Let’s meet BlueTie : A professional networking app

Need of Professional Networking

It has been rightly said that “Networking is more about Farming than it is about “hunting”. It’s about cultivating relationship ~Dr. Ivan Misner

And this sounds a perfect quote for me being a professional working with corporates for 10 long years. We all need the right professional networking for numerous buzzing ideologies, for chartering growth plans and even to advance up in specific roles. For these objectives, we often look out for people, that right connection, all over the web, isn’t it? But, try thinking in the past, how many times have we really found those “Right Individuals” who could match the possibilities listed out? I’m sure, the answer would be “very few times” and this is the reason why the real potential of networking had not been explored until..BlueTie came! 

But, there is a happy news now, since we already acknowledge that “our network is our net worth”. It’s no longer adding up more and more connections, but it is all about “Engaging qualitatively” with the right person.  And BlueTie , a Professional Networking app has tapped the right chord, which had been missing for long.

Are you a professional looking for some serious networking, be it related to mentorship or seeking funds or more? Then read the post & download BlueTie app. #bluetie #professionalnetworking #businessnetworking #networking #networkingapp #KumalGarud #funding #investor #mentorship #Linkedin

Let’s meet BlueTie : A professional networking app

Professionalism demands a quick response time, less Time lag, efficient filters and that’s how you meet BlueTie, which involves a quick download of the app, either from Apple Store or Google Playstore followed by really simple and efficient 3 step registration process. I would rather call those as a “Profile building” steps, wherein after entering your basic details as Name, Industry, what you need is, add your forte (your skills) and uncover your networking objectives.

“Having plethora of Objectives like Exchange Ideas, Strategic partnerships, Job/Freelance opportunities, Seek /provide mentorship, seek funding, make an investment, is what is the key here. Your Forte (as SEO content writing / others you get here) and these objectives is what brings you closer to what you need.”

Are you a professional looking for some serious networking, be it related to mentorship or seeking funds or more? Then read the post & download BlueTie app. #bluetie #professionalnetworking #businessnetworking #networking #networkingapp #KumalGarud #funding #investor #mentorship #Linkedin

What’s different for BlueTie that it scored high for me?

  • Simple : BlueTie Networking is quite Simple, as stated above
  • Purposeful : This is where your forte will work. Be very apt so that someone who is searching for you can catch you right there. It’s not an ocean with billions of vague fishes, but it is an ocean, with numerous filters, which helps you find your perfect professional partner or Job or Mentor.
  • Mutual : Indeed, if an entrepreneur is looking to raise funds, then there is another Investor, looking to make an investment. That’s how you search each other, with added filters. Isn’t that simple yet practical way? There is a problem, so there ought to be a solution, right.  And this is the platform for a win-win situation.
  • Filtered approach : Its been long that Mr.X was looking out for Adobe Dev ops engineer within close vicinity for his entrepreneurial launch. Internet is humongous and he was almost lost in this ocean, searching for the relevant professional. BlueTie was a perfect companion.  All he had to do was to discover professional with these expertise, filter down the search with the closer radius and yay! 20 profiles came in front of him. he just had to check their profile and connect with the suitable one. Say bye bye to those Business cards now, get everything with one tap with Smart filters.
  • One Tap Messenger : After discovering the professional you need, you simply tap the messaging icon and reach out. Either use the inbuilt quick templates or reach out writing your customized message . State your urgency, by filling up an expected response time or an “Immediate Response” option and Hola! You’re done. Sit back with your search and sail swiftly in your journey with the so found professional.
  • Safety : When you create your account, a BlueTie Pin, which is your professional identity is created. For further communication, you can just share your pin and start the conversation. No need to share any contact details unless you really want. Isn’t that a really safe mode?
  • All-in-one App : When you get all things under one roof, why to get many? Be it Job search or seeking mentorship or just exchanging similar ideas, availability of ample objectives completes the smart play.

It’s not a matter of building huge network, but its an era when we need quality networking. We need those tools, wherein we can reach out to the right person at the right time. And this is what creates a huge difference in the professional Journey. Right search should be easier and all thanks to BlueTie for bringing out this tool for real problems!

Let’s stay connected, My BlueTie pin is “Jhilmiljain”, what’s yours?

Are you a professional looking for some serious networking, be it related to mentorship or seeking funds or more? Then read the post & download BlueTie app. #bluetie #professionalnetworking #businessnetworking #networking #networkingapp #KumalGarud #funding #investor #mentorship #Linkedin


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  1. The App has the right objective in mind and is solving a key issue. Will download today definetly

  2. This app has quite broad network of professionals. I am on this app and I am really liking it.

  3. This looks like an interesting app. Shall try to use it. Need to network a lot for my business.

  4. Ruchi Verma says:

    Never tried this but really impressed by it’s features..going to download to explore more

  5. I haven’t really used this app but I find this very interesting and helpful. Would surely give it a try!

  6. Blue tie is really one solution for all your needs,requirements. True why to anyone else if u have app like this

  7. this seems like a must have for all professionals. without networking it is really tough to survive. will chk this out.

  8. Mrinal Kiran says:

    I loved the fact that we can connect with the people from our business niche without getting lost in the internet! Also the bluetie pin is really useful when one doesn’t want to share contact details!

  9. Rohini James says:

    Reading about this app, I know it’s going to be the right fit for me to network.

  10. I am really impressed by all the information you have shared about BlueTie app. Seems like it’s soon going to replace the older versions of networking and stand out as the leader. I am going to try this out for sure.

  11. As a blogger , I do look forward to increase my professional network but safety was a big concern and I thing Blue Tie would help overcoming that obstacle for me.

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  14. Shaily Tandon says:

    This app looks great…i think i would try it to explore some of its very distinct features…

  15. As pointed out, its not about being connected with a 1000 people, but finding those who are right for you and networking with them will take you further. Love that there is an app that exists for this.

  16. Such an innovative app and one that will help scores of professionals take things to the next level. kudos!

  17. it seems like a great app to connect with people and build a network, i’ll make a profile on it too.

  18. Papri Ganguly says:

    bluetie is definitely a useful app regarding digital marketing would. thanks for sharing such useful information

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    Need to download this app and grateful to you for introducing me to this new app.

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