SEAMO : Maths Olympiad, Comes to India

SEAMO Maths Olympiad in india

My childhood was full of giving fun Olympiad exams, which were the only ones, wherein I did not had the pressure to perform as my school exams. But those days Olympiads lacked ample things, as in separate levels to check the true child aptitude, detailed online analysis, common rankings. So when I got the chance to attend the “SEAMO – SOUTHEAST ASIAN MATHEMATICAL OLYMPIAD” launch, I was lot nostalgic. This was one of the launch event I wanted to attend & write all of SEAMO for my readers & parents who are not yet aware of it.

What is SEAMO –

SEAMO, with the origin in Singapore & having spread its wings to 12 international countries, has been launched this year in India. Their entry into Indian market is to cater many amazing brains out here competing in the world. Though they many years to come to India, finally they are here, to let our kids compete on some international standards & raise the self-bar.

As they say,

SEAMO, is not merely an Olympiad rather it is aimed at bringing the most creative and youngest mind of the world in a friendly competition at the highest level.

They inspire all the young brains to explore their Mathematical analytical skills, must, not just for the studies but for a practical day to day life solutions. They just don’t ask for the “Wizards” [like other olympiads]to participate, but a very average or even below average student can participate and hone their skills every year with SEAMO. They are here to demolish the “Maths Phobia” out of a child. Why were they not there, when I was growing with with Maths Phobia;).

SEAMO in India

To me, Mathematics is one logical subject which has the applicability in every phase of life. Such tests can help students decide the careers of their choice. Since Math is also a must to study subject in many traditional as well as upcoming advanced streams, SEAMO will be a fun to unleash the “true international potential” of your child.

With the sole purpose to offer a common platform for wide cross section of Indian students to assess their skills and to compete with international students of South East Asia, SEAMO will be held for the first time in India across 55 cities and in more than 100 test centres.

The basic question of when to introduce a child to Olympiads is very well answered here at SEAMO. They encourage excellence across different levels starting from class V till Class XII, in every sphere of learning. With their different papers with Easy, Moderate & High levels in every paper, any child in these age groups can participate to nourish their grey matter.

Let me help you know the benefits of SEAMO :

1. Early exposure to an International Olympiad : Boosting confidence & competing at international level.

2. Relative evaluation : A child is given their National and International Rankings. National – Indian Rank, amongst 55 cities & International – amongst 13 countries. International rankings are given benchmarking the scores of all international students.

3. Performance Analysis : A detailed analysis, helping students & parents to identify the areas of strengths, weaknesses, to-be-improved areas. This is a very important takeout to help kids focus & target their areas & give a better competing performance in future.

4. Helping in Career Decision : Since it depicts the skill set of a child. It focuses more on analytics & logics which helps a child to develop similar thinking.

5. Sample Papers : No extra study books, just give exam basis what you know. Practise out the sample papers by downloading it from SEAMO India site.

6. Rewards for all : Almost, all the participants are rewarded. Forget the “lost confidence” or inferiority amongst the batch.

Rewards :

Gold Plated Medal & Certificate : Top 0.025% of students

Silver Plated Medal & Certificate  : Next 1% of students

Bronze Plated Medal & Certificate : Next 2% of students

Participation Certificate  for all : For all students

Favorable Exam Structure :

The best part of SEAMO, which I loved & could co-relate is that it is great even for non-maths lovers & average math scorers. Unlike other Olympiads which have a very high set of questions deeming it an exit for the average ones, SEAMO is different. It encourages all categories of students to participate i.e good, average, maths lovers and even non-maths lovers (Like me, but loving analytics & logical maths).

3 Sections, Easy [8Q’s], Moderate [8Q’s], Difficult [8Q’s], a total of 24 interesting Q’s is their Examination structure.

Registration Fees:

INR Rs 1150 for classes V – IX and INR Rs 1300 For classes X – XII.

Save the dates for SEAMO, the ultimate Olympiad Parents!

SEAMO Olympiad

Parents, you all might have many doubts in mind, so just link on SEAMO FAQ & read all FAQ”s wrt SEAMO Olympiad!

They’ve come, get up, its Time to juggle up the grey matter! It’s time for India to show the best of the breed to the world!


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  1. Mae

    Wow, this seems like a great event for kids to be part of! I have a daughter and would certainly want her to be part of an academic Olympiad in the future. I used to join academic contests and events when I was younger, and it really helped in my confidence and dedication to work hard.

    Mae |

    1. Jhilmil

      That’s so true Mae, check out if SEAMO is in your country:). All the best to your daughter for her future endeavours!

  2. thatssodarling

    This sounds like such a fun event for kids! Wish they had one closer to where I am staying! Thanks for sharing this.


  3. Sweet Coralice

    This is awesome!! If my kids weee still young and in school, I’d definitely encourage participation! I love math ?????

    1. Jhilmil

      That’s great to know of your love for maths:)

  4. Nelu Mbingu

    I participated in math olympiads when I was younger. A rather stressful experience.

    1. Jhilmil

      Yea usually Olympiads are..but this one is much different since it caters not just to great math students!!

  5. Bee Lovewell

    I like how inclusive this sounds. The fact that they accept average brains, not just wizards. Great for a child’s confidence.

  6. Carola

    Great that the SEAMO : Maths Olympiad comes to India! It looks like SEAMO has a lot of benefits! It’s great that it helps in career decision. It’s so hard to decide what you want. Every bit of help is great. And awesome to discover what you’re good at. Great rewards as well.

  7. Nita

    I would love for my little boy to participate in the future. I personally was really bad at maths, so I’m not sure if he would have inherited my lack of maths gene…

  8. Shannon C.

    The Olympiad sounds really cool. I wonder if they had them around when I was in school? Oh well, too late for that now. It would’ve been fun to participate in these math events.

  9. Blair Villanueva

    I don’t have a kid yet, however I believe in investing to kid’s education. If its needed to spend more because it needs for the kid then so be it. Never go cheap for something more valuable.

  10. Irma

    I am really not a great fond of Math, more kind of history lover. But events like these are great chance for kids who are good at it to show their skills and compare it with others. This SEAMO Olympiad is great and obviously quite beneficial to all who take part in it. So a big like from me to SEAMO.

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