C’est la Vie : Life is beautiful

Being obligated towards Life, for all what it has given!

Thanking Life

“Zindagi hasne gaane ke liye hai pal do pal…Isse khona nahi, kho ke rona nahi”

How beautiful these lines seems to be! A beautiful angel in the hands of her mother, full of warmth, love, promises to shower a sparkling life. This life is as delicate as rose petals; promising a bouquet of freshness, fragrance & beauty, along with the fear of tearing apart when winds blow under strained/triggered circumstances.

Hey life , you’ve ensured merry-go-rounds at every step & that’s what I love you the most for. You are perfect in making me innovative & in tickling up the grey matter every time you threw challenges. You know you are way smarter, in making me feel like a fresh flower with every fine day I win over, clearing the rocky path you got me across!

I really adore you for bringing me out from the womb of a person, who, to me, is a synonym of “Lighthouse”. Standing high against all the odds, guiding path in the darkness to reach a place full of bright sunlight & happiness.

For safely putting me in the hands of dad, who was like a strong rock amidst the ocean. Who held me high all through the tides, who took all the pain by himself to make my life worth a “Million dollar Smile”. He ensured I remain unacknowledged with the words -“HURT ,PAIN ,SACRIFICE” & just targeted one thing…A SMILE For me! Hey Zindagi you simply Rock!

“Zindagi hans ke bitayenge…haal – e-dil gaa ke sunayenge”

Those foggy morning hugs, lazily waking to get tied up in bundles of pullovers & gloves. Riding on mom’s pillion, holding her tight to get warmth, looking out for her in the campus, hiding face somehow when the troop got caught in mischief. The naughty sorry in eyes when the ranks slipped & glitter when it was at top, running away from the yoga camp amidst the crowd meditating. It was all so much fun!

Life, You were amazing, full of Innocence & light!

“Zindagi kaisi hai paheli haaye…kabhi toh hasaye, kabhi ye rulaye”

Adolescence made the mark & you suddenly made the ride going tough! Strange & sad did I feel when you broke my heart. You made me long for career of my choice and tussled with me, taking for all the hard runs. But as I look back now, almost after reaching average of the mid-life span, I feel you had to be so, Isn’t it ? Those were the moments which made me sturdy, sensible, mature! You slowly made me learn what it means to fail, not to brawl & crib over, rather work intelligently to gain back the position!

You’ve made me more realistic now leaving behind the highly poignant side!

“Zindagi ka safar hai ye aisa safar..koi samjha nahi ,koi jaana nahi”

You never turned back from then, made me win nearly most of the combats, got me accolades in academics & sports. It was ensured that I remained creative enough & brought across the options of sketching & writing, got me married to my love, gave the most prized possession of becoming a “mother”!

With the passage of time you’ve ensured that I did not just find myself but I’m in the process of CREATING myself, every day & night to touch others hearts!

Isn’t life the conglomeration of these words?

Life is strange!

Morning rising sun, serene skies, chirping of birds, smiling sunflowers, blossoming buds, strong trees, butterflies sucking nectar, tranquil sea, to the evening calls of setting sun, rough patchy sea, birds returning back to their homes, dark night falling with glittering sky, it all unfolds the beauty in such a magnificent manner. What more could have I asked for, Hey Vida?

Every moment of this nature has ample to be taught & learnt. It holds the key to our aesthetics & cognitive contentment. It gives rise to our intellect once again & brings across a new & spiritual “SELF” always.


You are not all about counting on days , but you are all about counting on those little moments crafting a “cheerful you”.

Life is precious

Hey Vida, eres impresionante!!

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