Importance of Music for kids : Creative Development

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And as we started singing,

Do – re – mi

Fa – so – la – ti – do

Do – re – mi – fa – so – la – ti – do!

Doe, a deer, a female deer

Ray, a drop of golden sun.

Me, a name I call myself

(Fa) far, a long, long way to run..

These sounds got me into the lanes of my beautiful childhood, when I started playing soft musical beats with my son few months back. These are the perfect notes to introduce a child to the soothing world of music. And none better if these rhythms are accompanied with the Casio Mini Keyboard to have those perfect tones.

Did you ever knew how music for kids is important for their development? Begin with Casio Mini keyboard and then move on with better instruments or your child's creativity and Intellect #music #child #positiveparenting #creativechild #casiomini

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything” – Plato

And these words of Plato are indeed magical. Learning to play a musical keyboard is much more than just a hobby for kids. While parents have been consistently focusing on classes as drawing, sports, studies, for kids we need an extra focus to add “Learning Keyboard” to our kids schedules.

Did you know that playing music, keyboard helps children boost up their Intellect and EQ? The direct correlation between brain and music has resulted in a new branch of study called neuromusicology.

Science behind Music and Brain Development :

From an early age, children are highly responsive to various melodies and rhythms. That’s why musical toys and rhymes play an important role. Music activates the neurons and develops an intricate neural network. As per PubMed, early (start before 7 years) and continuous music training is related to higher white matter in the brain. White matter not just connects the neurons, but it is important for efficient information procession, more so, typical of normal cognitive skills. And that’s where you get thumbs up!

Kids and adults who learn, play and listen to music have bigger, better connected, more sensitive brains.

As per Medical news today, just half an hour music lesson increases blood flow in the left hemisphere of the brain. Hence music training in early stages goes a long way in overall development of kids. 

Benefits of Music for Kids :

1. Developing Intellect :

Various studies have proved that kids who play music score high on cognitive development tests. Music helps a child in the areas of Math, logical reasoning and spatial intelligence as well. Music stimulates areas concerned with reading, learning and emotional developments. Hence it results in sharpening the memory.

2. Enhances Concentration :

Attention Span: Understanding the notes, rhythms, reading a piece of music involves a lot of focus. Translating these signs onto the keyboard /other instrument helps them analyse and enhance attention span.

3. Emotional and Social Well-Being :

Playing music has a calming effect on children. Music results in the trigger of motivational neurotransmitters, which give a sense of good feel and helps in reducing stress. Kids feel more confident and motivated. Learning music is not an easy task and when kids excel in it, they gain that esteem. Learning music in group classes enhances their communication and social skills. Going musical helps them learn life skills of rejoicing with groups; it makes them aware of team work and develops group appreciation. Music also has therapeutic effects on children having attention deficit syndrome, Autism (white matter abnormalities are seen in autistic child).

4. Enhances Creativity :

The learnings start with predefined notes, but children slowly start forming different patterns of music. Usually kids with music element built in their growth pattern have better creative solutions. It’s a discovery of self-learning and exploration for them.

5. Patience and Better Coordination :

Music learning involves a lot of stages. You need to learn how to move fingers, when to have high and low notes and lot more. This requires dedication from a child and the complete learning span inculcates patience. It requires the movement of fingers and thus results in better coordination (brain – eye-fingers) and motor skills.

So, mama’s and papa’s, I’m sure you would have witnessed the magic of music yourself, so why not start the musical journey of kids with this Casio Mini Keyboard, right from your kid’s room? Let me tell you it’ll be no turning back from this creative pursuit.

Did you ever knew how music for kids is important for their development? Begin with Casio Mini keyboard and then move on with better instruments or your child's creativity and Intellect #music #child #positiveparenting #creativechild #casiomini


Enjoy the Music,

XoXo, Jhilmil

38 thoughts on “Importance of Music for kids : Creative Development

  1. How true, music is solace for me. And I see my daughter is also inclined towards it. Music has positive effects on child development and surely therapeutic too.
    Casio is the best gift we can give to kids, I will look for this for her upcoming 6th.

  2. Totally agree with you. music is extremely helpful in building up children’s confidence and also good for mental health.

  3. Can’t agree more buddy. I and my child both love music. Till now we were high on karaoke but now I feel it’s high time I gift him a keyboard to check his inclination. Thank you for the worthy recommendations.

  4. Music has reall a lot of benefits. I was also told that it develops intellect that is why I always let my baby listen to classical music and nursery rhymes.

  5. Music is excellent in so many ways. I love to listen to music at any time. It helps me focus for some reason. I am ADD if that makes a difference 😂.

  6. Well said, music is an essential part of every child’s development. While my son learnt and played Casio as a kid, he hasnt touched it in years. But there’s music, songs and dance that compensates 😀

  7. Music, like play, does so much for a child’s intellectual development, that’s why doctors recommend that we listen to music while we’re pregnant. I completely agree with all these. The earlier you expose your child to music, the better!

  8. Music is such an essential part of one’s well-being. Introducing music to children at a young age is extremely vital and important. Teach them at a young age to appreciate all the genres and you will have happy, healthy children.

  9. I absolutely agree to all the points you have mentioned here. Patience and concentration are quite a challenging concept for kids as they get bored soon. Music is definitely helpful.

  10. I Truely Believe in the power of music.. it heals.. it awakens.. it relaxes… Teaching kids the importance of music is a great thing! I am planning to gift my cousin a casio keyboard!

  11. I agree, music plays a big role in the development of a child. We don’t realize but when we just do humming, that is also music. Later the child recognizes the same and repeated humming.
    Both my kids are inclined towards music in some way or other.

  12. I have very fond memories of learning Casio in the music class during summer holidays. I still have that small casio with me for my son.

  13. A very insightful post. Specially for the upcoming generation because I’ve seen so many new mommies handing over their phones to the kids to soothe them. A musical instrument sounds like a far better option.

  14. As a singer and songwriter my children were exposed to music before they were even born. They grew up in a very musical home, full of many musical instruments for them to play. Music is food for the soul.

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