Ways of wearing Gold Jewellery Daily

Ways of wearing Gold Jewellery Daily

“Jewellery has the power to be this one little thing that can make you feel unique ~Jennie Kwon”

Love for Gold Jewellery

When we think about gold jewellery we relate it to some extravagant occasions. Gold jewellery have a grandeur and flashy look that carries with it the festive aura. However, for years woman have been wearing gold on a daily basis. As gold is considered auspicious in India, every woman wears a little something of gold always. Besides beliefs, gold jewellery appears to be fashionable and requires little effort to match with any outfit. Thanks to modern gold jewellery designs, now you can you wear gold with any western outfit too!

Following are some modern gold jewellery designs that you can wear everyday:

Fashion Gold Chains

Gold chains are light and simple. It is a perfect match with any kind of outfit. If you are a working woman, you might love this simple jewellery without any gaudiness to it. Fashion chains can be plain or have a little pendent attached to it. There are various designs available in the market starting from 18 carat.

Light Weight Gold Bangles

In India, often elderly women tell young women that keeping the wrist empty is inauspicious. And that is the reason why most women started wearing a gold bangle on their wrist. But apart from the belief, most women wear gold bangles because it looks fashionable. There are ample of simple gold bangles designs with price affordable that are perfect for daily wear. You can shop for them online.

We all love Jewellery in the Modern times, so here are some ways that you can incorporate some precious yet delicate jewellery in your daily lives. Visit Melorra for some amazing jewellery. #jewellery #melorra #onlinejewellery #modernwoman #diamonds #Goldjewellery

Gold Fingerings

Finger rings are a mandate more than a fashion statement in India. Married people are expected to wear their wedding ring at all times. So finger rings are available in simple and comfortable designs to suit your daily life. It is also suitable for anyone who wears it for fashion. Pure gold rings, stone fitted rings, patterned gold ring etc works well for daily wear.

Gold Earrings and Studs

Earrings and studs are a part of your daily fashion once you have done your piercing. Little gold studs fitted with stones look very trendy on any outfit. Little rings also look simple yet classy. You do not need much care once you wear it and can be worn days after days.

Noserings and Studs

Most Indian women go for a nose piercing before marriage. It is always advisable to wear gold nose-pins in the first stage of healing after piercing. Gold is safe and does not react to stop the healing process. Apart from that benefit, gold studs and rings look very gorgeous. The nose-pins have a shine to them that gives a simple yet trendy look to a woman. You should select the nose-pin designs that suit your nose type to flaunt the perfect look daily.

Gold Pendant

Simple gold chains can be upgraded with a pretty gold pendant. These are small and light weighted to maintain the sober look for daily wear. This also can be worn with a type of outfit. You can always get a customised gold pendant made.  

We all love Jewellery in the Modern times, so here are some ways that you can incorporate some precious yet delicate jewellery in your daily lives. Visit Melorra for some amazing jewellery. #jewellery #melorra #onlinejewellery #modernwoman #diamonds #Goldjewellery

How about you? Do you love wearing Modern Jewellery, well its Okay to be little obsessed with Jewellery, after all it makes you feel special!

So Smile, Sparkle and Shine!!


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  1. Sajid Akhter

    Gold jewelry will always stay in fashion. Every women loves gold ornaments. They sense of design and cut may differ however their love for gold remains the same.

    Thanks for sharing, have a good day. 🙂

  2. Jenifer Sayyed

    Wow all of them looks so elegant. This post was really helpful and will try to follow the same way.

  3. Charu Chittwal

    loved the blog, so amazingly written, it was damn insightful and helpful too, will definitely share the same with my friends too, thank you for sharing.

  4. Princy Khurana

    I don’t wear much, but I do wear gold earrings and bangles on a special occasion. for regular wear, i like to wear small tops in ears

  5. Priyal

    Nice post , but when it comes to me I always love to wear traditional gold jewellery especially temple set. I love to wear that

  6. Neha Tambe

    I love wearing simple and delicate gold jewelry and your list is perfect advise for that!

  7. Bushra

    I usually wear gold chain and earrings in daily routine. Never know that we can try from so many available options. That’s very informative read.

  8. Hema

    Being a South India , I love wearing gold jewelry. It suits our dusky tone very well. Daily wear gold jewelry is surely a thing. Enjoyed reading your post

  9. Siddhi

    Very well curated article. I do love gold jewellery especially if it has white gold work on it. But otherwise I prefer nothing too heavy and nothing to light

  10. Noor Anand Chawla

    Yes gold jewellery is so integral to most Indian women’s sense of fashion! I wear gold bangles, earrings and my wedding ring with diamonds on a daily basis. If i ever forget them, i feel half dressed!

  11. Manisha Garg

    I must say we are spoilt with some amazing stuff in modern jewellery these days. We have options which suit our pocket and looks great too.

  12. Gunjan Upadhyay

    I am allergic to artificial jewellery and hence I prefer light yet sturdy gold pieces for daily wearing and these look great recommendations. will check them

  13. Akanksha

    These are some great tips. I love wearing dainty minimal jewellery and it compliments my style too. Thanks for sharing your suggestions.

  14. Neha Jella

    I love wearing small and simple gold earrings. The list which is been shared is amazing. Thank you for sharing such an informative post.

  15. Snigdha Prusti

    On regular basis i do wear gold mangalsutra , ring and earrings . Damn , there are so many other options available .. Loving the detailed post..

  16. Sayeri

    Thanks for sharing Jhilmil. Basically, such lightweight classy pieces of jewelry are so good for daily wear. I travel 3hrs daily so cant wear heavy gold but I loved their classy sleek collection.

  17. Jhilmil D Saha

    I have always preferred sleek jewellery pieces instead of chunky ones. These are the right form of incorporating gold in our daily wear

  18. Papri Ganguly

    we belong to a place where wearing gold is beneficial for good health. Gold is a metal which helps improving the blood circulation and also gives relaxing effect.

  19. Paresh Godhwani

    My mom don’t like artificial jewellery. She always wear gold jewellery. And as you mentioned above, she wear light weight bangles, nose ring, earrings and finger ring. Great tips though.

  20. Roma Gupta Sinha

    ‪Loved your post buddy which can actually convert a non gold jewellery addict into an ardent one ??❤️❤️‬

  21. Deepa

    Daily wear gold jewellery should be light and small in size. I make sure to buy small earrings and rings for daily wear. Good pointers.

  22. Varsh

    I don’t like changing my jewellery often and like to wear gold accessories daily. There’s something elegant about it that artificial jewellery can never match.

  23. Prisha Lalwani

    Gold jewelry is definitely evergreen and you have shared many cool ways of sporting it. Ringas are my favorites

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