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Music and Kids

Ever Thought of Music for kid’s development?

Music for kids

Did you ever glanced as to why kids in different life stages show their love for Music differently? Scratched minds that these bangs & noises could be a form of Music for them? Did you thought what could be the benefit of listening & playing the music/musical instruments?


We often get irritated as babies bang the drums with their full energy. We do feel tortured at times when kids sing to the top of their voices with harsh background instrumental music.

But then, should we feel that way? Don’t you feel the joy of listening to some lovely music in car with windows pulled down? Don’t you feel like listening good music or even instrumental music triggers a sense of calmness & creates a positive aura? Doesn’t rejoicing the music with family enlighten your happiness quotient?

Did you ever notice that your singing or Rhyming made your kid smile, help them swayed & clap hands & sing along with you? Indeed unaware of, you helped your kid develop cognitive, social, language skills:)

Revelation :

So, you would have definitely answered my questions above for yourself & that’s the very reason why kids also enjoy Music . Children, contrary to your thought, enjoy it from the time they are in mothers womb. Its been ages that people say to moms , Listen some good music (that’s not just for mommy’s mood elevation) . But foetus inside does react to instrumental / raga/rhythmic beats if played regularly , so their connection with music is for sure beyond your imagination.

Did you ever thought, why 70-80% toys for kids are musical in some way or the other?

With those Rattle toys, musical Gym, Drums & Piano later, you’ve only helped them bond this connection more. Music is a sensory experience & helping kids learn it paves a great development path for them.

Let’s help them nurture this “passion” & develop in a fun way.

Sharing some facts to know the importance of Music in kids lives :

1. Boosting Neurons & Memory:

Mom’s getting tensed! Feeding the kid with more of “badaam’s” ,Lol ! Many people do so; Reason: To develop sharp brain and keep the granny’s advice intact (Smile everyone). So, why not tap on Music also? Since Music stimulates those brain areas & neurons which are concerned with Reading , Learning, Maths & emotional developments and this results in sharpening the memory. Time to get them practised , Mark it and notice for your self:)

” Statutory advise – A husband feeling so for his gorgeous wife, can try the trick stated .(LOL)”

 2. Social & Confident Child:

I’ve seen many of the parents (including ME) when our kids go “Introvert”& have “Mute”button pressed during those Societal hangouts;). Going musical helps them learn life skills of rejoicing with groups; it makes them aware of “team work”& helps developing“Group appreciation”. And, that’s what we wish to kickoff in their foundation years, Socialising, a big task made little simpler!

3. Patience :

Terrified of the “Aggression” borne by kids these days? Actually , sometimes it gets damn painful . Well, this is one activity which can help them gain patience , have them feel peace of life & let the strings connect to get the ultimate joy out of it. Let them have a better Emotional connect.

4. Inculcates Discipline & Ignites Creativity:

Discipline –That’s mom’s favourite complaint & kids most hated words so why not help them achieve it? Exposing kids to music & musical instruments can actually help you believe that “Practice Practice and Practice, until you succeed”, gets embedded in their lives. Its a discovery of Self-learning & exploration for them. No turning back from this creative pursuit, it definitely is gonna develop them the way we wish to see.

 Let them explore the world somewhat in their way, develop skills by experiment & love life in a Fun way!

Wanna tap on Drawing & Painting introduction for kids, have a great post here!

Whats your thoughts on Music for Kids? Share here below in the comment box!

  1. Esther

    Really interesting post!! I honestly thought most babies were tone deaf I couldn’t understand how the banging would make any sense to them. Now I know better. Thanks for sharing

  2. ryan

    We play guitar to our son and sing. He loves it! Always saying “guitar!” and “again!” We will definitely be teaching him when he gets a little older

  3. Amber

    I think music is important. I’ve always listened to it around my kids. I never played annoying kid music, but always my own, and they love it now.

  4. Ana Ojha

    Very insightful post Jhilmil! I never thought that music can help kids in so many different ways. Whenever I used to hear my nephew singing at the top of his lung to any Justin Beiber’s number, it was very difficult for me not to loose my sanity!

  5. Carola

    Yes, music is so important. Also for children. I definitely love how music boosts the creativity. Music is also great for memory indeed. Also memorizing all the lines. And good for learning a language!

  6. Jay Wisniewski

    I love this post for so many reasons. I was a very musical child and I still am as an adult. When most boys around me were playing baseball or football, I was singing in my school’s chorus. I found that music helped me to study other topics. Once I got into middle school I found that mathematics became boring and I just couldn’t grasp it. Then I found a teacher who explained it like the music I’d read and write and it clicked. I’m a huge supporter of music programs and education for children for all the reasons you’ve mentioned.

  7. SMKoenig

    I’ve always been musical myself and realized early on how important it was. I raised my kids to love music and play different instrument. It seems to soothe them.

  8. Varsh

    Both my kids reacted to music right from the time they were in my womb. They sing and dance even now. Music plays a crucial role in overall development of a child.

  9. Aditya

    Always knew that music has something to do with babies. It was a rumor and now it turns out, it is true. No wonder why my mother said that I always plead for piano

  10. anubhutisethmehn

    All points were good but the last one was the best. As I myself went to learn Guitar and had to practice a lot. There I learnt that there are no shortcuts to success. Practice is a must and lot of patience too. Great blog. Loved it

  11. Dipika Singh

    You speak my mind here, I am of the opinion that an art form training to kids in early age brings the creativity in best form plus help them understand how to utilize extra energy.
    Love the conviction of positive changes you have written this post on.

  12. graceherjourney

    You are right music is so important! Even when I was pregnant I would listen to music and I noticed that it calmed down my son when he was kicking to much. My son likes to play on music instruments when he sees them. By the way I couldn’t agree more with “Let them explore the world somewhat in their way, develop skills by experiment & love life in a Fun way!”

  13. theShugrHeds

    Well done! I could not agree with this post more. I have played guitar for over 30 years and still love it now! I am teaching my kids guitar and keyboard. My eldest is getting into rum too! It definitely improves the way your memory works. I never even had to try to memorise all the notes to a song, I just did it! My avatar links to a George Michael cover we did earlier this year.

  14. Louise x (@withlovefromlou)

    My kids absolutely love music. I’ve got one who loves to sing and dance, and one who loves singing, dancing AND he wants to learn an instrument. I think everyone can relate to music, so it’s important to nurture a childs love of it from early on.

    Louise x

  15. Anne

    Hi there! Thank you for this great article. We actually just experienced that with the 2-year-old daughter of a friend of ours. Her mother always sang songs to her when she was a baby and now she basically knows every children’s tune by heart. Stunning!

  16. toastycritic

    I know music is important for childhood development. And I remember making sure that my daughter would listen to classical music every night when she was a child. I cannot be sure how much it has helped but she definitely does well.

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