How to help kids if they are being bullied!

Helping Kids who are being bullied! STOP Child Bullying!

In our continuation of the Child Bullying series, we’ve already dealt into the basics of why a child bullies, what its symptoms are and how to STOP Child bullying . Now comes the other side of the coin, when we see our kids as a “victim” of child bullying. We can really help other kids also, if they are undergoing such a rough patch. But for this, what we need to know are the signs to know that a child is the being bullied and the need to initiate the corrective actions.

Your child may have never resorted to any unruly behaviour, but something might be happening in their lives, which they would have been worried about. Yes, they can be victims of Bully!

Is your child being bullied? Then read out how to know if your child is a victim and how to deal with such bullying situations. #bully #childbully #bullying #stopbulling #STOPbully

Identify, if your kids are being bullied : 

  • Tries to cut off self from social world
  • Wants to be left alone, seems stressed
  • Behavioural changes (while going to school/after internet time – in case of cyber bullying)
  • Panics and refuses to go to school or in School transport
  • Asking for a change from the normal routine
  • Tries to stay away from friends
  • Deteriorating performance in school
  • Sudden bouts of anger or frustrations 

Usually kids who are being bullied feel ashamed of speaking about it to their parents and think that no one can really help them out. They keep things inside their hearts which results in many serious psychological implications. Hence it is must to identify when the children are being bullied and a firm action plan needs to be drawn.

How to deal with victims of bully :

1.Talk, talk and talk :

Talking and discussing with kids is the best way to help them speak up their hearts. Try to sense the things and talk calmly. Offer them the comfort they need and tell them never to feel embarrassed. Make them acknowledged of the fact that many kids get bullied, the only thing is to take corrective measure at the right time.

2. Speak to School authority :

If your child is being bullied at school, speak up to the authorities. Don’t speak to the parents of the child who is bullying directly. If you still wish to go for it, speak in front of a counsellor or school mediator who knows both sides of the story.

3. Do not respond to Bully :

We’ll things look tempting, to respond with bad feelings to the bully. But that’s what bullies thrive upon. The best way is to walk away, ignore the bully and not respond at all. Avoiding bully and not reacting to their remarks is the best strategy. If a bully is nearby, change your route.

4. Try to be in a group :

Group up with good buddies in the areas where you can find bully, as in playground or in bus. And Ignore the sight of bully, use your time for some creative activities. Refrain from anger, its easier said than followed, but try your best. Say No to crying, as all these reactions make bully feel more strong and they are propelled to continue their action and feel the pleasure out of your pain.

5. Practise the calming strategies :

There are many calming strategies as deep breathing, using your mind for some creative skills, write down your feelings and so on.

6. Be firm and take your stand :

Once ask the bully to stop all the remarks and hurting sentiments. Remember, it should be conveyed in a strong manner and not by being emotional or speaking while crying. Just say that and then move away and involve yourself in things you like. Ignorance is indeed a bliss here and it will definitely distract the bully. 

7. Speak to teachers/ Principal and Parents :

Don’t feel embarrassed of being bullied. Have a strong head and discuss it out with teachers and your parents to get a solution. Elders are always there to support the right person. Never be afraid to seek help from them.

8. Engage socially :

Spend more time with your friends, parents, who love you and ignite a sense of positivity in yourself. It is must to engage bullied person in some sports or group activities to feel motivated. Discourage the feeling of loneliness, involve kids into generous acts, make them strong headed!

I believe that these ideas, might help our kids to even STOP BULLYING wherever they see. It’s a negative feeling and act and we, as parents should completely refrain our kids from engaging into it.

I would like my readers to share their opinion on how to help a victim of Child Bully, so as to help create an awareness and protect our kids from the negative influence.

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  1. Gomama247

    These tips are really helpful. Parents should build the self confidence in kids so that they can tackle every situation.

  2. mayuraamarkant

    Extremely insightful and well-written post. Child bullying is such an important and pertinent problem in school today. Thank you for writing this post. Keep writing 🙂

  3. Snigdha

    Very important tips you have given here. I will go with ‘be confident and take your stand ‘ point .. lovely reading this.

  4. Komal

    So horrible when kids have to go through this and they are often afraid to say something because it might make matters worse. What a great list.

