My recent Motherhood hack – Bose Quiet comfort 35 headphone II

The path to motherhood is full of swings, sometimes up and at other times it is a complete down swing. Nurturing self-passion, along with raising a creative child can be quite daunting yet fulfilling task when seen through a mums eye. And the same has been applicable to me from past 3 years. Since then, I have been juggling up managing my office, home and my son. Indeed I felt that my passion was somehow being lost and the wind was harsh enough to sway them away from me. But, I soon took up my passion seriously and then this life got me into an exciting world, not full of roses, but with beautiful encounters with the nature and world.

While sailing in this journey amidst the waves, there were still many things, I felt could be improved to ease up the life. I wanted to hear more podcasts and more soulful music. I wished to grab up the solo backpaking with my son. There was something in me asking me to devote a 100% dedicated time when I was playing with my son. The “Blogger & Social media” work was getting somewhat “obstructive”. And, it was soon that I was looking out for some solutions to my mommy-hood. Real life creative solutions to help me engage more effectively.

And let me tell you dear world, this solution is in the form of Bose Quiet comfort 35 headphone II, innovated to make life more easy!

1. During my Kitchen time :

As the cooker whistled and the veggies cooked, as the shouts from the dining room thundered out for food, I could have never thought earlier how to make this time more constructive. I never thought that I could have listened to my favourite Parenting & Humour Pods, Soulful music and sometimes even chat amidst these whistles. Bose headphones with their Acoustic Noise Cancelling technology along with hands free option, made this possible and I had some more time for myself. This was indeed a beautiful surprise and a help to mama.

2. While Solo backpacking :

I’m bitten by a travel bug and I need to accept this fact. So what if my hubby has to travel so more due to his official commitments? Now, its me and my pre schooler, who love to catch some short weekend getaways to refresh ourselves in the nature. What we love together is hiking, running in the grasslands, and going crazy exploring new places and routes. For all this while, my hands have to be free to hold my little man.

GPA seems to be a promising technology leap for us, which can enable us for many things without even touching the phone’s screen. And thus navigation for this solo backpacker became easier. With directions & messages flowing in the ear, there was no need to engage my hand. It was time to hear, follow , laugh, smile and hug my munchkin. It was a time to be free and celebrate this freedom.

3. Ideation with child in the lap :

That’s I really hate about myself. As the neon light glows in the dark, my magical brain starts working when its dark. And most of the time, my neon- ideation light starts when my child in yet in my lap or has slept hugging me. Gone were those days, when I could just hope, to somehow jot down my thoughts, until they were erased soon the next morning. Bose, text to speech technology has been saviour to me. Now, I can manage my ideation as texts all with my voice itself. I just need to press and hold the action button and Google Assistant is ready to follow my commands. My memory got more healthier with clearing backlogs.

4. Sorting puzzles un-hindered :

Ahh, that seemed painful to hear, mama, pls keep your phone aside and look how I fly my helicopter. Though I tried my best but the notifications do distract the healthy play, be it just for a minute only. I feel blessed with Bose headphones for being too comfy and luxurious here. The ear cushions feel very light and their GA technology keep me hassle free and my hands are engaged with my child’s lego play.

5. SAHM – Work and engage :

Is the house a playground? Yes, it is, and I really don’t expect my child not to make it messy. That’s what kids are for, i cannot expect myself to spill things all around and still smile. But then, when it is a work time, those shrieks, thrills, sudden laughs and cries, does deviate. It’s then when this SAHM needs these headphones, to take up the calls and crack the deals with amazing clarity of sound and noise cancellation technology. Further, switching between these tasks daily, it was a hell to put my my phone for charging every few hours. With their 20 hour battery life and wireless connectivity to other devices, they’ve become my recent hack!

My essentials

So what do you feel mama’s? I think, I’m loving my new addiction as it has got me more closer to my baby and my work as well. Bose Quiet comfort 35 headphone II, has been my recent motherhood hack! What about you?





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