How to make children love Nature : Greenery day

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This greenery day on 4th May, lets spend more of our time in the lap of nature. Let children explore nature more than their gadgets. Read how to get kids closer to nature#greeneryday #nature #conserve #wildlife #parentingtips #parenting #positiveparenting #greenparenting

Celebrate Greenery day with Children

The sound of waves gushing to the shores, the chirps of birds waking you in the wilderness, the plays in the sands and exploring the shells, the rising sun from behind the mountains and the pink purple orange hues of the setting sun amidst the greens, doesn’t all this entice us? Not just enticing, nature, woods, wildlife is something which gives a sense of calmness inside the heart running the life of a metro. Counting the stars, identifying the Mars and planets, tracing the dippers? Do you remember doing all this when we were kids? Are our kids doing these nature loving explorations today or we have engaged them in their electronic gadgets to handshake with the “unreal world”?

This Greenery day, let’s take our kids and ourselves away from gadgets and work towards connecting with nature more often, be it daily, or weekly.

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Did you know the importance of connecting with nature ?

This greenery day on 4th May, lets spend more of our time in the lap of nature. Let children explore nature more than their gadgets. Read how to get kids closer to nature#greeneryday #nature #conserve #wildlife #parentingtips #parenting #positiveparenting #greenparenting

  • It enhances exploration and imaginative power of children
  • Being close to nature allows children to love the nature and wildlife and become more aware of their importance and value their presence in ur lives.
  • Nature ushers calmness and improves the attention span in kids. It also allows them chance for experiential learning, rather than rote learnings.
  • It allows kids to induce Free Play, far away from the structured life happenings. And this not just improves their creative skills but also makes them more aware.
  • Being in outdoor improves their vision, sensory skills, and has also been said to reduce Attention Deficit Disorders in children.
  • It arouses a sense of love and gratitude in children, which they carry all through their lives.

And why just kids, these benefits are the same for us, as adults. A calm meditation under a tree, a lookout at the morning garden itself pleases the the mind and soul and brings us more closer to ourselves.

So why not start getting closer to nature right now? Greenery Day gives you the stand to opt for.

Here are few things, I try to do to help my child get closer to nature and be more aware for nature conservation : Greenery day

This greenery day on 4th May, lets spend more of our time in the lap of nature. Let children explore nature more than their gadgets. Read how to get kids closer to nature#greeneryday #nature #conserve #wildlife #parentingtips #parenting #positiveparenting #greenparenting

1. Starting “Nature Love” early :

Early minds are way too explorative than we parents think off. Being a nature lover and Nature photographer myself, instilling this value in my son was inherent. I remember reading out the “EMO and his plant” small book and then growing a small plant indoors with cocoa peat and seeds, when he was just 2years. Every day he used to water his peat and put it in sunlight. After about a week, his excitement was on cloud nine, when he saw a tiny sapling with small leaves emerging out. I could see his love for that plant and this triggered his passion to understand nature.

Starting early may not necessarily be growing a plant, but it has to be like a free play. Opt more garden visits, leave them free, allow them to observe the beautiful flowers, different types of leaves , explore various insects and worms. Try telling them the names, their uses, colour of flowers and so on. Try to go for nature walks and converse with kids about what all you see.

2. Love animals :

Not just trees, help them love animals. I see most people instilling fear in kids for animals when they are small. This dog will bite you, be away from the animals. I always tried to teach my son that love animals, they won’t ever harm you until you don’t harm them or take up their space or eventually hurt them in anyway. And this has left with him with a feeling to love animals. It feels good to allow him to fill water in the pots for birds to drink in summers. This is building up a sense of gratitude in his heart.

3. Gardening :

Living in a metro, with much smaller spaces has left us with limited space for plants , trees, gardens and finally gardening. Atleast this is the case with me. Gardening is a great way helping kids get closer to the nature, the touch of the soil, caring for the saplings, loving the fruits borne, setting up their own plant markers, all makes Gardening a great activity for kids. Incase of space crunch, try for the alternatives as hanging gardens, indoor plants, terrace garden, which can help kids be closer to nature.

4. Book Reading :

Book reading, when combines with the practical visits, marks a huge difference to the child’s learning mind. Help to the read books which speak about Nature, wildlife, their richness and plight. Books are a great way to help them learn the need of conservation. And then allow their book knowledge to bloom with practical explorations. Books will arouse ample curiosities in children towards the nature.

