Mango Panna – Refreshing Mango Drink!

Mango Panna – Refreshing Mango Drink!

Its summer & the world is relishing Mango’s and so are the kids! So here comes a really yummy “My Mom’s Mango Panna recipe”, a bracing drink to keep the summer heat away:).

Benefits of Mango Panna:

Its not just a yummy and refreshing drink in itself, but it also has the properties to beat the summer heat! It prevents loss of basic salts [sodium chloride] and iron due to sweating in summers. Apart from being a rich source of vitamin B & C, it is also great for intake while having gastrointestinal disorders.

Summers are here and Mangoes along with Raw Mangoes are here too. How about sipping chilled Aam Panna or Mango Panna made at home? #mangopanna #aampanna #rawmango #summercooler #coolers #drinks

Ingredients & Quantity for Mango Panna:

1. Raw Green Mango (known as Kairi in India) – 2 -3 medium sized

Don’t take the Ripe Mango for it [Image of raw Mango as shared above for reference]

2. Sugar / Jaggery –  2 big food spoon Sugar / Jaggery basis the sweetness

[You can keep it less initially & add more once the Panna is ready & you feel that it is less sweet basis your taste]

3. Dried Mint – 1/2 Teaspoon

4. Fresh Mint leaves – 5-6

6. Black grounded Mustard seeds – 1/4 Teaspoon

7. Grounded asafoetida in a pinch of ghee – 1/4 Teaspoon asafoetida

8. Grounded Cumin seeds – 1/2 teaspoon

9. Black Salt – 1/2 teaspoon

10. White Salt – 1/2 teaspoon

11.Ice cubes

*Salt & Sugar can be added according to the taste required, extra sweet – salty/normal. I personally love medium sweet & salty.

Preparation :

4 -5 glasses of Refreshing Mango Panna or Aam Panna drink

Preparation time :


  • Boiling Raw Green mango – 15 Min
  • Preparation of Panna – 15 Min

Mango Panna Recipe :

  1. Wash the Raw mango thoroughly.
  2. Boil the Raw green mango [kairi] for 10-15minutes till it becomes soft to peel off & remove the pulp.
  3. Let it cool in the water present in the cooker & remove the green mango cover by segregating the pulp. Keep the pulp in the cooker with water & let it cool for next 5minutes.
  4. Add the watery pulp in the Mixi jar and add Sugar/Jaggery to it.
  5. Blend it so that it becomes smooth thick flowing liquid.
  6. Pour the smooth blend into the cooker or utensil & add all the dry items as – both black & white salt, Grounded mustard seeds, dried mint, ground cumin seeds.
  7. Take little ghee in tablespoon & put the pinch of asafoetida in it. Heat it for 20 seconds over the gas burner directly and put it immediately in the blended pulp.
  8. Stir it thoroughly & taste the thick syrup once for salt & sugar. In case you find it less add some more and refrigerate it for next 2-3hours.
  9. Once cooled, fill 1/4th glass with this thick syrup and rest add cool water to it. Stir it & an amazing glass of Mango Panna is ready for you & your lil one to relish.
  10. This Mango Panna can be served by adding 2-3 fresh mint leaves on the top for a fresh flavor.

Points :

Since it is made of raw mangoes, it will add a tinge of sourness in the drink which really gives an invigorating taste to the Panna. Believe on me, it is really yummy. 

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Sip and Relish! Let me know if this recipe worked out for you & kids, did they enjoy sipping it?


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  1. Vladimir Covic

    Don’t really have some of these ingredients in the local supermarket, but sounds refreshing!

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      Oh that’s sad, it actually is so refreshing!

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    Looks tasty… Amazing

  3. Razina A

    I love aam panna, will try this recipe soon.

  4. The first time I had mango panna was from an Indian restaurant andI found that very refreshing! I think I need to try this recipe!

    1. Jhilmil

      Oh that’s great!! Try out n lemme know how it worked!

  5. Judy

    Aam Panna is my favorite too but getting a sore throat prevents me to frequently drink it.

  6. Aditi

    This is an all time favourite.. your recipe looks very simple.. ?

  7. asoulwindow

    It’s one of my absolute favourite summer drink. Can’t have enough of it!

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