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Kids play area in Delhi : Funky Li’l Munchkins

#gamezone #playzone Thinking where to take your kids for the weekend or more so for a small treat on 14th November, Children's Day in Delhi? Then head over to an amazing place, Funky Li'l Munchkins (Hauz Khas) and give them a beautiful treat full of fun. Read more on one of the best Game zones in Delhi for kids.

Innocent world of Kids and playzones!

Hey mama’s and Papa’s, I’m sure you would have been befuddled by the inquest of where to take kids during weekends or more so on holidays? The malls get really crowded and house goes boring as far as I feel, inspite that I engage so much creatively with my son. He loves doing his art, paper cuttings and more but that goes wonderful only for an hour or so. Gardens too seem to be just an hourly affair these days. So what next on the plate of these highly energized kids? They need a place to burn their energies and that too in a fun cum developmental way. Kids need to have ample playtime to develop physically and socially. Don’t you think so?

If your answer to my questions is Yes, then let me introduce you to a really happening place for kids in Delhi. In the pursuit of that optimum place, which gives mama a sense of safety and security, fun and development, exploration and indulgence, I explored and experimented many places in Delhi. Finally, I tapped on, Funky Li’l Munchkins, an awesome Indoor Playground for Toddlers till budding teens, upto 12 years old. Located in the heart of Delhi – Hauz Khas, it is really easily approachable.

Why Indoor Playground is needed, along with gardens? 

Kids need a holistic development, from Physical activities to Free Play to Music, Story telling, art and craft. All these activities go hand in hand to develop a child’s Cognitive, Social, Emotional and Physical skills. I believe in having an optimum exposure to the natural garden as well as indoor play zones. While safety and security of gardens is an issue in Delhi, we should still have them in the lives of kids but along with these indoor play zones are a must for holistic development.

What all does this new Funky Li’l Munchkins offers that I found it an impeccable deal for every parent?

#gamezone #playzone Thinking where to take your kids for the weekend or more so for a small treat on 14th November, Children's Day in Delhi? Then head over to an amazing place, Funky Li'l Munchkins (Hauz Khas) and give them a beautiful treat full of fun. Read more on one of the best Game zones in Delhi for kids.

  • Safety and Security :

    The most crucial norm for me, and it really went well. Let me share you why :

    • Play areas were well lit and really clean. When my son used the sand pit, there was no sand spilled but it was all kept tidily.
    • Play area was very well covered with safety mats, to my astonishment, even the stairs had the safety mats on.
    • All the play equipments have international safety certifications, to ensure safe environment for our precious kids.
    • No sharp objects are allowed in the play areas so as to have a comfortable aura.
    • Really helpful, trained supervision staff, to ensure that kid’s fun is always wrapped in safety blanket.
    • Parents even drop off their kids alone for one to two hours, due to their wonderful security arrangements.
    • They have consistent video surveillance, another important factor.
  • Hygiene :

    • No eatables are allowed in the Play area. They have 2 Funky Cafeteria’s, wherein kids and mama- papa’s can sit to have some snacks. It is one of the few play areas with in-house kitchen and qualified chefs to ensure fresh food. Food is not outsourced to caterers and emphasis is given on freshness and quality.
    • You need to have socks to enter inside, a very important hygiene factor. Even their supervisory staff ensures they are wearing socks and even gloves.

So mama’s once you are convinced on these, let’s hop onto the word of Fun, play and development!

Entering the world of Fun at Funky Li’l Munchkins:

They have pretty well demarcated zones for toddlers and young kids, my son could access both as he had turned 3 recently.

I cherished the interactive “Toddler zone” comprising of :

#gamezone #playzone Thinking where to take your kids for the weekend or more so for a small treat on 14th November, Children's Day in Delhi? Then head over to an amazing place, Funky Li'l Munchkins (Hauz Khas) and give them a beautiful treat full of fun. Read more on one of the best Game zones in Delhi for kids.

  • Ball Pool – a free play in the ball, soft slides, just smile and giggle all the way.
  • Balloon Room, was something my son experienced for the first time. With a cabin full of swirling colourful balloons, he wanted to stay there the whole night, lol.
  • Mind Games and the Role play activities, ensured Hand-eye coordination, Fine motor skill and cognitive development.
  • Besides there were many soft pulley carts, cars, other vehicles to ride freely on the ground zone.