Buy some amazing colorful children books here :

The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling (Graphic book, encouraging read)

Island of the Blue Dolphins

The Giving Tree

The curious garden 

Recycling is Fun (My Little Planet)

All the world


5. National parks and Sanctuaries :

For me, a nature addict, not travel is complete without any viist to National park or sanctuaries. And so in this while, even my child has developed a fascination towards it. We love to walk in the nature, plan outings at natural places, love trekking and climbing small hills, look at the water streams and click the beauty around us. Seeing the animals in the wild is something we are crazy for. every sight makes us fall in love with them more and more. When you explore a wild life sanctuary, don’t expect a tiger to be seen all the time. Instead why not enjoy the beautiful trees, the muddy sands, the ling grasses, the broken paths, the flowing streams on the way? Isn’t it beautiful and calming?

This greenery day on 4th May, lets spend more of our time in the lap of nature. Let children explore nature more than their gadgets. Read how to get kids closer to nature#greeneryday #nature #conserve #wildlife #parentingtips #parenting #positiveparenting #greenparenting

6. Recycling :

Why not use the old bottles to grow a green sapling? Or promote kids to use tea bags as fertilizers for the soil, instead of throwing them away? There are many everyday items, which we throw away and add to the tons of dump our mother earth holds in her girth. Why not lay emphasis on recycling these small things? This way kids will learn to conserve the nature and environment right when they are young.

7. Arts and crafts :

Arts and crafts are the best way to engage with kids, as it develops their creative skills and imaginations. They use these skills easily when they are confronted in the nature and it opens up a pandora box for them to explore, learn, devise. Engage in Bio degradable crafts like door hangings /necklace with shells picked up from the beach, decor items made from coconut shell or pine cones fallen from pine trees, plant markers for their plants in the gardens, and many more. This will help them connect with nature along with boosting up their creativity.

What have you planned up for Greenery Day or rather every day to help kids apportion more time in nature? Do you indulge in any activity apart from the ones I have quoted? I would love you to share your suggestions, advice and feedback to help us move more closer to nature.

Happy Conserving,



30 thoughts on “How to make children love Nature : Greenery day

  1. I didn’t even know this was a day 🙈 I am now looking at all your ideas for things to do! Sounds great

  2. My girls love playing outside. Now that it’s Spring and weather is getting nicer, they can play outside. We’ll be doing more walks outside enjoying nature. My girls love finding pinecones, leaves, rocks, etc. We have a jar in our house filled with rocks that they have collected over the past few years.

  3. Kids should learn how to love nature, and the environment especially animals. And from the young age, they will know how to take of them. And it will benefit them in the future.

  4. It is so important for kids to love nature and animals especially at a very young age. I didn’t know that Greenery day ever existed! We have got plants at home and my daughter loves to take care of them. 🙂

  5. Nothing sounds as good as taking the ‘tech’ kids of today away from their gadgets and letting them appreciate nature from an early age.Gardening and taking kids to parks really sounds cool on my part…I think it’s because that’s what my parents would do to us when we were young.

  6. I remember when I was a child, me and my brother use to spend outside all the time. Nowadays, children spend more time using laptops/mobile phones and don’t spend a lot of time outside. Your post is highly appreciate.

  7. Taking them outside more often definitely helps them appreciate nature more and everything that thrives in it. I think these are great ways to keep them interested in nature!

  8. Some wonderful ideas that parents can follow to bring kids closer to nature. Among these, last year be the idea of taking them to show wild life and gardening. The appreciate the nature all the more as they move around freely.

  9. The article is very nice. It is really important that we make our children know the importance of nature, and veing close to it.

  10. On our Very fast moving and technology embrace life, our children need to be kept close to the nature

  11. My son has this regular activity of planting trees at school. They do gardening every week which makes them responsible and take care of their plants.


  12. In our childhood, we had good contacts with nature but now I have seen that maximum children spend time with gadgets so as a parent its our responsibility to bring them closer to the nature. Loved your post. I have seen that in your all posts, you generally do so much of research and the tips are always useful in our daily life.

  13. This is such a brilliant post with all the apt points. We are a nature lover family too and love to spend more time exploring nature. For us, garden visits are a must everyday, it teaches a lot about compassion and empathy to kids when they observe plants and animals around.

  14. Thats and insightful post. Loved the idea of gardening and visiting the sanctuary to relate with the nature.

  15. I couldn’t agree more. Growing up I always felt so connected to nature and not much has changed in the present which is most evident in the way that I write and also how I dress. But with children its such a gift being able to show them how to connect to nature and the tranquility and peace of mind that it can offer them.

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