Monsoon Chai : Ice Brews with Te-A-Me

Monsoon Chai : Ice Brews with Te-A-Me

Monsoons and Ice Brews?

As the trade winds knocked over the windows, a sudden cool breeze distracted me from the abridged writings yet to take a form. I wanted to jump out and see the engulfing sheet of dark black clouds with the tiny drops marking their territory with a haste.
It was the first call of “Monsoon”, and how could have I slowed down for any Monsoon celebrations?
The reflections of the tiny water droplets, the clean green treat in the garden, the music of rain and the swift calmness took me into the memory lanes.

Reviewing the newly launched Teame teas Ice brew (Tea-A-Me Teas) which comes in 5 different flavors of Lychee, wild berry, peac, Mint green and lemon. The goodness of these Ice brews aka Iced Teas is commendable and highly refreshing for all seasons. #Icebrew #

I picked up my phone to refresh one of the cherishable memories, which I religiously did with the onset of first rain. This memory is as fresh and zesty as my glass of Peach Ice brew.

“It was some 7 years back, when we were on a biking trip to Meghalaya. The weather had suddenly become stormy and in fraction of seconds, it lashed us with heavy rains. Feeling abandoned, dripping wet, we (gang of 5 friends) heard a hazy voice from an adjoining shed , “ Come inside, take the shelter and dry yourself.” We ran with the sealed minds only to find cups of sizzling hot “Chai”, with a different blend of spices waiting for us. We never knew that this chai would bond us with strangers for more than 2 hours. The tales we exchanged over the Monsoon tea, are till date the most refreshing ones in our lives.”

And I gossiped on my phone with the same “strangers”, who were now “family friends”, sharing new stories which took big part of our lives. Chai chronicles, were as refreshing as my fresh peach blend Ice brew, one of the flavours of newly launched Ice Brew range from Te-A-Me. The only entity in the tale which has transitioned is Chai, i.e. Tea has transitioned into a healthy and delicious fruity-blend Ice brews for us. This refreshing and stimulating drink is making these memories all the more worth and it posed a perfect satiety of a harmonious craving that could fathom the tranquil nature.

The black clouds are uncovering the pale blue sky, roads are back to their glory with smiling people all around. As I see, my mind is all decked up to conclude these writings.

Reviewing the newly launched Teame teas Ice brew (Tea-A-Me Teas) which comes in 5 different flavors of Lychee, wild berry, peac, Mint green and lemon. The goodness of these Ice brews aka Iced Teas is commendable and highly refreshing for all seasons. #Icebrew #teameicebrews #teameteas #icedtea #icetea #refreshingdrink

So, let’s brew the perfect Ice brews this monsoon with Te-A-Me :

When you wish to be spoiled with the variety of flavours, ingredients and convenience, what do you opt for? This monsoon, I’m flowing with the refreshingly unique flavours of newly launched Ice Brews.

Tangy- zesty- tarty-sweet – Flavours :

Lychee :

How about an ultimate summer fruit flavour : fresh Iced Lychee brew for relaxing summer afternoon. It has the perfect balance of sweet and tart to get refreshed.

Wild Berry :

I just cannot resist the berrylicious flavours, and that’s when I need the blend of summer strawberries, sun kissed ripe raspberries with the crushed ice. The berry colour itself will make you fall in love with it. If you feel more of tartness, why not add little sugar to it (make sure, it is little:))

Peach :

This Oh-so-peachy drink made me drooling over it. My all time favoured fresh peaches which are blended with the black iced tea, yields this “not-to-miss” Iced brew in just 5 minutes.

Mint Green :

Mint, an all time summer hit giving a cool sensation, when blended with calming green tea, results in this mint green.

Lemon :

Well, when life gives you lemon, just squeeze it, this is what I believe in. And when Te-A-Me gives you this zesty drink, just brew it.

Confused which flavour to opt from? Then that’s too catered. I opted for sample pack at discounted price with few bags of ‘all flavours’ to taste all the 5 fruity flavours. I loved Peach and Lychee the most due to their distinctive flavours. Mint green is an all time hit with me.

Did you now, these Te-A-Me Ice brews are healthy options as well?

  • These Ice brews are perfect blend of fruits and herbs.
  • 100% Natural and healthy ingredients which can be brewed in just 5 minutes.
  • All ingredients are NON GMO, gluten free.
  • No added sugar and no artificial colours.
  • Luscious and distinctive flavour, a perfect change of taste from the Regular tea / Green tea .

How I like to take my Ice Brews?

Reviewing the newly launched Teame teas Ice brew (Tea-A-Me Teas) which comes in 5 different flavors of Lychee, wild berry, peac, Mint green and lemon. The goodness of these Ice brews aka Iced Teas is commendable and highly refreshing for all seasons. #Icebrew #teameicebrews #teameteas #icedtea #icetea #refreshingdrink

Soak the brew bag in the glass and fill up with cold water (no boiled water required). Refrigerate for around 4-5 minutes, add Ice cubes if you wish and enjoy the cool stimulating drink! I also add lemon slice to my drink for an extra tanginess sometimes.

It’s time to try these twists on your usual cuppa this season. These iced tea blends are sure to keep you cool and refreshed all day throughout not just in monsoon, but in all seasons. Be it in office or at home, Ice brews are perfect solution to your every problem. Keep calm and drink Ice brews.

