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Moms characters : A funny laugh ride

A Mums life

This morning got me in a lighter mode and I thought to share some hilarious one liners, which will bring  a smile on the face of  fellow mommies:). Coz, that’s what we need for being Great Moms!

Furious MOM

 Furious MOMS! If a woman speaks & no one is listening, her name is probably MOM!

Badass Mom

BADASS MOMS! I may look quiet and reserved but if you mess with my kids, I will show you One BADASS MOMMA!

Sobbing moms

Sobbing MOMS! I used to have functional brain cells but I traded them in for children;)

curious moms

Curious MOMS! Kids are full of energy even without eating.. They have special siphoning system, pumping it out from MOM’s secretly;)

sleepy moms

Sleepy MOMS!  People who say they sleep like babies, probably don’t have one !

Cleaning moms

Laundry-ing MOMS!  Behind every MOM, is a basket full of dirty laundry waiting to be washed!

Its all Ok MOMS! Nothing is really lost, until your MOM can’t find it !

Fooled off moms

Fooled Off, MOMS! I’m laughing since I am your baby.. I smile coz I know you can do nothing about it now;)

monster moms

Mom-ster MOMS!  That’s what MOM’s converts to after the final verdict!

Sarcastic-ally Hopeful MOMS! Every MOM hopes that her daughter will find a better man to marry than she did & is convinced that her son will never find a wife as good as his father did;)

confused moms

Confused MOMS!  Wondering why are kids shouting and then wondering, why are they so quiet!

Shocked moms

Shocked MOMS!  Mom, I’m really sorry if you are tired coz of me, But forget it, as I really don’t CARE!

Tired moms

Ultra Tired MOMS!  Hey Mom, You look tired, But guess what! I’m so excited to play with you right now!

freaking moms

Freaking MOMS! Kids for sure think that the word “NO” means ask MOM continuously till she changes her mind or loses It!

screwing moms

Screwing MOMS!  Behind every great kid, Is a MOM, who knows every second that she is screwing it up all 🙂

A big LOL MOMS! Buzzers…I’am convinced that there is a sensor in my ass that alerts my kids, of the exact moment I sit down to relax!

We’re the Best & the worst! You will never know how evil you truly are, until someone upsets your kids!

Best moms

 For all Mommies – LOVE!  I know a lady who has filled some beautiful COLOURS & GLITTERS in my life!

And that’s what Kids are from a MOM’s perspective!

“The most wacky, chaotic, deafening, frantic, fussy, demanding, grouchy, sleep robbers & emotionally unstable people, who Mom’s love the most in their life tirelessly 24X7!”

And, finally sharing my status right now : Searching for my son’s favourite donuts all through the house in amaze, which “I” finished it waking up throughout last night!

Which one did you like the most Mummas? Hope I gave you a good humour for the day to unwind & relax a mom’s life! We all need some crazy laugh for sure! Love you all.

[Few are my self made quotes & few taken with the help of Google, credit to the amazing quote writers]


Quest to live the life surrounded with the charming little bundle's of joy. When they speak, I sing, When they smile, I rejoice , When they hug, I hold them never to lose, Such is my passion for these Gifts of God.

This love urged me to navigate separately from my Travel Blog & establish an "All-In-One" Blog for budding mothers. Mum's have multi-tasked this world ,with all her professional commitments , she still makes an extra effort to be a loving, caring and be an intellectual mommy! Cheers, for me too come from the same fraternity, post having a superb academics & close to 8 years of professional experience and blessed with a little one "who has indeed changed my life from Autumn to Spring";)

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  1. You just cracked my ribs with this funny post. I can’t help but laugh out loud while reading this post.

    1. I’m so happy I made you do this! My objective is achieved, wanted to give u all a laugh for the day:)

  2. This post is funny! I can only imagine how many facial expression moms make in a day.

    1. Ha ha.. hope you enjoyed & got de stressed:)

  3. lol, that’s very funny! I am the ultra tired mom right now but I am sure it’s going to change to all the above real soon!

    1. Great that it made you fresh:). Wanted to do so for all lovely people out here!

  4. Ola says:

    I’m sure there are Mom’s who have played all of these characters in one day! Being a Mom is definitely a hard job. Sometimes you need to laugh about it.

    1. So true, we sometimes laugh on us at the role we play!

  5. Haha loved this post; very enjoyable! Thanks for all the fun emojis!

    1. Thanks you liked it:). Hope you had a fun ride!

  6. Amber says:

    Haha, love this. And it’s so true! Seriously, if someone messes with my kids, I turn mean. And scary.

    1. He he all moms turn scary if someone mess with kids, all these are mom’s truths;). Hope you enjoyed

  7. I literally think I go through all of these expressions in just one day. Lol. This was a really fun read.

    1. ha ha, me too mostly! Great you enjoyed!

  8. mommyhomemanager says:

    Haha. This was a fun one. Thanks for the giggle.

    1. Great that you enjoyed:)

  9. I love this! Thanks for giving us moms a good laugh!

    1. We all moms need it to unwind! Thanks for enjoying it!

  10. jamesog2008 says:

    Very funny icons!, where did you get the ideas to do this?

    1. Hey James, thought too much of seriousness was around, so planned to give everyone a laugh:)

  11. omg! I needed those laughs! and you know what they said behind every good joke is alittle truth. well this is filled with them… I SWEAR my son knows when i sit down lol no deep couch sitting in my home lol

    1. Ha ha.. these are truthful jokes;), Yes even I have no deep couch for myself..Its all for daddy & son;).Glad you had a great time reading it!

