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Woman I wish to be: Story for all Indian Women

Woman I wish to be!

I am a strong Woman;

I can break all the stereotypes;

Don’t judge me by my looks, as I’am beauty with brains;

I’am a multi-tasker, I can be a Mom, Model or CEO;

Change your thoughts & let our fraternity give dreams a fly, well above all the on-lookers!

Woman In Me
  Don’t Bind Me!

A frenzied exchange of thought of – Two Women

Wow, that’s like my daughter, you’ve secured highest in Class 12th, one of the best in Biology, I’m so proud of you. You know Srishti, I always wanted to be a Doctor but I could never become one. I really want you to be. Work more hard in the Medical entrance & give my dreams a fly.

But ma ,I don’t want to be a Doctor. My interest lies in pursuing high in Biotechnology & become a scientist. I wish to do researches on Onco-genes, which are cancerous cells. Since you are also aware that till date there is no 100% cure for cancer. So many people across the globe lose their lives, I want to work to give such patients a life of heaven.

Srishti, that’s fine, but do you know you are an Indian girl. Pursuing all these will take so much time of your life. A PHD will take close to 4-5 years & such tedious researches may take many more. Further, I don’t even feel that there are many such institutes in India which can help you pursue your dream.

Hey mom, India does have, but I’m as such targeting an International university which is already into it.

Srishti, I cannot allow you to go abroad.

But why mom? What’s the harm in it? I wish to pursue something good for human race. I wish to go to US bringing back something innovative & curative attributes. I’m not going there to enjoy or burn out my efficiency in roaming around.

Shrishti, try to understand beta, you have 4-5 years to study. Then we plan to get you married to some good guy & then pursue what you wish to. What will the society say that we have sent our young daughter all alone?

Mom, your dreams went unfulfilled, now you wish my dream also gets closed in those books and get rusty with the course of time?”

Destiny loves this woman:

The rugged conversation ended with a deep silence!! Somehow that conversation had a break but destiny wanted to shower goodies to Srishti. She was pretty successful in convincing her Dad, who had always wanted her to nurture her thoughts & fly high!

So a month later, all found her engrossed in filling up the applications for the entrance tests. With her perseverance she got selected in one of the best universities in California ,where she wanted to be! Next 3 months were all preparatory. Student Visa, bringing goodies, and packing bags!

But those days filled up the neighbours and relatives with numerous gossips & minds with many agonizing judgements.

“See aunty is sending Srishti all alone. She is so vulnerable, they don’t have any known there. How will she cope up?

She just knows how to make a coffee for herself, who will do all the rest for her?

How can they believe the foreigners, they have such a different culture from ours. I’m dam sure she will come back a different child soon.

You know she could even marry someone & return back. “

Blah Blah..What not all did I hear? For the very first time, I felt myself ridden in this stereotypic society. Such a negative blend of mindsets surrounding us. Had it been a boy or for that sake my cousin brothers, these insomniacs would have been clapping & boasting. They would have played drums and shouted, “see he has gone foreign for higher studies”.

She becomes Self -Made:

It happens & yes you have to be strong enough to completely ignore these buzzing bees around. Affirming these lines, I moved on to foster my mission. I got the opportunity to work with the best people in this world, which not many people get. Not just professionally but leading a hard life there made me lot stronger personally as well.

I learned to cook, clean my dishes, sanitize my room along with the research for mankind. It had been close to a year I was settled there, when my mom along with one of my aunt longed to visit me. Happily I made all the requisite arrangements, not just to stay but researched a lot to ensure they enjoy travelling around. I had gone completely extrovert, a bold girl sustaining herself to accomplish her dreams.

Welcoming & hugging Mom & Aunt made me a happy being; I longed for an emotional touch & waited for a year to sleep in mom’s lap. But It is often said, people don’t like changes & so my aunt !

“Srishti, it seems you always roam around in a tee & Jeans beta, don’t forget our Indian traditions. You’ve also started driving. At our home town the males of family drive. I’m not trying to make the environment gloomy but beta don’t forget that you’ll return back soon to Jalandhar & have a different pie of life.”

