How to make DIY Paper Christmas Wreath for Christmas decor?

How to make DIY Paper Christmas Wreath for Christmas decor?

DIY Paper Christmas Wreath

“Creativity is messy, it is an art of growing up, learning, and imagination!”

I firmly believe that creativity is inside every kid, all we need to do is to allow explore their creative surroundings. And what better than involving kids in varied arts and crafts? To me, it is one of the most important ways to help them grow and develop critical skills.

Why are crafts important for child development?

As a parent, you might see the mess being created, but that is the creativity of a child. It is the time when their brain is growing, their skills, be it language, math, creative, personality, is developing. Art and crafts are first-hand learning experiences and one of the several factors that play a major role in their development. And every kid loves art and craft, isn’t it?

1. Cognitive skills and decision making:

Today, millennial kids need to have strong critical thinking and decision making skills. And what better than allowing them to do their art and crafts their way? Let them decide the colors, materials, and the kind of craft they wish to do. By this, kids take up the challenge of thinking, imagining, and even deciding how to make the best of their choices.

Don’t expect a finished product, but look at the efforts and the imagination of a child. Look at the creative process involved, and the satisfaction on their face. This is the way they develop their self-esteem. I’ve seen my boy learning about the cause and effect of his choices, he has learned to be patient and think before taking a decision, be it as small as deciding the next color to paint.

2. Motor Skills:

Simple tasks like using glue, scissors, or holding colors, paint brushes help kids improve their grasp. The strokes, movements involved in art and crafts, help them regulate and coordinate their fine motor movements.

3. Vocabulary and Literacy:

Well, I remember my boy learned about the caterpillar and the lifecycle of a butterfly while doing a paper caterpillar craft when he was around 2.5years.

Discussing and learning around it, with the craft we made, was so much fun. It was a kind of practical learning to which he was exposed.

Well, that was just a small example, but art and crafts improve their language skills, and vocabulary.

4. Important tool of expression:

Art and crafts act as a creative outlet for kids to express their emotions and feelings. This not just acts as a stress buster activity for kids (yes, kids do get stressed, read more here) but gives them the right opportunity to express.

Now, with the festive season around the corner, here is an easy DIY craft to do with kids, a Christmas Wreath, made out of Paper. This would be a lovely addition to the Christmas decor.

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How to make a Paper Christmas Wreath?

A) Things you need:

  • A4 colored sheet (red/green)
  • Asian paints TruGrip CR-8 adhesive:

TruGrip CR-8, a general-purpose innovative white glue from the house of Asian Paints has been our favorite. The packaging and the glue bottle are so vibrant and colorful that this is the first thing my son runs to bring as soon as we start any craft:).

This craft glue is perfect for craft papers, cardboard, popsicles, and other craft items.

  • Scrap paper of contrast color for the bow, berries
  • Scissors /paper cutter and scale

Step by step directions to make a Paper Christmas Wreath:

1. Cut 2 pieces of a white sheet (30cm x1.5cm ) and stick to both sides of your main A4 sheet as shown with the help of TruGrip CR-8.

2. Now draw a line on the A4 sheet (along the white sheet edge) and dot mark it equally half inches apart throughout the line on both the white ends.

3. Connect those dot marks in the form of straight equidistant lines. Now cut along each line with the help of a paper cutter/scissors carefully (only till the dotted portions. Be careful not going beyond the white strip that has been pasted.

4. Now fold it and stick both the white strips together, so that a tube form is achieved.

5. Join both the ends of the tube to create a wreath shape.

6. Now make a paper bow and stick it on the top.

7. Decorate it with beads, pearls, stars for the final look.

Hola! Your simple paper wreath is ready to add up to your Christmas home decor! A simple and fun craft that kids will certainly enjoy. Hang this paper wreath on a window or on a door.

Happy Crafting memories!

