Mother Sparsh Tummy Roll-on to treat colic in babies

Mother Sparsh Tummy Roll-on to treat colic in babies

What is Colic and Treating colic in babies

Babies cry that’s the only mode of communication with the world. It’s nothing much for a new mum to worry about. But the problem arises when that crying becomes intense and is clubbed with a sense of restlessness and pain. Usually, the most probable reason which comes out to be a pain in the gastrointestinal tract, or precisely Tummy Pain. It is also referred to as Colic in babies many times.

How can you tell if your baby has colic? Identifying a Colicky baby :

You can differentiate colic in babies, if :

  • Certain days are with inconsolable crying periods
  • Crying becomes quite intense (high pitched)and baby seems to be in a pain
  • You can see a colicky baby trying to change the posture, clenching the fingers, or even tries to pull up legs. 
  • Usually crying goes on for a long period, maybe even 2-3 hours stretches.

I have faced these phases when my baby was around a month old and it continued till his third month birthday. Believe me, these phases leave a new mum with lots of anxiety and a feeling of helplessness. And more so, when Purple Period of a baby is clubbed with tummy pain, baby’s are bound to be a lot fussy.

Is your baby Colic? How to know if your baby is in colic pain? Here is a complete guide to Tummy pain in babies, along with remedies to help you baby get relief from tummy pain. #tummypain #colic #colicinbabies #purpleperiod #tummypain #ayurvedicremedy #naturalremedy #remedyforcolic

Reasons for Colic pain in a baby?

While a lot of researches have been done on various reasons attributed to colic in babies, Overwhelming sensitivity and Tummy problems are the major reasons. Baby’s digestive system is yet immature and mother’s diet, overfeeding, inhaling air while feeding / bottle-feeding, or may be an allergy, any of these reasons can cause Colic pain in a baby. At times imbalance of healthy gut bacteria’s in babies intestines also results in colic in babies.

Mom’s, don’t fret, as over anxiousness will have a direct impact on your baby’s health. There are some Natural ways with which you can soothe a Colic baby.

*We will never suggest medicines for a colicky baby, but in case of severe pain, it is always advisable to connect with your pediatrician.

How to soothe a Colic baby?

1. Check your diet as a mom, if you are a breastfeeding mom:

There are certain foods in your diet which could cause an allergic reaction for your baby. At times, dairy products, peanuts, eggs, gassy foods, caffeine can cause diarrhea, stomach upset issues in babies. Keep a close watch in the relation between your baby’s behavior and food to come at a conclusion here. In my case, I used to see that spicy food during the dinner impacted my baby’s digestion. A switch to more healthy and less spicy foods worked.

2. Gentle Massaging:

While I’m sure we all massage our babies, which is a must for their relaxation and development, you can give your baby a very gentle massage while he/she seems colicky. After massaging, go for baby bicycling, by moving his legs in a bicycling motion. This helps a baby in releasing the gas and it eases out stomach discomfort. Also, try to increase the tummy time for your baby in a day.

3. Don’t forget to burp:

Burping after the feed helps a baby to release the air bubbles from the tummy. You can burp a baby while he/she is taking a minute break or even while you are changing sides during breastfeeding. Even if your baby is on bottle-feeding, try to take small breaks and burp him/her in between. This will help the baby to release the air they might have ingested during nursing. Also for babies who are bottle -fed, ensure that the nipple hole is not too small or too big. The reason is baby should not swallow more air during his feeding sessions. More air he swallows, more will be the occurrences of tummy pain.

4. Create Closeness :

a) Swaddle your baby:

Swaddling a baby might give him/her the required comfort. Swaddling helps a baby settle down from the overstimulation. It gives a baby the confinement and feel of a mother’s womb. Wrap your baby snugly into a soft blanket or cotton cloth, during feedings. You can also try before the start of the colicky period / Purple period of your baby. It helps babies with good sleep.

b) Babywearing :

Skin to Skin contact not just helps in a baby’s development but can also soothe a colic baby and uplift baby’s mood. Get your baby close to you and baby wear him to pacify those moments of overstimulation.

5. An Ayurvedic remedy for tummy pain in babies :

I remember my mom used to take hing and whisk it in lukewarm water and rub around my baby’s naval area when he looked in discomfort or tummy pain. Mother Sparsh has developed 100% Ayurvedic Tummy Roll to treat colic, gassiness, and indigestion in babies.

Mother Sparsh Tummy Roll-On : Natural Colic pain healer for babies

This tummy roll-on is made up of 5 oils which aids better digestion, as :

  • Hing Oil, which reduces constipation and acid reflux due to its antiseptic and antibacterial properties.
  • Saunf oil (Fennel oil), reduces the gassiness, stomach bloating
  • Pudina Oil, Sonth Oil, and Sova Oil

Apart from that, Mother Sparsh Roll-on, an Ayurvedic preparation, is free from any chemicals and preservatives.

Use it around the naval area of your baby, when you find that your baby’s stomach is upset.

Is your baby Colic? How to know if your baby is in colic pain? Here is a complete guide to Tummy pain in babies, along with remedies to help you baby get relief from tummy pain. #tummypain #colic #colicinbabies #purpleperiod #tummypain #ayurvedicremedy #naturalremedy #remedyforcolic

Benefits of Mother Sparsh Ayurvedic #TummyRollOn :

1. This Roll-On relieves the discomfort due to gas, acidity and also indigestion.

2. It also helps relieves constipation in babies.

3. Cures any stomach upset issues in babies.

4. Since it is purely Ayurvedic and has no unnatural ingredients, it is absolutely safe to be used on the delicate skin of our baby.

Mother Sparsh Tummy Roll-On can be bought from Amazon, right here

Is your baby Colic? How to know if your baby is in colic pain? Here is a complete guide to Tummy pain in babies, along with remedies to help you baby get relief from tummy pain. #tummypain #colic #colicinbabies #purpleperiod #tummypain #ayurvedicremedy #naturalremedy #remedyforcolic #rollon

Check out the #HappyTummyHappyBaby Mother Sparsh Video :

Being a mum, colic and purple period result in a lot of anxiety. Use these tips and calm yourself down. Give yourself and your baby a lukewarm water bath and all you can do it relax. Things will turn out back to normal really soon!

What are your remedies Colic Relief? Share in the comments section.

Much Love,


Is your baby Colic? How to know if your baby is in colic pain? Here is a complete guide to Tummy pain in babies, along with remedies to help you baby get relief from tummy pain. #tummypain #colic #colicinbabies #purpleperiod #tummypain #ayurvedicremedy #naturalremedy #remedyforcolic


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