I couldn’t resist myself , “In India does wearing jeans & Tee, driving for studies by a girl is looked upon as a disaster? If yes, let me do the disaster.

I’m still the same Srishti with respect for elders & people in heart.

I dress up soberly, I drive for my studies & not roam around.

I’ve learnt to prepare meals the one I didn’t for past 16 years.

I’ve learnt to be self dependent in every term which my home didn’t made me.

I’m a very much Indian by heart & yes I know where my roots lie at.”

Nothing looking back, I could just see my Mom hugging & praising me all the more!

Again world asked me to prove myself. It is a challenge facing the stereotypic society. Such words hurt me. It gets me in tears. But, yes I am strong to prove my worthiness!

[This story is very close to me and many young girls and women feel the same pain. It’s for those women, who want to get live their dreams]

Dark life
Dark life

A girl/woman is capable of handling everything:

She is a multi-takser;

She is an image of Goddess;

Never ever under estimate the power a woman carries;

Don’t bind her in the strings of chauvinism;

See the glory, a woman brings in the life if given wings to her dreams;

Managing house is not just her task;

Cooking food is not just her prerogative;

Raising kids is not just “HER” responsibility;

Taking care of her family is not just “HER ONUS”;

Wearing formals doesn’t break traditions;

Wearing suits and sarees but bitching, It DOES breaks HEARTS;

Working with men, doesn’t break the rules of society;

Sharing bed in those small lanes with many, does break RELATIONS!

I vow to be a free women with love for Humans. Who so ever wants to tie me, remember threads open very soon and they break up Finally!

Love Woman
Let me fly my dreams

Love Me and let me Live!!



  1. forfatterwannabe

    Loved your post. It is so different from my upbringing here in Norway – and it always amazes me how different each culture is. But holding back woman has been a part of every country/culture at one point, here in Norway it was back in my grandparents lives that woman had to fight for their rights! But many woman did, and thats why I have my freedom to choose today. So you go girl! You are not just fighting this fight for you – but for all Indian woman! Love and peace <3

  2. aniahalama

    You’re so powerful what a great post. I have a similar story as I became an artist and my parents never wanted me to because there is no way I can possibly make money as an artist, but I was self made, left the house at a young age and survived on my own. Now I’m living in Spain as a designer/blogger and my life is exactly how I want it to be. I am powerful!

  3. chelf

    what an interesting read. we have indeed been struggling with stereotypes for so long, it kind of became a part of who we are and we really need to start making some changes to empower all women!

  4. Miranda (Anosa)

    If from a young age we nurture our young women to be proud and seek education and reminded of what we are capable of then we are leading a great future for them.
    Great post, a lovely read

  5. Gwen Llana-Serrano

    “Again world asked me to prove myself. It is a challenge facing the stereotypic society. ” — This is such a painful reality. It’s sad that we always need to prove something. But come to think of the things we do as mums. Are those not enough to prove our strength?

  6. Ngumabi

    Great write up
    It’s usually hard to break away from traditions
    We are always the same girl/boy at heart and learning new traditions doesn’t always mean we forgot who we are
    I love your story

  7. Perla Jacobs

    I grew up in a family who was holding me back from studying, pushing me instead to get married so I understand perfectly where you come from. However, I did go back to university (I have two bachelors degrees and a master now) after having my children and I can say it was the best decision of my life.

  8. Chemady

    This is sound great. I’m inspired. If we believe if ourself , then we will be able to do anything. I love this #selfmade.

  9. Blair Villanueva

    As a woman, we can be whatever what we want. And we should not allow anyone to stop us chasing those dreams
    Once you allowed them to stop you, then its your fault that you didnt achieve those dreams.
    Be happy and free to dream!

  10. Aditinona

    This is indian mentality that will take ages to change.. forget smaller towns even in urban cities women are judged by the clothes they wear .. Hippocrates.. every Indian girl can relate to this story.. beautifully written

  11. Apeksha Gupta

    Many times we as women underestimate ourselves.. In the race of being equal to men, we forget that we are much superior in so many things… A great post that cherishes the capabilities of women!

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