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In the last post, being a professional working woman, I had discussed about the importance of Business attire in a woman’s career. Every career woman need to have that one business suit which makes her feel empowered and more presentable. A good presentation enhances the performance and this is directly proportional to making your mark amongst your colleagues to reach the highs.

Every business woman would definitely have a closet filled with numerous elegant pieces to match her daily needs. This post helps a new business woman to start working on some accessories, which are a must for them. Even if one is working SAHM, you will also need these accessories to pull up during some corporate events or even probable client meets. And, since I’m a firm believer of minimalism, I love to invest in few elegant outfits and accessories which can easily work in a mix and match manner well within the budget.

Presenting top 5 accessories for business woman and also for working SAHM to rock the business and gain that confidence. #tote #bags #smartwatch #smartgadgets #smartspeakers #gadgets #katespadetote #wirelessearphone #happyplug #scarf #businessattire #businesswoman

So, here are top 5 accessories must for any Business women/SAHM :

1. Statement Jewellery : 

Business looks are all about dressing smartly, and to attain this one need not have lots of jewellery sets. One or rather 2 sets comprising of necklace, earrings, bracelet, can suffice your requirement. When it comes to working women jewellery, “less is more” is the best mantra to work upon. So, I would suggest you to keep it really less, simple yet elegant. Refrain from wearing large, gaudy or trendy jewellery to work. Earrings should be small, rather simple studs work great as a perfect match for business dresses.

A statement necklace from Caratlane can make your simple office looks smart and more impressive. Caratlane has some amazing jewellery for working women segment, ranging from simple pearl studs to diamond earrings, and to the must needed exquisite necklace, which adds up that professional touch. Check out CaratLane Gemstone Jewellery for working women here. No jingle-jangle, just exquisiteness!

Presenting top 5 accessories for business woman and also for working SAHM to rock the business and gain that confidence. #tote #bags #smartwatch #smartgadgets #smartspeakers #gadgets #katespadetote #wirelessearphone #happyplug #scarf #businessattire #businesswoman #caratlane #jewellery

2. Scarves : 

Scarves are a perfect match for the casual days and even at times with the perfect business looks. Even the most mundane outfit will brighten up with the accessory of a printed scarf and will give you a great look. Personally, printed scarf was almost all the time a perfect companion for me. I used to have some 4-5 scarves to add a little zing to my look. What seems to be important here is, we are talking about the scarf accessory and not the winter wear scarves. Go with a simple knot and you’re ready to rock with the minimalistic look.

3. Smart gadgets : 

The world is getting smarter and so a businesswoman has to be more smart with these gadgets.

  • Smart watch : An elegant, oversized watch is a prized possession of a working women. But do invest in atleast one smart watch this year. 2018 is flooded with amazing styles of smartwatches for women to pick from. Be it oversized or a typical ladies watch, almost all options are available for women right now. Few of the ones I personally love are Motorola Moto 360, Michael Kors Access, Misfit Phase(with analog display)and Misfit Path.
  •  Smart Speakers : Smart speakers and Voice assistant car add-on are perfect for women juggling between house and work commitments. Your experience goes superior with Voice assistant car add-on wrt navigation and car entertainment
  • Wireless headphones : We have moved to wireless technology now and headphones are no exception. The world has advanced and moved to blend jewellery with technology.
Presenting top 5 accessories for business woman and also for working SAHM to rock the business and gain that confidence. #tote #bags #smartwatch #smartgadgets #smartspeakers #gadgets #katespadetote #wirelessearphone #happyplug #scarf #businessattire #businesswoman
Image Source : happyplugs

4. Tote bag :

We all do carry a comfortable yet stylish laptop bags with ample pockets and that comes as a basic accessory. To me, a work Tote with sufficient space is a must, to carry things comfortably. A perfect bag with that leather or vegan alternative in the neutral or bold (not flashy) colours are a perfect companion to a business woman. To me, at many times, it worked as a perfect laptop bag too and I could add my papers, diary, phone (USB cables), business card holder as well inside it and carry it with pride.

