Motherhood Memories!

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Last day was when I had minimal interaction with my lil munchkin due to full day commitments. And the evening went by looking at his innocence in the sleep. My heart wanted to hug him, but my mind refrained from doing it. And so, I went into the nostalgic lanes of nearly 3 years of Motherhood. And so, I thought to share some lovely moments of Mom & child with my beautiful readers:).

Mum and baby
Innocent love – when he was 4months:)
6 month Birthday celebration
mama and baby
On our trip
Something bustling;)
Mama and baby
Macho man, a mini Chacha Chowdhary?
mama and baby
No Clicks, Ice cream only
mama and baby
Teddy and US:)

Hey , did you all like these memories? I loved walking in these lanes, as I silently kissed his forehead & went off to sleep in peace!


45 thoughts on “Motherhood Memories!

  1. I love the memory lane! My daughter is now 30, but there are times I catch an expression on her face that reminds me when she was young. They grow up so fast. Hold those memories close to your heart. Children are a gift!

  2. Oh my goodness, what a cutie he is! Enjoy the cuddles. I was cleaning out an old wallet yesterday and found these pics of my niece and nephew when they were just starting school – unforgettable cuteness. Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a fun way to share your memories and THANK YOU for sharing with us. It is so much fun reminiscing and looking at throwback pictures. As sad as it is, it is incredible to see how much transformation takes place in just three years!

  4. Aww….my boy is 5 and I keep doing the same with his pics…we often have a session of running through the past images together and me telling him stories behind every picture. The smile on his face is priceless!

  5. I enjoyed reading through your post and seeing pictures of your beautiful boy. It reminded me of when my son was a baby and our memories together of him growing up. Those were precious moments that went by so quickly. He’s now a teenager. Thanks for such a heartfelt, nostalgic post.

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