and Gene profiling.

The treatments available are :

  1. Surgery , which is removal of tumour/breast , more so when the tumours are small. Surgery options include Lumpectomy (removal of tumour only) and Mastectomy (removal of the entire breast). Lumpectomy is usually followed with radiotherapy.
  2. Lymph Node removal by Biopsy
  3. Chemotherapy, in which the drugs are used to destroy cancer cells, and it can be given before or after the surgery basis the requisite. The side effects of chemotherapy depend on the individual, immunity, the drugs used. Common side effects include fatigue, higher risk of infection, nausea and vomiting, hair loss, loss of appetite, and diarrhoea.
  4. Hormonal Therapy : Breast cancers are closely related to the hormone called ‘Estrogen’ in females. It is an effective treatment for those tumours that test positive for either Estrogen or Progesterone receptors. In this therapy, the hormones which fuel the growth are blocked. It can be given before (to reduce the malignant tissue size) or after the surgery.
  5. Some other Targeted therapies (targeting cancer specific gene or proteins) are also there and many more advanced studies are under research.

Sources :

Impacts of Therapies and the need of Survivorship Program :

Breast cancer treatments affect the survivor a lot, be in terms of daily activities, energy, depression, fatigue, Psychological issues, loss of will power. Survivors experience lots of physical and psychological changes with this disease and they need ample care, regular monitoring and medical assessments from time to time.

Sometimes Breast cancer treatments reduce the estrogen in body which results in decreased bone density. Survivors may experience issues in swallowing or dry mouth or changes in speech after the treatment. They need support in managing healthy lifestyle, and support the fatigue problems. And all of these aftermaths needs some alternative therapies along with medical care. The impact of a cancer is devastating not only to the patients but also to their near and dear ones on various aspects as involving emotional, social and financial implications.

And this is where ICD Healthcare, established in 2018 in Delhi by team of Oncologists and researchers from UK and US, plans to create a difference in India.

An introduction to ICD Healthcare :

All you want to know about Breast cancer, its awareness, fact file, and the holistic approach towards wellbeing of cancer survivors. #breastcancer #breastcancerawareness #awareness #cancer #wellbeing #therapies

ICD Healthcare has its focus on bringing the advanced and holistic care to Cancer patients. It is a partnership between the patient, the doctor, the science and the disease. Affordability, Access and Awareness are the three barriers that are limiting adequacy of diagnosis and treatment in India. And this is what brought this knowledgeable team to India.

ICD stands for Innovative, customized and dedicated team for the cancer care. Their mission to Lead the fight against cancer, worldwide. And their vision is to provide personalised cancer care using the knowledge and expertise of global specialists and applying the most innovative technologies available.

Medical Director and Co-Founder of ICD Healthcare, Professor Justin Stebbing, has been impeccable in bringing some of the world’s leading cancer specialists, including UK and USA on board here.

ICD Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) Members are :

  • Professor Justin Stebbing, Imperial College, London
  • Dr. Siddhartha Mukherjee, Columbia University
  • Dr. Pramod Srivastava, University of Connecticut (UConn)
  • Dr. Heinz-Josef Lenz, University of Southern California (USC)
  • Dr. Olofunmilayo Olopade, University of Chicago

USP of ICD healthcare in Cancer treatment :

  •  Personalized Cancer care
  •  Oncologists, nurses and all medical staff wrt therapies will be trained on International standards
  • It lays importance on the holistic home program, in which the Conventional cancer treatments and the Living Well program will be clubbed together. It will work wonders for the overall well-being of the cancer survivor.

The Living Well Program at ICD will include therapies such as:

1. Psychological Counselling :

  • Mental Conditioning
  • Financial Counselling
  • Palliative Care

2. Healing and Relaxation Therapies :

  • Pranic Healing
  • Reiki Healing
  • Crystal Therapy
  • Chakra Healing
  • Meditation
  • Bio-Energetic Healing

Most of these approaches helps in body’s innate healing process, allows reinforcement of positive energies and releases the negative diseased energy. These helps a patient in their emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. It decreases the anxiety, helps in a good sleep and results in positive outlook towards life.

3. Nutritional Support :

Cancer treatments affects taste, appetite, and this may result in malnutrition. This lack may in turn cause fatigue, which lower downs a persons immunity and fight towards cancer. Right types of diet, nutrition is a must for cancer patient and thus they need a personalised diet plan. Diet is a crucial factor in leading our lifestyle and now we all know that cancer is a combination of lifestyle factors as well.

4. Body Image :

Treatments like surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormonal therapy impacts our body and looks. A lot of confidence is lost due to these changes. ICD addresses concerns which helps cancer patients take these changes in a positive manner. You feel more better about how you look and that brings an inner happiness.

5. Pain Management :

  • Physiotherapy
  • Dry Needling
  • Cryotherapy
  • Cupping Therapy
  • Combination Therapy
  • Laser Therapy

All these therapies helps in reducing the pain and support in overall well being.

6. Ondamed Therapy- (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy- PEFT)

ONDAMED is a highly effective approach to bringing physiological balance to the entire body. Benefits like improved health and quality of life that restore comfort and ensure longevity have been observed here.

You can follow their developments at their FB page here.

With ICD Healthcare COO – Harjit Bahia

All you want to know about Breast cancer, its awareness, fact file, and the holistic approach towards wellbeing of cancer survivors. #breastcancer #breastcancerawareness #awareness #cancer #wellbeing #therapies

World No Tobacco day : 

May 31st was recently celebrated as “World No Tobacco day”, and tobacco, the active ingredient in cigarettes is the leading cause of cancer. And the best part is smoking can be given up to reduce the risk of Cancer. Did you knew that tobacco has 70 cancer causing carcinogens? These carcinogens damage the DNA, which makes cells grow differently. And this in turns results in cancerous cells. 42% cancer related male deaths is due to Tobacco, which can cause Mouth, lung, oesophagus, pancreatic, stomach, liver, cervix and ovarian cancers as well.

For our health, we at mommyinme, urge our readers to quit smoking and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

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