  5. Julie Plagens

    You’re probably not going to like this but it worked. My son transferred to a new school and experienced bullying in 5th grade. We talked to the teachers, and the principal multiple times and continued Day after day. The principal lived across the street from us even! We were friends! Finally, we gave my son a few lessons on what to do the next time it happened. A boy punched my son in recess when no one was looking, and so my son punched him back. It ended up in a fight. They both got suspended for a day. No one EVER messed with my son again. The school never intervened for us so we had to let my son take care of it. That was 15 yrs ago. Hopefully things have changed now.

    1. Jhilmil

      Oh , ya Frankly I would not want to indulge in that fight, but then yes, I think basis the circumstances, kids need to take the right action. But I’m happy that it all ended up, and your son was confident enough to take that action!

  6. Erika Lancaster

    Thank you for sharing these tips! I’m not a parent, but as a teacher I have to be prepared to deal with kids and this information helps a lot!

  7. Laura Dove

    Great tips. I worry a lot about bullying as a mum of four. I think having an open relationship with your kids to discuss this is a great starting point.

  8. Chelsea Elizabeth

    Great tips here, great that you’re helping spread awareness and giving people advice. We need more of this! And hopefully one day, this won’t be so much of an issue

  9. Kweni

    Bullies also have issues being faced in their own homes that’s why they take it out on those who are outside their own circle and someone they can pick on. These advise will help handle bullies but let’s not forget to consider helping the bullies themselves.

  10. Blair Villanueva

    Bullying is becoming a huge issue. Would we teach our children to learn how to stand up on themselves on a right way and right time, for the right reason? Because sometimes, even though kids have tried the tips above, sometimes it still doesn’t works. Man up little guy. 😀

  11. Mayuri Saxena

    Bullying is a big issue. It is important to have a very open relationship with kids so that they can share everything with us. These are some great tips to help them if they are dealing with a bully.

  12. elenasts

    This is a huge issue everywhere. I am a teacher and I see this almost every day. The thing is that kids that are being bullied are too afraid to speak up.

  13. Ridima

    This is one trivial issue that you talked about. I understand how excessive bullying in school can leave a scar in life forever.

  14. Michele Dennis

    Bullying is such an important topic! Although it is nothing new, my mother was bullied all through school, I was bullied throughout school as was my daughter. My son was not, nobody ever messed with him. All my mother ever told me was that my bullies were just jealous… When my daughter started getting bullied by another girl in 7th and 8th grade we would always talk it out and make sure the school officials were aware. The bully never got in trouble by the school…. They never did anything! Luckily my daughters bully left her alone in High School. I feel the schools really need to step up more when it comes to the bullies!!

  15. Rachel

    Childhood bullying can be so traumatizing and I have found stays with a person throughout their life. Its so important to address it, and nip it in the bud wherever possible. Thanks for the advice, its very useful to be aware of!

  16. toastycritic

    I don’t know about this to be perfectly honest. I remember being bullied as a child. Changing routes did not help. If the bully was a bully, they sought me out for whatever route I took. They just wanted to go after me no matter what.

  17. alittlechinwag

    Bullying is a very sensitive issue that is handled differently depending on one’s upbringing/personality. The tips you gave were great and I think extra support can be offered from parents/teachers to empower the victim to speak up and reclaim control.

  18. Erica Swedish

    I was bullied as a young teen and that mess still bothers me today 20 something years later. Bullying is horrible and it needs to stop

  19. Danasia Fantastic

    I don’t have any children but a niece of mine has been dealing with some bullying at school and it breaks my heart!

  20. oyibougbo

    Most victims of bully are often quite and reserve. First create a safe haven around you for them, once they trust you, they can share their trouble, fear and sorrow with you.. i dont know much a bullies but that what i feel can help them.

  21. Deborah Miranda

    You touched a topic i think many people are averse to talking about. Everyone wants to think their kid can’t be bullied but the fact is that many kids are bullied at some point in life, and it helps if the parents are supportive to help their kids through it. Thanks for the insightful tips.

  22. momsmethods

    This is such an important topic. My older daughter had been facing some bullying in the beginning of the academic year and we noticed the behavioral change you mentioned… It has been resolved now after lots of talking and explaining as well as helping her confidence too.. But we are always on the lookout for signs .. luckily she talks to us about everything as well

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