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Must Have Baby Earrings for Fresh Spring Fashion

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As the cold winter season finally comes to an end, spring emerges with great thrill. Everyone seems excited to get outside and take an exhilarating stroll through the park. Pulling cooler clothing from the closet for your baby probably escalates your elation for spring. Not only is it a time to change the wardrobe, but also a time to look for fashionable baby earrings that would enhance your child’s new spring outfits. Baby Earrings add both style and elegance to her baby charm because they are dainty and create a finishing look to her apparel.

Locating High Quality Baby Earrings

Finding your baby girl earrings may be tricky and require a little bit of research. Along with locating a good store with a large variety, you want to assure the products are safe for your baby.

1. Quality

Not every cute pair of earrings will have the same quality. Many babies have sensitive skin. Make sure that the earrings you purchase are nickel free and hypoallergenic. Approximately one out of seven people are allergic to nickel. Earrings that are rhodium plated or contain at least 14 karats of gold or high percentages of silver are the best metals for sensitive ears because they are made of pure metals. Avoid cheap earrings made with alloy materials that can cause irritation in babies and toddlers.

2. Screw Back Earrings

Earrings that have a screw back have an advantage over regular-backed earrings. They minimize the risk of earrings falling out which reduces the risk of little ones choking on small parts.

3. Durability

Shop for earrings that won’t fall apart at the first rub of an ear. They should contain the highest quality materials to maintain their integrity and not become a choking hazard for your child.

Cute baby earrings , earrings for babies with online shop #onlineshopping #babyearrings #earrings #cuteearrings
Photo courtesy: inseasonjewelry.com

Choosing the Best Styles According to Color

Spring represents life and a new beginning. The colors of spring are softer and more filtered than any other season. Bold and blazing colors of fall and winter quiets down to calm and comforting.  Spring colors for baby girl earrings should reflect the more tranquil period of the year. Certain colors will convey different feelings or moods and stimulate distinct emotions. The following spring colors will accentuate your baby’s outfits with seasonally delightful baby earrings.

Lavender –

Lavender reflects wisdom, creativity, and ambition. It is mystique and magical, yet noble and dignified. A purple satin dress or cotton romper would magnificently be fashionable with any purple 18K gold plated earrings. Rhodium plated purple butterflies or purple lavender flower earrings would be perfect for the season.

Pink –

Cute baby earrings , earrings for babies with online shop #onlineshopping #babyearrings #earrings #cuteearrings

Pink is playful, feminine, and cute. Like bubblegum or cotton candy it exudes the sweetness of its hue and the delicacy of its nature. Pink is sensitive yet frivolous. 18K Gold plated pink polka dot butterfly earrings or the sterling silver pink cupcake earrings would go sweetly with any pink pinafore or pantsuit. Rhodium plated pink giraffe or pink rocking horse earrings would look adorable at playtime. There are also the sterling silver pink simulated pearl earrings for more dressier occasions.

Blue –

With blue comes images of the sky and of the sea. It’s freedom with all its expansiveness opens up the fulness of your imagination. It’s inspiring and represents depth and sincerity, wisdom and confidence. With a blue pair of overalls, rhodium plated light blue crystal flower earrings would look rather intelligent together. 18K gold plated blue crystal earrings are perfect for the month of March.

White –

White flows with every season. Representing purity, innocence, and goodness, it’s an illuminating color with positive qualities. It’s no wonder, white is especially fashionable on babies. Rhodium plated white simulated pearl baby earrings are a great choice for any occasion. Whereas, the rhodium plated small elephant earrings or the sterling silver daisy flower earrings would offer a more playful look. Any white color of baby earrings would accentuate any color of outfit quite well.

Yellow –

Yellow is bright and cheery, emanating happy and warm feelings. Your baby will light up the room wearing a sunshine yellow dress accented with 18K gold plated elephant, monkey, or teddy bear earrings. Or for a more elegant look, try the yellow gold heart earrings lined with cubic zirconia stones.


Green emanates new life and abundance. It’s zestful and energizing; youthful and renewing. It signifies the rejuvenation of the spirit and emergence of new beginnings. 18K gold plated butterfly earrings with a touch of aqua green on the bottom wings are a perfect match for a green jumper or dress. 

Excellent Variety

Cute baby earrings , earrings for babies with online shop #onlineshopping #babyearrings #earrings #cuteearrings


Photo courtesy: inseasonjewelry.com

In Season Jewelry offers hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive ears earrings. They have a vast selection of high-quality baby earrings to choose from for spring, keeping your baby in style with the versatile pearl, flowers and cubic zirconia selections. Knowing the meanings of the colors can help you to choose the best ones for your little princess.



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  1. Dalene Ekirapa

    It’s so important to be careful when picking out baby earrings thus their quality must be prioritized to avoid bad earrings that could harm the baby’s ears to the point of her getting keloids. Color is also important! I mean, don’t baby girls love cute colors?

  2. Joshita JJ

    Loved the collection at In Season Jewelry. The animal designs are cute and appropriate for kids. The quality looks good as well!

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