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Stories, Sometimes being a parent, we love it, sometimes we just get bored of them! But the fact of the matter is, Life itself is a story with the beginning and an end. Once the life take us through the phases when we were Kid ourselves, stories gain prime importance. From narrating bed time stories, to listening up new self – cooked stories from kids, engrossing them in self-made super funny and non existent ones, STORIES seems to be an innate part of us, more so of parents.

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And yes, this is my recent Phase and that’s how I love to define the word Story.

S = “Story teller” Mom

T = Takes over the “Tantrums”

O = Moves from the world of “Originality”

R = World full of “Reverie”

Y = Kids “Yearn” for more

My kid who has just turned 3, has mastered the art of cooking stories which I hear day in and out. And when that stock is over, Its comes as a “next turn” for me to frame up stories. Ranging from all time favourite Jungle to Mermaid to Moon and Space stories. Wonder, I can be such a creative story-teller for my kid.

Similar thing happened when we got creative characters with our toothpaste. Looking at the space characters, my kid just got himself a tag of “Uncivilized” from me, running madly around the house. Hardly did I knew that he was already in a state of being “Neil Armstrong” and conquering the “white glittery moon”. He wanted to wear the shoes and started telling me “Mumma bye I’am going to Moon”. Lol, but believe me, I was in a state of an awe. But then began “OUR” journey to Moon, which looked so beautiful “indeed in a fresh cooked up story”.

Giving wings to his Dreams, here he flew with his friends!

Space Stories for kids Space Stories for kids Space Story for kids Space Story for kids

Hungry.. Come let’s have biscuits. Oh they were finished when we came from the earth, exclaimed Aashi! And that’s when kids started missing mama. They looked down and saw mama waving them with their favourite treats. Seeing this they both sat in the Spaceship and landed to the Earth soon. They hugged their mama and papa waiting for them.

They both thanked Astronaut Uncle for a beautiful visit to the space and for a great learning with the “Magical SPace Adventure”.

So the story ended!

And that’s how we weaved together an amazing story to help kids reach the Moon, understand the Solar system and generated an interest in the amazing science. I was bombarded with so many questions, which pleased me all through. It added so much of little piece of knowledge to their developing brains. It was indeed a “healthy food” for the grey matter and all via such a creative form.

Further this Friday, they even have a special assembly in their Kindergarten with the space theme and he is all-set to become an astronaut. Wow, I’m so excited to see these little munchkins. Shall post an update of that soon! So this story all the more correlated with his school learnings in a super fun way!

What stories have you narrated to your kids and how did they reacted to it? Why not share some funny instances here.


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