One of the most trendy Tote these days is Everpurse Kate Spade Small Harmony Tote which has the ability to charge your phones inside the charging pocket in the bag itself. It has a wireless charging mat and you can recharge the bag by placing it on that mat. Sounds great?

Presenting top 5 accessories for business woman and also for working SAHM to rock the business and gain that confidence. #tote #bags #smartwatch #smartgadgets #smartspeakers #gadgets #katespadetote #wirelessearphone #happyplug #scarf #businessattire #businesswoman
Image Source : Everpurse

A good business card holder, leather (or vegan alternate) notebook, is also a must if you handle Marketing, new client meetings, exhibitions in your office.

5. Trendy glasses : 

Trendy glasses are a perfect accessory to enhance your overall business look. Glasses just revamp your overall look and add up to the personality quotient. Invest in high quality sunglasses , which are UV, scratch resistant, have polaroid lenses, which add up to your business travel look. Get your desirable stylish glasses from Titan Eye Plus.

What do you think of this list? There can be many other accessories as well, but the ones listed were perfect workmates for me during my professional journey. What would you like to add to the list for a business women? Share your ideas in the comment section.

Till then,

Have fun!

XoXo, Jhilmil


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  1. Ruchie

    I loved your list and things I really feel must have a scarf and ring from caratlane …I have one from Caratlane and it looks so stylish yet trendy

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    I love the list you shared here, I personally wear solitaire eating whenever it’s an office meeting and I like the idea of a scarf to wear ..

  3. Rakhi Parsai

    I do agree these are some of the most essential stuff for women to have. Especially loved the idea of having fine jewelry pieces from a brand like Caratlane. I recently happened to check their collection and indeed loved what they have to accentuate the beauty of a business woman or a SAHM as well.

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    This is really very smart and fashionable post.. Ear phone and tote bag i always carry..

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    That’s a very practical and handy list! I recently brought wireless headphones and they are making such a difference in the way I work.

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    I need to invest in good wireless headphones. I do like wearing scarves, carry tote bags as they instantly lift the entire look. I do Not wear statement jewellery though but I like dainty classy pieces.

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    Of course we need these type of selective accessories in office. Caratlane has some very nice selection perfect as office wear

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    Some of the accesories including gadgets are always welcomed even by home makers too. I loved teh list you shared it covers all the needs.

  9. Some absolute necessities pointed out here. We can hardly ever do without perfect jewelry and the other essentials. Meanwhile will surely check out the aforementioned website.

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    I like the jewelry collection from caratlane. They have some amazing designs of jewelry.

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    I love designs from Caratlane. They’re both trendy and elegant. Would like to see their collection for sure.

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    So true i too love all these minimalistic things in working atmosphere

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    All useful things needed for the woman on the move. I can’t do without my phone and sunglasses.

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    Your list is definitely up to the mark and specially the jewellery from Carat Lane is my favorite too. I adore Carat Lane designs.

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    That’s a practical list of accessories for every businesswoman. A good matching watch can create a lot of impact on the overall dressing.


    Such an urban accessories indeed . That scarf and trendy glasses ? wow I am on it indeed

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    Oh that’s true! We all have our favorites that ways and look for one particular accessory that makes us look different. In my case. Totes and bags are my weakness and I love buying them for all kind of occasions.

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    Trendy glasse and scarves a must and the trendy and friendly jewellery pieces from caratlane shpuld top the list

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    Awesome post and really helpful for working ladies. Caratlane earings are looking so chic and beautiful

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    Wow! Such an impressive list. Tote bag and smart watches are a must for me.

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    Hello There, Thanks for sharing this Cute Accessorize list. I Guess every girl happy to see This List like me. I want to get a Tote bag for mine from here. would much Appreciate it. thanks in advance.!

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