How to reduce Separation Anxiety for Child Care

How Reduce Separation Anxiety of a child ?

How to reduce Separation Anxiety while a child goes to the Day care for the first time #childcare #daycare #separationanxiety

For those who have children, the first time you leave your child in the care of others is a very emotional time for mother and baby. We always think that nobody can take care of our child like a mother can, and because of this, we find it hard to let go. Separation anxiety can strike at different ages and at different stages of your child’s development. Maybe it begins at a young age when you go to work, or it may happen when you leave your youngest at a child care facility, and they begin to cry. This is a difficult time, but it won’t last forever.

Here are some ways to reduce that anxiety for both mother and child :

1. Start A Routine

Get you and your child into a routine. Everything becomes easier when the child knows what’s expected and what’s going to happen. If you happen to be in Australia, you can choose from the many child care centres Brisbane parents send their kids to. Set up a morning routine and this will help them get ready for the change from home to child care. If they know what’s coming next, when you put them in their baby seat in the car, then it creates a routine that is comfortable for the child.

2. Learn To Say Goodbye

This is the most difficult, but it has to be done. You need to create a ‘good bye’ scenario and it needs to be fun. Talk with the child care worker and maybe create a bye-bye toy window where mom and child can lean in and kiss goodbye. Maybe a little song can be created, that you will sing to each other as you get ready to leave. When your child finds it difficult to let go, you can use the bye-bye window to assist with this. It will take a little time, but it will work.

3. Be Happy

When dropping your child off, you need to make sure that you are not angry or upset. Kids pick up on this and they react to your individual mood. If mom’s unhappy then the baby is sad too, and this means your child may be concerned and thus act up. It doesn’t matter how you feel when dropping off your child, be sure to smile and talk in positive tones.

4. Don’t Forget Anything

When you drop off your kid, try to leave as soon as you can because delaying the goodbye can make it much more difficult for mother and child to separate. I know it’s difficult, but it has to be done. Make sure that you don’t leave anything behind like your keys, because the moment you step back into the room, then the goodbye routine needs to start again. If you do forget something, get one of the assistants to go back in and get it for you.

If your child is having real difficulties with separation anxiety, then ask for the help of the people who work in the child care centre. These people are professionals and they have been through this many times and have a wealth of experience dealing with these issues. Child care centres are great places for your child to grow and to make new friends and you know they will be safe there.

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