How to celebrate World Heritage Day with kids

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Celebrating World heritage day with kids on April 18. India has ample history, monuments, sites, let us cherish our glorious past and involve kids in knowing their rich history. #India #heritage #TajMahal #mughalgardens #Unesco #worldheritageday

Culture and heritage of any country is a memorabilia of its glorious past!

Every year, our world celebrates International Day for Monuments and Sites, often referred as World Heritage day on April 18. And to us, this day stands as a significant importance due to the treasure of heritage that India, as a country possess. India is a rich country when it comes to Culture, Tradition and Heritage and it is proud to be a part of this treasure.

As stated by UNESCO, India has 36 heritage sites, the sixth most of any country, and its something to boast of. But this heritage day, we need some more efforts than just to be proud of our glorious past. Being citizens, it demands us to be more aware of our monuments and sites, it asks us to help in their preservation and understand the history behind them. And what better than passing this heritage and culture from one generation to another? So, let’s zest up and help our kids explore and know more about our Heritage, monuments, this World Heritage day!

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Things to do on World Heritage Day with kids :

1. Story telling sessions :

How impressive can a story of Taj mahal, a mausoleum, part of 7 wonders of the world can be? This white marble edifice was made by Emperor Shahjahan, in the memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal. This heritage has a lot to convey in the form of art, history and is a sign of love, a love that binds every heart and soul! handmade cut outs or puppets can be used to create an impressive story for the children. Not only will they enjoy the fascinating tale, but also get to know about the importance of the preservation of our heritage.

Pick up any monument, site, natural site, which you feel relates more and let the story teller in you help children in virtual exploration.

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2. Take kids for Heritage walk / Museum visits :

Nothing can be better than experiential learning. So why not plan a heritage walk, visit to museums, art galleries available in your town? This will not only make kids aware about the historical significance of such places, but they will adore the architectural legacy of these sites.

Celebrating World heritage day with kids on April 18. India has ample history, monuments, sites, let us cherish our glorious past and involve kids in knowing their rich history. #India #heritage #TajMahal #mughalgardens #Unesco #worldheritageday

3. Organizing various competitions :

This is a fun way to enable kids to express their love for our treasured heritage and culture. Be it in school or at home, you can always assemble kids over an evening competition related to the theme “Heritage & Culture of India”. Try being some innovative and introduce competitions as :

  • Face painting
  • Container painting
  • Quiz competitions
  • Photography Competition
  • Poster making

Allow, each participating kid, to narrate the thoughts behind their creativity. This will help kids not only in their social and creative development but also help them know more about the diverse heritages spread across the country.

Celebrating World heritage day with kids on April 18. India has ample history, monuments, sites, let us cherish our glorious past and involve kids in knowing their rich history. #India #heritage #TajMahal #mughalgardens #Unesco #worldheritageday

4. Heritage day events & festivals :

Many metro’s and cities conduct some events based on “Word heritage day”. Try to be a part of them along with kids. Volunteer for awareness activities as Road shows, Exhibitions, expert interviews, which raise the curtains over numerous important facts we need to know in our lives. Getting children engaged in these activities will help them learn the small facets of architectures and our History.

5. Movie telecast :

Celebrating World heritage day with kids on April 18. India has ample history, monuments, sites, let us cherish our glorious past and involve kids in knowing their rich history. #India #heritage #TajMahal #mughalgardens #Unesco #worldheritageday

There are many short and full length movies which showcase the importance of our heritage, culture, our history, to which children should be exposed to. Why not plan a popcorn date with movies of historical importance like Jodhaa Akbar, Pather Panchali, Passage to India, Rang De Basanti, with kids? It will be fun and there will be ample new learnings you would love to share with them.

Mark Twain rightly said :

India is the cradle of the human race,

the birthplace of human speech,

the mother of history,

the grandmother of legend, and

the great grandmother of tradition.

Our most valuable and most constructive

materials in the history of man

are treasured up in India!


So, let’s cherish that legacy, love the mankind and be honoured of our illustrious past! Make kids a part of World heritage Day celebrations. They are our future and they ought to handshake with the past!

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  1. Thats some really fun activities on world heritage day . Kids must have enjoyed the painting competition alot . It good to do creative things with the knowledge its a fun way to learn .

  2. Such a great tip to celebrate World Heritage Day! I will take that tips and I am sure my daughter will like it. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thats a great article. We acttually need to educate our children about oyr heritage and these are the best ways

  4. Such a great tip to celebrate World Heritage Day. I really appreciate the way you educate your child about Indian heritage and culture.

  5. We all should celebrate The World Heritage Day! Our kids should learn the heritage and culture of India. For long, I am planning a heritage trip with my son. Will make it happen soon.

  6. You’re so right! I really admire Indians for the way they’ve had to preserve the rich culture as much as the world is changing! No wonder India is celebrated ! Anyway, I can imagine how awesome World Heritage Day is;You get the time to not only appreciate the rich culture but also bond as a family and community. It would definitely be worthwhile to take part in the tons of activities and events of the day,right?

  7. Story telling is the great way to make them familier. It is really important to make aware of our great Indian heritage

  8. I would absolutely love to visit different world heritage places. I want my kids to experience different cultures and histories.

  9. I think its so important to share heritage with kids so they learn more about their culture. My parents always made sure I was immersed in the different heritages whether it was stories or following family recipes.

  10. I couldn’t agree more of your ideas here. Making the kids part of world’s heritage day is really important and the ways how they can take part of it is definitely what elderly should observe. Great insights you got here!

  11. Great suggestions to get kids learn and get interested in our rich heritage. I’ve taken my son to museums and showed him ancient things. He loves it.

  12. Amazing and exciting post. I loved to visit heritage places. World heritage sites should be preserved as it resembled our naton’s culture and heritage. Great thought.

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