Magnesium Citrate as Dietary Supplement by Zenith Nutrition

Did you know how much Magnesium helps to keep our body healthy? Magnesium in dietary supplement form helps in Depression, reducing anxiety, rejuvenates Heart health and lowers high Blood pressure. Also helps in constipation and more. 3Dietary #supplements #Zenith #Magnesiumcitrate #Powder #Vegan #Glutenfree

Do you suffer from fatigue or get tired after a small session of workout or even after climbing few stairs? Low stamina could be the reason, and along with it Inadequate Magnesium intake or Magnesium deficiency could also be the reason of getting tired very soon.

Did you ever knew the benefits of Magnesium in our body? If No, then have a look at the stupendous work of this magical nutrient :

1. Regenerates Energy :

Magnesium Boosts your energy levels and plays a great role while workout. Magnesium triggers Energy generation in the body by activating ATP or Adenosine Triphosphate. ATP is the primary energy carrier in all living organisms. Thus Magnesium also helps in improving performances in Athletes, sports players. A great supplement to overcome fatigue.

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2. Helps in Bio chemical reactions in our Body :

Every small cell in our body needs Magnesium to function properly. It is a very important mineral required for many Bio Chemical reactions happening in our bodies like :

  1. Formation of Proteins from Amino Acids
  2. Muscle Contractions and relaxation
  3. Regulating Neurotransmitters for Functional Nervous System
  4. Muscle and Energy Formation

3. Helps cure Anxiety and Depression :

Magnesium deficiency activates that part of the brain which controls Stress and Anxiety. It helps in production of Happy hormones and hence is used as a mood elevator. Magnesium is must for some hormones which result in calming and relaxation of the brain and thus its deficiency is many times linked to depression as well.  Supplementing with Magnesium Citrate can result in lowering of Depression and Anxiety.

4. Better Sleep for Insomniacs :

Magnesium supplements as mentioned above, help in calming the mind and thus provides better sleep. It is more so effective for people suffering from Insomnia and improves sleep quality.

5. Prevents Migraine :

I have seen people closely suffering from Migraine, its really painful when it brings along nausea. Since, Magnesium has an important role in the functioning of neurotransmitters, it helps reducing the pain as it releases pain reducing hormones.

6. Lowers Blood pressure :

Benefits of Magnesium supplements can be seen in people with High B.P. It has a great effect in reducing systolic and diastolic blood pressure for those suffering from High Blood Pressure.

7. Relaxes Body and reduces spasms :

Magnesium has an important role in Neurotransmitter functions along with the Muscle contractions. Hence Magnesium supplements can help very effectively to muscular cramps, pains, weaknesses. It helps in muscle relaxation and also reduces the pain.

8. Heart health :

Since our heart has the highest amount of Magnesium , this mineral is of utmost importance. It works with calcium to maintain proper Blood Pressure. Misbalance of Magnesium to calcium can lead to heart attacks due to sudden spasms. Hence if one is taking calcium supplements, it is must to keep Magnesium balance as well.

9. Relieves Constipation :

By now, we already know that Magnesium is a muscle relaxant. But it also neutralises the excess acidity in the stomach. These two functions helps in relaxing the intestinal wall muscles and helps stool to move easily through intestines, thus helping in relieving Constipation.

10. Insulin Resistance and helps in Type II Diabetes :

A low Magnesium intake has shown to be directly proportional to the risk of Diabetes. Magnesium deficiency hampers the Blood sugar levels directly. Magnesium thus helps in Insulin resistance and reduces Blood sugar levels.

It also has Anti -Inflammatory benefits, reduces Premenstrual syndrome (very common syndrome affecting Child birth) , helps during Asthma as well!

Dietary Sources of Magnesium:

Magnesium is found in lots of food as Leafy veggies, Bananas, Almonds and Cashew, legumes , moong beans, Avocado. If still you are magnesium Deficient , you can always go for Magnesium Supplements, the most common of which is Magnesium Citrate by Zenith nutrition. You can buy it now from Amazon by Zenith nutrition, a leader in Vegan Dietary Supplements.

Best Buy : INR 951 for 250 Gms Pure Magnesium Citrate Powder.

Dosage for Magnesium Citrate powder by Zenith Nutrition  : Dissolve 2 Gms of powder in 200 ml of water and then consume. This is a pure powder from them, which is Vegan and Gluten free also.

Side Effects of Magnesium Citrate

The most common side effect reported by taking Magnesium supplement is Diarrhoea, and that too when consumed more than the specified dosage. It may also include vomiting and high level of Magnesium in Blood. This in turn can lead to imbalance of major electrolytes in blood as Sodium, Phosphate, Calcium and Potassium.

*Word of Caution

Though magnesium supplements are safe and very well tolerated under normal dosages, still consult your medical practitioner if you are :

  1. Under some Medication
  2. Having Diarrhoea
  3. Heart medications
  4. Antibiotics
  5. Hormonal treatment
  6. Pregnant / Lactating.

This post is based on research done and multiple articles read on internet. Yet the effect may vary from body to body. Author of this post is not a Medical practitioner and hence any Dietary supplement should not be taken just on behalf of reading this post.*


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