Kickstarting Christmas celebrations at Hamleys

Christmas is all about Santa Claus, Gifts, Toys, decorations, sweet treats, love and happiness. This is one of the most celebrated festival all across the world, and why not. The essence of Christmas is beautiful and true to the spirits the celebrations are getting more merrier to have a Merry Christmas.

Every year, we have series of Christmas traditions and this year as our kid is growing up, we intend to make to more joyous. Starting with the crafting of Christmas ornaments to finalizing the baked treats, to rushing out for some really required things as “Christmas gifts”, we are completely soaked into the festive fervour.

And to begin the celebrations, we had a chance to be a part of Series of Christmas carnival Unboxing being hosted by Hamleys, the finest toy shop and DLF Mall of India, Noida. To give the real feel, the central mall area transformed into a beautiful Winter wonderland with a North pole Station for all to experience the magical Christmas and get some beautiful treats in the form of clicks. With Santa, reindeers, Sleigh, snow, Christmas Tree, Toy Train, this wonderland was indeed a dreamland for kids to rejoice before Christmas.

It started with amazing musical band performance to create an enthusiasm. Celebrity mommy, Riddhima Kapoor Sahani (Ranbir Kapoor’s sister) along with her beautiful daughter, were invited to unveil a series of unboxing activities at the booth itself. With crowds cheering, unboxing was followed with the live amazing characters emerging out from the box.

Be it mega bear, or dancers or Clowns, it was all so fascinating for us. The first character emerged was mega bear who greeted the kids all over. Oh that was so adorable. This continued with the exciting performances of iconic parades, International dances, Santa greeting, which got smiles all over to the cheering crowds. The complete duration of the performance got crowds cheering and spreading the happiness to mark the onset of Christmas.

This was just a kickstart to the Hamleys celebrations. Hamleys have even created a North Pole Post box wherein kids can write their wishes to Santa and post it there itself at Hamleys store. And you know what the surprise of it is. Well, kids stand a chance to meet Santa Claus at their homes with the gifts they asked for. Isn’t that a once in lifetime experience that kids could get? Hamleys have numerous fun filled activities for kids till 25th December.

So why not visit Hamleys, the finest toy shop, till 25th December at DLF Mall of India, Noida and be a part of amazing Christmas celebrations for kids. Hope one of us, get to meet Santa with our desired gift at home! Fingers crossed.


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