Read on some heartwarming fictional and real-life inspiring stories. Some being real-life work and some fictional, stories and poetry shake us from right within. Read on as I pour my heart out into the posts.

5 promises I want from my Man!

Some promises I want from my Man! Husbands…Highly crafty people, who usually tend to handle up their wives/girlfriends with ample delicacy & with lots of tongue twisters all the time around. With the perfect dossiers of “Uff we forgot” / “A sandwich between 2 females”, these men…

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Birthday Note for our baby!

The Clouds thundered And the skies lightened The Showers sprinkled As the trees smiled The peacocks danced And the Mother Earth glorified its majesty! There was a stork awaiting to arrive, And a woman waiting to explore the life, As the mummy and daddy tango’d to…

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Daughters are Bliss!

Girls become Daughters first and then Mothers ! Just wanted to begin with being a Daughter first:) Like every normal girl, I was always excited about marriage and fascinated it right from the childhood days. I never thought beyond that I would spend life happily, rejoicing with…

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Fathers day : Thanking my Kid’s Dad!

And that's for an extra loving and caring Dad! This time, Dad of my child, who has got less of the fame on my blog rather. Mom's take all of it when it comes to Parenting & rather Fatherhood somehow hides under the influential "Motherhood". Indeed, Moms are persuasive when it comes to raising up a child. But to me, it is both the parents who have to be the sturdy wheels to get cycle run smoothly on all sort of roads. Fathers day is near and lemme grab this opportunity to let him know that he is a special father.

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C’est la Vie : Life is beautiful

Being obligated towards Life, for all what it has given! “Zindagi hasne gaane ke liye hai pal do pal…Isse khona nahi, kho ke rona nahi” How beautiful these lines seems to be! A beautiful angel in the hands of her mother, full of warmth, love, promises…

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Munia : Supporting Girl Child Education

Dramatic World before my eyes! Learn from past & hope for tomorrow. Dream & give them wings to fly high !!! This world is so beautiful to live in. It brings so much of love & happiness in our lives. It gives us “never thought of bonds” with so…

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Prerna – The Inspiration!

[A real story straight out of a mom's heart. It stands as a true inspiration to me. Read the story to get to know & acknowledge her emotions.] When I met her : She was so beautiful! I met Prerna at the acupuncture centre that I used…

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An ode for Swirling Life

Let me live today, Allow me the love today; Why your love has so much bias-ness, When I have selfless love; Why your heart sulks & smile frowns, While I try to make some shimmer around; Why do the logics demean, While the hollow words are…

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