Love & Light,



Festive season is here and its time to engage kids in some fun crafts. Check out step by step details to make DIY Paper Christmas Wreath #Papercrafts #PaperChristmasWreath #DIYCrafts #Easycraftsforkids #Christmascrafts

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  1. Pratibha

    Now I know how to keep my twins occupied this Christmas!

  2. Alpana Deo

    wow..the wreath turned out very pretty Jhilmil. Crafts help kids to be occupied and also learn many things unknowingly.

  3. Swati Mathur

    Craft brings out creativity and imagination for kids. I loved the way you have made the wreath..will definitely try this at home. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Surbhi prapanna

    Personally I am a crafty mom who always love to make various art craft and DIYs with my girls. You had listed all benefits of crafting so wonderfully in this post. Loved the craft so much. Perfect for upcoming festival season.

  5. Cindy Dsilva

    Wow that’s a really fun way to make a wreath. We normally just have one that we use every year but this is a good way to keep the kids busy.

  6. Ruchi Verma

    I always love your easy and interesting DIY and crafts ideas. Thanks for sharing this it’s definitely going to be fun creating one with kids!!

  7. Noor Anand Chawla

    This is a wonderful craft idea and I will save it for later to use around Christmas time. The Trugrip adhesive seems like a great product to have at home for kids craft activities.

  8. sonam jain

    this is wonderful craft idea.. I am bookmarking this post.. would be helpful during christmas..thank you for an easy diy

  9. Wow, this Wreath is so beautiful. I will definitely try this before Christmas, also sharing this amazing DIY post for Christmas preparation with my friends.

  10. Varsh

    I’m in awe of your creativity, Jhilmil. This paper Christmas wreath looks lovely and will be such a pride of possesion for kids too. My girl will enjoy this.

  11. Gunjan Upadhyay

    This looks so easy and doable jhilmil, I am sure gonna try this during Christmas, my boy too loves all thing handmade, such an interesting way to learn and decorate our Christmas tree too

  12. Kavita Singh

    How adorable and vibrant this looks jhil, I am sure Arham must have enjoyed making this. I have saved this and coming weekend going to try this DIY with kuhu 🙂

  13. Hansa Kajaria

    My daughter loves to make all these things and for sure she is going to enjoying making this for Christmas.

  14. Ishieta

    indeed, crafts have good affect on kids apart from being fun. this is a good idea and easy to teach the kids to make.

  15. Harjeet Kaur

    That’s a very beautiful and easy DIY for a wreath at home. Took me down memory lane when I used to make things like this with the kids. Now I do when my grandsons are here. Which is rare. Will share this tutorial with my DIL

  16. Crafting surely builds patience and enhances the creativity. This is simple DIY to be tried, shall ask my kids to follow the steps for beautiful wreath.

  17. Snigdha

    Wow, the Christmas wreath looks beautiful. Very nice craft . I am gonna prepare one with my son too . Crafting builds kids creativity skill .

  18. Dipika Singh

    Working with papercraft material is so relaxing, we also enjoyed our time using the TruGrip glue and creating some fun easy to make DIY activities for Diwali. Love the xmas wreath so much.

  19. Neha Sharma

    I agree with you, Jhilmil. Making crafts play an important role in a child’s overall development. This DIY Christmas wreath is looking so beautiful. Nemit loves doing art & craft and even his teachers encourage doing craftwork on any special occasion. I am sure he will enjoy making this wreath as well.

  20. Sakshi Varma

    Truly agree. Crafts are really good for cognitive development. And I love the wreath you have made. It is beautiful and easy to make. Thanks!

  21. Judy

    This is actually a cute little wreath made with help of this truegrip glue. I will share it with my son Riaan and ask him to try his hands on it.

  22. Mayura Amarkant

    I am in love with DIY ideas and my kids also love creating new things at home. Thanks for sharing this lovely post.

  23. Gurjeet Chhabra

    Trugrip adhesive seems great . It can fix anything and everything. It is best for craft work and I will try Christmas wreath soon.

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