Gap : How to achieve Work-Life Balance

Gap : How to achieve Work-Life Balance

Work-Life Balance: Women’s struggle between career and family

As we are talking about challenges, the gap between Work-Life balance for a working woman (more so for a working mom) is strikingly huge. After marriage, a working woman is often left with conundrums like :

  • Should I opt one between a child and a career?
  • Should I choose Motherhood over my career?
  • Can I go for a career change after having a baby?
  • How to handle my family being a working woman?
  • Will having a baby ruin my career?

Well, I continued my full-time job until 3years after birthing my baby. And let me admit here, I did juggle to maintain a Happy Family life and thrive on my successful career too. I had numerous instances of #momguilt, to add up, no matter how much support you have from the workplace. Trying to give full justice at both ends, often leaves you overwhelmed.  

Maintaining a work life balance is the biggest challenge amongst women at workplace. Getting that balance is must for the peace of mind. Read here how to achieve Work Life balance as a working women. #workplaceissues #challengesatworkplace #worklifebalance #balancedlife #peaceofmind #discrimination #equality

The real struggle for women: Career and Family 

Never get so busy making a living, that you forget to live ~Dolly Parton

I seriously believe that you’ll feel satisfied with your work, only when you’re satisfied with your life. In 2018, TimesJobs conducted a poll and came out with the stats that work-life balance is the most critical workplace issue, getting 41% share, followed with Harassment (20%).

Striking a healthy work-life balance for women is challenging, yet necessary. And I feel, it becomes all the more important living in Metro. The fast-paced life, long commutation times, longer hours at the workplace, projects and extracurricular’s for kids, all get severely messed up at times. I had my own shares of learnings working in Delhi for a Corporate giant for around 5 years, and this is what I plan to share here with my readers.

Look out some highest rated companies wrt work-life balance here

Feel free to bookmark it and keep reminding yourself on these pointers.

Tips to maintain a healthy Work-Life Balance :

1. Be sorted, and Track your time :

Tracking your time is of utmost importance. With multiple tasks under the kitty, you need to have a time log for the tasks which occupy most of your time. As a mom and as a working woman, you’re always on the run with a time crunch, this tracking will help you understand where you can save those precious minutes.

2. Sort your Priorities :

Nothing can be more important than working on your priorities. We’re often messed up and wish to do 100% for every task we opt for. Further, If you’re a woman like me, who takes up all responsibilities (be at home/workplace/kids projects), you’ll be in a more clumsy space, huh! (It’s been hard learning for me, though)

So, the first step is to prioritize your Personal and professional tasks. Take a pen and paper, jot down your responsibilities, drill yourself with questions. Getting clear answers to the questions will help you sort the tasks.

3. The art of saying “NO” and Delegation :

I got the hold of these arts really late and I must accept, I was in a lot of peace after adopting them. Well, we are superwoman, no iota of doubt, but still, don’t subject yourself to anything and everything. Learn to say “No” to the tasks which are not important and delegate the ones which people near you can do “efficiently”.

Ask for Help: Believe me, it’s okay to ask for help, rather than going under the stress. At home, segregate the responsibilities of the family members. While your husband can clean up the room and prepare the bed, you can cook dinner. You’ll only expect turbulence from the stressed mind and fatigued body. Hence it is always wise to seek help.

Maintaining a work life balance is the biggest challenge amongst women at workplace. Getting that balance is must for the peace of mind. Read here how to achieve Work Life balance as a working women. #workplaceissues #challengesatworkplace #worklifebalance #balancedlife #peaceofmind #discrimination #equality

4. A clear demarcation between Work and Home :

Having a clear line really helped me to attain that balance (though not a perfect balance). I became very clear not to pick any calls and reply to any E-mails, once I’m out of my official working hours. Initially, it was chaotic, but within 10-15 days, a routine was set and my colleagues expected the response within the working duration only [unless it was an official emergency].

Similarly, say NO to office work discussion with kids/spouse once back at home. Be mindful of your relationships, and use that time as a “Golden time” to build memories with your family. Indulge in play, fun talks, go for a stroll. All these activities will destress you and make you feel better.

5. Me Time :

As moms, we all struggle to get even 30minutes a day for ourselves, and being a working mom, getting even 5 minutes seems a distant reality. I suggest, either early in the morning, or in the calmness of night, pull out (snatch it)those 30 minutes to rejuvenate yourself.

Be it exercising, meditation, reading a book, listening to soulful songs, indulge in any activity. During weekends, pamper yourself. Go for a trek or Nature walk, indulge in the spa, laugh over the Netflix/TV series you love.

Remember what the First lady, Michelle Obama said, “We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our “To-Do”List! Do that right away!

Maintaining a work life balance is the biggest challenge amongst women at workplace. Getting that balance is must for the peace of mind. Read here how to achieve Work Life balance as a working women. #workplaceissues #challengesatworkplace #worklifebalance #balancedlife #peaceofmind #discrimination #equality

Work-Life balance can never be a perfect equation, every woman needs to work out different ways to walk the aisle of “Balance”. Don’t expect 100/100 here, but believe that you have attained that balance when you have that peace of mind before you hit the bed. Periodically review your strategies aimed towards work-life balance and occasionally add up some zest to get the spark.

Work – Life balance demands a thorough commitment, you can achieve it and have a fulfilling personal life [with kids] along with a successful career.

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Wishing the best!


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    Many of us reading your blig will resonate with your thought procrss, sometimes situationd and sometime we make it too harsh for ourselves, hai na? Great post Jhilmil

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    Work life balance is important. Question is how?

  3. Mayuri Nidigallu

    My most favorite post of your series so far. I like the honesty you speak with Jhilmil, and you walk the talk.
    Learning to say ‘No’ and learning to delegate, if women learn these two, life will be so much easier for them and everyone around them.

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    I too was working till my son turned two my dear before taking the entrepreneurial way and so I know all your recommendations are genuine and so worthy ♥️

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    You have covered all the points so nicely. To strike a balance once must pay attention to these points.

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    An apt post! amazing. it is very important to maintain balance between personal and professional life

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    No giving a hands down but getting back to work is very very sensitive topic, and sometimes the choice isn’t in our hands and to say we may or may not get the help

  8. Varsh

    I’ve struggled to delegate and find me time while working even before I became a mom. Post that I’m sure the complications increase. Women will feel guilty only if they allow it. It is not possible to get the best of everything, better to accept it and try your best to come close to it.

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    This post is very positive and helpful.

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    Jhilmil you have outpoured every nook of suggestion in this post. Balancing things without a guilt is a huge win win situation.

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    It sure is a tough task but you have outlined simple ways of being able to do it. Really liked the post!

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    Hi Jhilmil,

    This is a much needed post. Maintaining work life balance is a difficult task to achieve. You have shared a lovely post.

    Thanks for sharing, have a good day.

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    Saying no and setting priorities right is very important to maintain work life balance.

  14. Ishieta

    Yes~ Work – Life balance is so essential, and sadly while I do follow many of the tips you have outlined in this article, i still find myself struggling with tasks, deadlines and almost non-existent me time! Perhaps as you rightly say, I have to learn the art of saying ‘NO’!.

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