Also, there is 10% discount available on the Ice brew ranges of Te-A-Me, grab the offer, taste the sample and go right now to order your reinvigorating drink and thank me later!

Let’s design some more “New” tales and “relationships” over a glass of fruity Ice brews, to be cherished down the memory lanes.

Till then, Brew, serve, enjoy!

Xoxo, Jhilmil


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  1. zainab

    Natural ingredients have my attention. Sounds to be really healthy and refreshing – specially to beat the heat.

  2. Silja Nair

    te-a-me is one of the good brand. I have tried there green tea & soon going to try the wild berry ice tea soon.

  3. viharin

    Te-A-Me is now doing surround sound with me. It seems I am going out tomorrow to but the full set of these irresistible flavours

  4. Ruchie

    I am just loving it’s refreshing flavors..peach totally taken away my heart

  5. Priyanka Patwari

    I am a big fan of green tea.. Will definitely try this refreshing flavours specially the ice tea.

  6. alpanadeo

    No wonders, tea is the staple beverage of India. Chai has the power to establish a connection between two strangers. Natural ingredients are always better over anything. It takes sometime to develop a taste for it but once it’s developed, we don’t feel like going back to our earlier choices.

  7. Priyal

    I am just loving all the flavours of it, will definitely gonna try the lemon one for sure

  8. Mri

    Iced teas in fruity flavours! That’s super amazing! I need to try all the flavours especially lychee! ❤ Best thing is that we don’t need to boil water

  9. Manisha Garg

    I have used Tea A Me green teas and loved their Kahwa one. This range looks exciting and I am a complete chai lover. Will try it.

  10. Vasantha Vivek

    Oh… What a different range of flavors to taste. The brand looks promising.

  11. Nameesh

    These new ice-brews from TE-A-ME seems to be amazing. Im sure it will be a hit in the market and lot of people will want to get hold of this. Hope they will come out with more flavours going fwd 🙂

  12. Sayeri

    I cant think my days without tea. In summertime, ice brews are best choice always. I have also tried their sample pack.

  13. Sajid Akhter

    Hi Jhilmil,
    Some lovely flavors I must say. Though for me I think I would like to try the Wild Berry – Cool one. It looks good. What better than to have tea with some snacks in a rainy day. It rejuvenates and keeps you fresh mentally as well as physically.

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful post. Have a good day. 🙂

    1. Jhilmil

      Thanks Sajid, Wild berry is a great blend of berries, you must try:). Thanks for reaching out.

  14. Akanksha

    These look so good. Finally a brand came up with cold brews at home kind of product. I like that it comes in various flavours. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Rakhi Parsai

    The brand really seems promising with so many amazing flavors they have got under their belt. I would love to try lemon as I usually prefer lemon a lot.

  16. Sayeri

    I think everyone has their own tea story! I have so many memories and connection!! BTW good launch by TE-A–ME.

  17. Neha Tambe

    These look like a perfect healthy option for tea time! I haven’t tried fruit flavored ice tea’s have to check them.

  18. Gurjeet chhabra

    No more cold drinks just Ice Brew from now on. Even guest will be pleased with this healthy and colourful drink

  19. Dipika Singh

    Oh yes that’s an apt name – Monsoon waali Ice Brew. I am a big fan of the whole chai family, and these are too good to resist. I am so excited to find these don’t require sugar, as following a strict no sugar diet.

  20. jhilmildsaha

    I am so loving these ice brews nowadays. That all flavours pack is so convenient.

  21. These offers actually sound. The flavours sound lovely, especially berry and peach. Being a tea lover, really tempted to try these out.

  22. Aditi

    my all time favorite is mint one. Love to try wild berry, Lychee and peach one. Nice review.

  23. Prerna Sinha

    Green tea is my absolute favourite! I think this could be my replacement for my current green tea.

  24. Charu Chhitwal

    The writer’s workstation with the awesome flavours is looking so healthy and refreshing

  25. Sabeeka Lambe

    When we say Iced tea, the first thought that comes to the mind is sugar.. so when I saw these sugar free options i was wondering how would they taste and they actually turned out delicious.. loved the healthy yummy options

  26. Varsh

    Iced teas are refreshing any time of the year and a perfect drink to enjoy with kids too. Loved the different flavours. Would try them soon.

  27. Misha Varun Jain

    Monsoons and Ice Brews? The time is ripe to brew TE-A-ME and enjoy welcome cool showers of monsoon, enjoy the tea in five different flavors.

  28. Papri Ganguly

    I’m a Tea person. Will definitely check out these flavorful teas


    Yaar after seeing so much buzz on teasmetea even I want to try this

  30. Shilpa Garg

    Fruity-blend Ice brews sound really good and is just what we need in this weather. The flavours are pretty interesting… would love to try them all.

  31. Khushboo

    Looks like a great tea brand with so many flavors to try. Would definitely try.

  32. Rohini James

    I have been hearing good things about this brands iced teas and personally would love to try the wild berry flavour

  33. Humaira

    Amazing and beautiful post. TE-A-ME is a trusted brand and quite affordable. All the flavours are delicious and best for the summers.

  34. Roma

    The way you have weaved the benefits, I am trying them out at the earliest.

  35. Geethica Mehra

    I have tried all of the flavours and lychee and peach are my favourites. After green tea, this is the best companion I can have guilt-free this monsoon

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