Monitor your kids Digital Time with Protect your Kid app

Every successful and Unsuccessful person has one thing in common “24 hours a day”. Only difference is, how they utilize it – Source, Unknown!!

Reviewing the true importance of “Protect your Kid” app!

Unaware as to what your kids are viewing on their digital devices? Then you need to downloaded Protect your Kid app, which helps monitoring & track your kid. #cybersafety #protectkids #newapp #forkids #trackingkids #monitorkids #parenthood

Being a modern mama, I need to confess that I give my Preschooler son an hour daily to engage in his online activities. These involve listening to some evocative stories, exploring the animal world, rhyming with the beautiful visuals and more so. To me, this is not a guilt, till the time me, as a parent ensures that his digital time is limited and he has enough of outdoor peer play & socialising activities. A true maxim which suits here : “Too much of anything is bad for you“. And so, what kids need here is an equilibrium and they need to maintain that fine line.

We need a balance between the Outdoor activities, Digital Time and Family Time. Till the day this perfection goes on, I’m sure parents are happy when kids are learning something creative using the digital world.

But then, as kids grow, their choices vary, decisions start getting influenced basis their buddies, their thoughts. This is where our role as a parent comes in. We need to be psychologically observant for our child. We need to discuss about our kids attitudes, their friends, their various approaches. As kids grow our command over their digital life starts receeding. But before that reduction, teach kids to draw a fine line and keep up the balance.

To me, Digital media is something we cannot avoid, it can be a powerful teacher, if taken in a constructive manner.

Pros of Digital world for kids : 

  • Helps in creative development
  • Enhances learning and encourage practical learning
  • Enhances cognitive development and hand eye coordinations
  • Helps in making friends for shy children
  • Connect with other kids of similar interests
  • Help them know diversity of the world(can prevent racism)

But despite the positive impacts, many of us see our kids landing in a different direction.

Cons of Digital world for kids :

  • Cyber Bullying
  • Violent behaviour
  • Reduced Outdoor and socializing activities
  • Connecting to Pedophiles & Pornography
  • Increase in Obesity and other Psychological /health disorders
  • Effect on academic performance
  • Leaning towards crime
  • Interference in sleep

So where is that boundary for kids ??

In a survey, it was shared that 73% of parents want to limit their kids’ TV time, and 66% talk to their kids about the dangers of social media sites”. But,  only a small quantum of respondents “actively monitor their kids’. If this “monitoring” factor is zeroed, then for sure the cons are bound to surpass the pros of technology. It can lead of excess viewing and even inappropriate content viewing.

Internet is a giant which can provide kids with ample educational and developmental information. What we as parents need to do is monitoring our child’s  viewing patterns. And here is where I believe, the new generation, an award winning app – “Protect Your Kid”, comes into picture.

Helping parents find their way via “Protect Your Kid” App :

  • This app was nominated for the prestigious World Summit Awards 2017. They are a part of top 350 world apps!
  • The creator of the app (Bulbera) was selected as “Innovative enterprise for 2017”, where Protect Your Kid was showcased.
  • The app is completely FREE in India, isn’t that astounding?

Innovative Corner : What does Protect Your Kid app offers? 

As their tag line says “ Protect your kids online, be happy offline”, this online – offline relationship is the most important for parents. This parental control app is solely designed for monitoring our kids online activities and taking the corrective action at the right time. This reminds me of the havoc, which Blue Whale game got into our lives. It had to be monitored mama’s & papa’s, for our kids safety and better future.

Unaware as to what your kids are viewing on their digital devices? Then you need to downloaded Protect your Kid app, which helps monitoring & track your kid. #cybersafety #protectkids #newapp #forkids #trackingkids #monitorkids #parenthood

1. Ensures protection :

  • It blocks inappropriate content as well as not suitable apps & helps safe browsing.
  • Helps say Bye-Bye to online addiction by setting the time limits for device use.
  • You can block all the apps and calls during night time, thus helping kids get a good unhindered sleep.

2. Remote Monitoring :

  • It has a dedicated “Parental Control Panel site”, which helps us monitor our kids activities & track their location from remote devices as well. You can track your kid activities while sitting in office, sipping that coffee.

3. Easy Compatibility :

  • It can be used on any laptop, tablet or smartphone once the app is configured in both devices.
  • Further, it also works on both Android and iOS systems.

4. Simple set up :

  • It does not ask any technical skills from us, just few simple steps for configuration and its done.
  • Browse onto protectyourkid site “How to section” to have a detailed understanding about the set up, configuration of rules and safe browsing.