Then came another section of “4 – level Play structure”,  for 3 – 12 year old kids

#gamezone #playzone Thinking where to take your kids for the weekend or more so for a small treat on 14th November, Children's Day in Delhi? Then head over to an amazing place, Funky Li'l Munchkins (Hauz Khas) and give them a beautiful treat full of fun. Read more on one of the best Game zones in Delhi for kids.
Spiral Tunnel and the Spider web tower!

This structure attracts immense attention, due the huge, soft multiple obstacles and the fun it entails for kids.

  • The biggest, 22ft high and 30 feet long structure has 3 big slides – Roller, spiral and Double wave. Wow, looking at kids on double wave shouting and enjoying was so much fun for me. When the kids slide down the spiral tunnel, they are greeted by a rainbow coloured Ball pool. It was fascinating section, so colourful and happily framed.
  • It also has a spider web tower for kids to climb, crawl, jump and explore their way out of the obstructions and bridges. Such activities help kids in their problem solving skills and builds self esteem.
  • Colourful punching bags, Balancing beams, Swing and Sand Pit are also a part of this section. My son enjoyed playing with their special kinetic sand which helps tons in the sensory activations in kids.

Exploring their first floor section, which has Trampoline and Rock Climbing for 3-12 year old kids

Watch out this video spreading the happiness of kids :

  • Foam Pit and Rock climbing wall : Looking at small kids trying their hands on rock climbing was too appealing for me. It helps so much in mind – body – eye coordination and confidence building. And the best part, you jump and come on the extra soft foam bed. It was like, I wished to enter inside and jump on it, lol.
  • Trampoline Park : I have to say, It impressed me lot. It was indeed state of an art facility and happens to be the only trampoline park in Delhi with clear floor to ceiling height of 18 feet (mandatory for international standard trampoline parks). Further, It was fully equipped, too sizeable, and mandated anti-skid socks [available there] for safety. Bouncing, Rebounding, helps kids in development of their muscles and improved coordinations apart from super fun. They attain a sense of balancing their bodies. Young kids were having a gala time in the Trampoline park.

The trainers were present always in these sections to ensure an extra safety covers.

This floor also has a Cafe, which can be easily booked for hosting Birthday parties. Dazzling decor, charming walls got me the feel of Fairyland.

Charges :

With all these amazing facilities, they charge just INR 500/- per hour. The wonderful part is that they do have membership options for the regular customers, which can help you save tons and let kids Rock ’n’ Roll all the more.

I never thought that I would be writing a fun and learning zone on my blog, but looking at my son’s experience, Funky Li’l Munchkins facilities, play stations, I wanted to share this hangout place with everybody. I had a longing to give an option to the dilemma of every parent who stays in Delhi. Leave your kids rolling, running, laughing, climbing, riding, jumping and learning, till they say, B-Bye [They’ll not say, note that. Its been the same with me every time].

Are you heading to Funky Li’l Munchkins, go try out and then do share me your views.

Also, incase you wish to know anything else, drop me a message, I’ll be happy to answer!

Keep Bouncing, Parents!


  1. Rose

    Wow, this playground looks super fun for little kids. I have taken my kids to indoor playgrounds but it didn’t look anything like this. This looks like hours of play!

  2. joshitajj

    This is a fun place to visit with kids. I’m impressed with their activities and the safety measures. Will definitely recommend this place!

  3. beccajtalbot

    I would have loved something like this when I was a kid – but they didn’t really exist back then. We have a few in the UK now, Wacky Warehouse, Jungle Bungle 🙂 and sometimes they are attached to pubs too, so the parents can have a drink and catch-up while the kids play! x

  4. Trystwithvanillagirl

    It’s always good to have dome kids play areas close. We have kids County here which is again a nice place to be with kids. Loved this post

  5. Flossie

    That looks like an AMAZING place! We don’t have any stand-alone places like this near where I live (and oh how I wish we did!), but whenever we encounter a playspace like this that is part of a larger museum or amusement zone, my kids never want to do anything but play on the play structure!

  6. Rose

    My younger kids would love to go here. We have a few indoor areas for kids to go but bounce house are usually just one option. Another business may have trampolines. This has a lot of things for kids to do.

  7. Tamala Baldwin

    Holistic development is TOTALLY key and I love that there is a space available to kids in your side of the world that offers that… but, it also looks super duper fun!!! WOW! I wanna go 🙂

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