  12. These are so hilarious, almost fell out of a chair as most of them are so true. LOL. Thanks for this definitely much needed

    1. He he, glad my purpose to make all loving woman smile seems to be achieved:)

  13. Milica says:

    Haha! These are hilarious! I’m for sure sleepy mom! Lol

    1. Guess most of us would be “Sleep moms”..Love sleep so much, esp after having baby:)

  14. This is a hilarious list. And moms can be any one of those or all of those at certain times. It is just too hard to pick one of them. 🙂

    1. That’s really true, M sometimes all of it in a day..We mom’s are actually so:)

  15. OMG I so needed this laugh. These are all hillarious and as a mom, I can unfortunately relate to many. Thanks for the laugh.

    1. Ha ha great, I got you laugh:)

  16. Had lot of fun with these emoticons !

    1. Thanks Preeti!

  17. Loved this post.

    1. Thanks Judy!

  18. Hahaha that’s really im all of it together I think

  19. This is so funny and so true. I can find myself in every line here 🙂

    1. Ha ha.. I guess we all find ourselves in every phrase! Just wanted all moms to have a good laugh:)

  20. This gave me a good laugh! I think I’m a sarcastically hopeful Mom ☺️

    1. Ha ha.. you got caught;). Great you enjoying!

  21. haha thank you for the laugh! I love all the pics too 🙂

    1. Thanks a ton Tracy, happy you laughed out, we need such breaks:)

  22. Thanks for the post – made me crack a smile. As of late every thing I’ve read has been so serious and this just broke up all that negativity! Thanks

    1. Great, that’s what I wanted to do..make you all laugh amidst the serious business!

  23. Haha Oh wow, this was definitely a good giggle, I’m not a Mom but I found it fun to read!

    1. Great, you would relate it later;)

  24. This is so funny! I can’t stop laughing actually. But yeah, this is also so true. Hahaha

    1. Ha ha, Great to know you couldn’t resist laughing..

  25. These are so funny and very true. I loved the emojis you picked as well. Great job.

    1. Thank you so much dear:). Felt happy that you enjoyed it!

  26. Hahahaha too funny!!! Is it bad I’m sitting here trying to figure out what emoji mom I am lol

    1. Ha ha.. sometimes you should try doing that;)

  27. Manohar Mathi says:

    ha ha…very funny…these many expressions from moms..loved reading this article

  28. This is such an interesting and funny idea for a post! I am a new mom and curious to know what I a going to be like.

    xx, Kusum |

  29. Cool quotes..and funny too 🙂 I’m not a mom, but I am sure a lot of moms will appreciate the humor and can relate to the quotes.

    1. Ha ha, ya actually I am all of it & so will be most of the moms:)

  30. It’ really hilarious, and it really reminds me of the troubles I face everyday with my mom. Being an Indian these scenarios describe her perfectly. Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Lol, I think these are true to all Global Moms, moms are so:)

      1. Lol!! can’t deny that. 🙂

  31. Haha! This was funny…im not a mom but have many mommy friends and can relate!

    1. Great, you would have also featured your Mom;)

  32. hahahaha.. Hilarious post. Can’t stop laughing. Keep going with this kind of amazing write up.

    1. Thanks Vinod:)

  33. This is extremely funny! I think my mom is a curious mom and my sister is a moms-ter mom! hahahah!

    1. Ha ha.. Good one you spotted out;)

  34. I love this post, I go through a lot of these. I tend to be jokey embarrassing crazy mum ???

    1. Ha ha, I’m all of these a day sometimes:)

  35. Oh my god cos when they are quiet that’s when it’s going down! Great post!

    1. Thanks, great you enjoyed:)

  36. It’s funny for me because before I became a mother I thought I knew everything. But….being a mom means you become a person with multiple Incomprehensible personalities for others 🙂 ))))

    1. Oh yes, we show so many personalities at one time:) .Hope you had a good fun

      1. Yeah! I did same as any mom who read your post 😉

  37. hehe this is funny 🙂 Really looks like moms sometimes 😀

    1. Ha ha, I’m all most of the time!

  38. Lol. I love your list, it is very creative and fun.

    1. Hey Thanks:)

  39. Good post to make someone laugh.

  40. i enjoyed this. if this ain’t the truth about moms idk what is. my everyday status is the badass mom. lol i ain’t afraid to slap a kid who messes with mines. lol does that make me a mean person? hahahaah

    1. Ha ha, no mommy, all of us are the same:)

  41. Very good post.

  42. Christie Brown says:

    Aww this is such a fun post! I think that my mum has been all of these throughout my growing up hehe. I needed a good laugh today so thank you for providing one. 🙂

    Christie’s Take on Life. xx

    1. Thanks for liking it Christie:)

  43. Amber says:

    Oh my gosh, these were so funny to read! I hear ya on the evil thing–when someone is mean to my kids, I get pretty angry.

  44. This is such a great post. I’m not a mom but can relate to all of these, just replace “mom” with “human” lol

  45. LOL! Great funny post. Thanks for sharing.

  46. The shocked or ultra tired. Kids are 100% in anthing they do. Really excited or really sad. I’m glad they love me unconditionally.

  47. hahaha these are so cute and funny! I need to send these to my mum

    1. Do send across n let her identify her character;)

  48. This is a funny post! I identify myself so much with the Furious MOMS. hahahah

    1. Ha ha , enjoy mama:)

  49. My friend who has two kids was just telling me how insane she feels sometimes because she is so exhausted and there is so much to do! I will have to send this to her and see which one she will relate to the most!

  50. This is a great post. I had a great laugh as I was reading it.

    1. Good to know you enjoyed

  51. Seriously, where did you get these emojis? These will be cute for editing blog photos.

  52. I can only imagine the various emotions that mothers go through during the day. Bless your hearts. I still have awhile before I get that honor. 🙂

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