Unaware as to what your kids are viewing on their digital devices? Then you need to downloaded Protect your Kid app, which helps monitoring & track your kid. #cybersafety #protectkids #newapp #forkids #trackingkids #monitorkids #parenthood

5. Analyse :

  • You can easily track the usage statistics, browsing history, time spent on various apps, and discuss if you find something against your parental approval.

6. Combine the apps :

You can combining the apps in groups for simplicity, quick analysis, as in, a group for Games, another for browsing and so on. You can set restrictions as you want to.

All you need to do for this amazing control is :

1. Kid’s mode – Install on your child’s Android device. Just download and configure Protect Your Kid on their devices.

2. Parent’s mode – Installable both on Android and iOS devices, configure in your device and chose the Parent’s mode.

Discuss about this app with your child and now sit back and track your kids app usage statistics. True so, this app does deserve numerous accolades from parents for helping us ensuring safety of our precious gems!

So is it a time to say, Happy Parents, Happy Kids!! Yes, our kids are safe completely under our monitoring. What can be better than this! Have you downloaded the app? Do that right now, mama & papa’s, its FREE in India and there is Free 20 days trial period for other geographical locations also.

Allow kids exposure, now in a tech savvy manner!


Unaware as to what your kids are viewing on their digital devices? Then you need to downloaded Protect your Kid app, which helps monitoring & track your kid. #cybersafety #protectkids #newapp #forkids #trackingkids #monitorkids #parenthood


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    Cyber security is so important these days .. specially for kids .. this app sounds like a necessity for all parents these days ..

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    I do keep an eye on the time my kids get tablet time. I encourage them to play with each other and other things rather then just play electronic games and watch TV all day.

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  14. This is seriously the best app I’ve seen for monitoring kids on being online. Me and my husband is always talking about internet or computer usage for child it’s really important these days. Especially we see lots of kids in restaurant glued to the iPad (it’s sad) thanks for sharing!!!! Love your blog!

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    This is an interesting way to monitor what your kids are watching online and for how long. You have shared such an informative post about this. Thank you

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  30. In this day and age its so much more important to monitor childrens usage on the internet. There are so many negative things out there and we need to protect the kids from it all as much and as best as we can.

  31. Amrit kaur

    Keeping kids in front of digital media is good if done for limited time. We should not give access to digital media for long hours to small kids and even us adults should restrict the usage.

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    This is Ah-mazing. I’m absolutely going to use this! Appreciate the honest pros and cons list too ??

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    my ex needs this app for our kids and stat! I’ll have to share this post with him! My kids come home and talk about what they watched at Dada’s house and it’s too mature for them to be watching at their age… thanks for the info!

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    Cyber security is so very important as is educating our kids from a young age about safe surfing.

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    I think being a parent in today’s digital world would be so hard and I take my hat off to everyone who is navigating these waters. I’m with you that not all online activity is bad and kids can really benefit from so many activities out there the combine learning and play. How wonderful there’s an app that will help keep our kids safe and also within whatever boundaries parents decide are best for their families. x

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  39. Rose Mont

    I was not aware of this app. Both of my younger kids have tablets. I do have parental controls on and they have to have me push in a code everytime they put a new game on or watch a movie. Their screen time is also limited.

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    I think the most important part here is the timer feature. It helps condition the kids to expect limited browsing times.

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    I agree that the digital world can be a great teacher, especially in a world that is conditioned for technology. Of course there are concerns like cyber bullying and ‘grooming online’ but at the same time children do need to use the digital world especially for school assignments. What a great way to monitor and protect your children with ‘protect your kid”s app.

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    I wish they would have had something like this when my kids were younger, I had to monitor them the “old fashion” way…lol! Cyber security is so important these days along with keeping our children safe while they are online! I will definitely be spreading the word about this app to my friends who still have younger kids as both mine are adults now…

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    I am so happy to see that there are such apps available for parents to keep their kids safe in this madness of online world. Also as a parent myself I understand that we need to allow kids this digital time as well without letting the guilt kill us. I also allow my daughter but couldn’t control her addiction which was growing. I am really happy to have read this post and would love to immediately try this app.

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    My son is only 2 so there is no such thing as online activity for him yet, but I can’t stop thinking about how will I keep him safe once he will start using that type of technology one day. It’s great that there are apps like the one you’ve mentioned above, I’ll definitely try it, but I believe the right education on possible threats is also crucial. Especially the cyber bullying…there is a suicide almost every week now, because of it, and it’s just getting worse and worse. We have to teach our kids how to react to that and handle it 🙁

  54. Maria

    My daughter received her laptop for Christmas it took me 20 min to pick out a laptop for her but two weeks deciding on what program to use of course no program is a 100% but a program that offers this much security is worth looking into .

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