A comprehensive guide to a flawless skin

A comprehensive guide to a flawless skin

Guide to Flawless Skin:

Life has been a crazy turbulence in the past few months! Being the woman of the house comes with ample responsibilities. Donning multiple hats at the same time, as a professional, a content creator, a mom, often adds stress to my day-to-day life. And the last few months simply multiplied those stress levels, while being at home with no socializing. All of this impacts your efforts to get flawless skin.

As a part of my self-discovery journey, I ensure that my experiences are penned down. With time, I started to realize that the stress levels which resulted in mood swings, not just affected my emotional health but it also reflected on my skin. Under stress, our skin loses its moisture and it ends up looking dull and dry, and more so during extreme weather conditions. This has even been proven scientifically that stress can aggravate skin issues and trigger blisters. This in turn again adds up to the stress levels with the consistent social pressure to look flawless. Doesn’t it?

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Ways to ease the stress affecting your skin:

1. Skincare routine:

Don’t ignore your daily skincare routine. The change I’m trying to bring in is to ensure my skincare routine even on the days I’m drained. And believe me, it simply makes me feel better and rejuvenated.

2. Healthy diet and regular water intake:

Your Diet significantly impacts your hormonal balance, thus the right nutritional diet, and ample water intake always help.

3. Workout:

I’ve been quite regular when it comes to sweating out. Be it climbing the stairs to a simple indoor workout, exercise is a kind of stress management tool for me. Daily morning Meditation session gives that peace you need for a chaotic day ahead.

4. Me-Time:

Now I ensure to snatch Me-time! Gardening, Meditation, and bath time are most precious to me. For me, bathing is a kind of therapy to destress; there is no better elixir than soaking in lukewarm water. And Fiama is my perfect companion in the “Fiama bath experience”.

Did you know that unlike other ordinary soaps this is a Gel bar? It is filled with the goodness of nature, which rejuvenates you instantly, thus uplifting your mood. It relieves stress from the skin to make it soft and happy. A Fiama bath helps me pamper myself and makes me feel rejuvenated. 

Fiama Gel Bar celebration pack:

How to achieve that flawless skin that you could flaunt on social media? Well read on for some tips to achieve a spotless skin #skincare #flawlessskin #fiama #gelbars #fiamagelbars #celebrationpack #qualitysleep

Celebrate your happiness with this pack filled with exotic ingredients. The reason why I love this combo pack is that it consists of 4 different Gel bars. The different Gel bars, with different colors, fragrances, and ingredients give a delightful bath experience.

  • Peach & Avocado: This Orange Gel bar is filled with the goodness of peach and avocado for well-moisturized skin. I love the fruity fragrance which rejuvenates me as the day ends!
  • Blackcurrant & Bearberry: This purple Gel bar is bound to give you a feel of a spa-like experience.
  • Lemongrass & Jojoba: This Green Gel bar with the citrus fragrance, not just refreshes you but also keeps your skin soft.
  • Patchouli & Macadamia: This Pink Gel bar has a fruity and floral fragrance, which truly gives you an indulgent experience.

With such refreshing gel bars, you’re alleviating your bath experience. Not just this, the Fiama celebration pack has an offer of a “Buy 3 Get 1 Free” promo for 75g bars with 4 different variants at an affordable pricing of just Rs.99 at your nearby stores, you can also get the bigger Celebration pack with 125g gel bars online with 5 different variants and offer of “Buy 4 Get 1 Free” at just Rs. 259.

Just like Fiama, I love being a free-spirited and joyful woman!

How to achieve that flawless skin that you could flaunt on social media? Well read on for some tips to achieve a spotless skin #skincare #flawlessskin #fiama #gelbars #fiamagelbars #celebrationpack #qualitysleep

5. Quality sleep:

Finally, I would emphasize some real interactions and a night of good quality sleep. Sleep has a big impact on hormones and is closely linked to stress levels. Hence ensure that after a hot water bathing experience, you have quality sleep, without any gadgets close by.

Try out these tips for flawless skin and you’ll see the difference by yourself.

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  1. sonam jain

    honestly loved all your tips but the fiama gel bars caught my attention.. I have never tried it and now I am curious to do so.. thanks for sharing it with us

  2. Cindy Dsilva

    Wow the box itself looks so refreshing. I have used this many times long ago. I even know the fragrance. Now I just stick to body washes and shower gels.

  3. Smitha N

    Hey loved the box full of skin care definitely will be checking out for skin care thank you for sharing this out looks amazing😍

  4. Sakshi Varma

    Thanks for the good tips on skin care. I like gel bars and the fiama bars look very tempting. What I liked the most was that you get different flavours in one pack, which is usually not the case.

  5. Kavita Singh

    Jhil, I have used this brand and absolutely love the fragrance. Also, these tips are quite helpful in keeping our skin healthy.

  6. Swati Mathur

    I have been using Fiama shower gel for almost two plus years and totally love it and highly recommend it too. Thanks a lot for sharing such wonderful skin care tips. The most important of all is good sleep which I do compromise sometimes…need to work on it for sure.

  7. Rakhi

    Sleep time is also important. So is me time. You have pointed out a few facts that we usually overlook.

  8. Surbhi Prapanna

    Great tips dear and I agree that there are multiple lifestyle factors ( diet, exercise and sleep) that play a vital role in maintaining a flawless skin. fiama shower gel is really good, I had used this in past and had a great experience with it.

  9. Milan Singhal

    Love the packaging of this soap bars. Have used the shower gel of the same brand and now would love to try these too.

  10. Ishieta

    I love the tips you have shared. and for me, me time and an aromatic bath time is the ultimate in de-stressing.
    even through the day, i wash my face and hands several times, i think it is time to add these soaps to my regime.

  11. Ruchi Verma

    These tips are really going to help me a lot to take care of my skin, even I am a big fan of Fiama soaps and these are so refreshing for skin!!

  12. Snigdha

    Healthy diet and exercise and lots of water intake is the key of glowing and healthy skin. Fiama bathing soap seems like a good option to try out..

  13. Outset Books

    Some of the points that you had mentioned are quite valid. Especially me time. The happiness of being with yourself can do wonders in your skin.

  14. Varsh

    I’ve used Fiama gel bars and their exotic ingredients and aroma is simply intoxicating. I love that they come up with such awesome fusions too.

  15. Amrit Kaur

    Real beauty comes when we take care of our body and skin from inside as well as outside. Always eat right and follow skincare routine for healthy skin.

  16. Hansa

    Truely said. A good lifestyle and diet coupled with a good sleep is what helps the skin breath and glow. I remember when I had graveyard shifts at office and lack of sleep had taken away the sheen off my skin.

  17. inkube

    This type of informational article helps many people. Hope you’ll bring this type of post again.

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