Old Fort : The historical Purana Quila of Delhi

Old Fort : The historical Purana Quila of Delhi

Old Fort: A rich historical place of Delhi

If you love to witness the glorious Mughal Art with historical tales dating back to Pandava’s, then Old Fort aka Purana Quila is one of the most captivating sites. The newly renovated and rejuvenated look of this Quila, makes it all the more fascinating, with a beautiful 28,300 sqm lake. 

The first look of this stone fort, standing since 15th century, amidst the greenery, gives you an urge to watch out the interesting history. The construction of this fort was started by the Mughal Emperor Humayun in the 15th century. It was later taken over by Afghan Ruler, Sher Shah and he completed this Purana Quila. It has three double storied gates made up of Red Sandstone. Though one might agree that Delhi has more fascinating places, none is richer than Old Fort, when it comes to history.

Did you know that this fort is built on the ruins of the Indraprastha (the ancient city, which has mentions in the Mahabharata, the city established by Pandava’s).

Thus, this historical site acts as a perfect blend for Hindu’s, Mughal’s and Afghan’s as well.

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The Old fort of Delhi is one of the most captivating places rich in History. It has the mentions that Indraprastha, the city built by Pandava's was at this site and is of importance to Hindu'd Mughal's and Afghan's equally. #puranaQuila #oldfort #fortsofindia #fortress #Forts #Delhi #historical
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What to see inside Purana Quila complex :

  1. A library cum Observatory (Sher Mandal), a tower, which is one of the first observatories in Delhi. It is here, where Humayun fell from the second floor of this tower and died two days later.
  2. Quila Masjid, which is really beautiful made out of white marble and red sandstone
  3. Museum, displaying some enchanting things right from the Mughal Era

The newly renovated Lake, adds up to the pristine surroundings, and you can easily spend a good time at Old Fort of Delhi.  

Light and Sound show at Old Fort

If this doesn’t entice you, then it’s time to witness the most beautiful Light and Sound show at Purana Quila. We watched this beautiful show in 2017, which transported us into the lanes of vibrant history from Indraprastha to the current Delhi. The theme then was Ishq-e-Dilli (not sure if it is the same now or has changed). Even this show delves into the mythology and reflects the connection of Indraprastha, Mahabharata, Old Fort of Delhi! Quite an enriching experience, you can book your tickets here or get them from the ticket counter of the Fort itself

The one hour light and sound show at Old Fort are conducted both in Hindi (7:00-8: 00 pm) and English(8:30-9: 30 pm). It is open all days except Fridays.

The show tickets are, Rs100 for adults and Rs50 for kids. 

The Old fort of Delhi is one of the most captivating places rich in History. It has the mentions that Indraprastha, the city built by Pandava's was at this site and is of importance to Hindu'd Mughal's and Afghan's equally. #puranaQuila #oldfort #fortsofindia #fortress #Forts #Delhi #historical

Traveller Tips :

How to reach Purana Quila:

Closest Metro Station for Old Fort/Purana Quila is Pragati Maidan. It can be reached from all part of the city by any public transportation.

Best Time to visit :

Anytime during winters and early morning in Summers, which can be followed by visa it to the Delhi Zoo.

Opening and Closing hours :

7am – 5pm, all days a week.

Entry Fee :

Rs20 for Indians and Rs200 for Foreign tourists

Keep Exploring the heart of India, Delhi for the rich history it encapsulates!


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  1. Reema D'souza

    Historical places like this one are always so interesting! The stories behind the construction and the little anecdotes about that period of time make it more interesting right? Thanks for the information.

  2. Deepa

    Purana quila or Old Fort has a charm to it and I remember visiting it a long time back. I wish to take my daughters there too someday.

  3. abhijit

    I always had doubt how can a fort be in a such a good state for more than 2000 years. You cleared the doubt, the fort was build in 1500 AD, so it is actually five hundred year old. Unlike other forts of the era, plus and Minus few hundred years, Purana Qila and fort at Tughlakabad are in a run down state. Tughlakabad fort is also being encroached upon. I think, I may be wrong, the Ashoka Pillar near Qutub Minar, is probably more than two thousand year old.

    1. Jhilmil

      I guess you are talking about the Iron Pillar in the Qutub COmplex, this is more than 1600 years old, but was migrated to Delhi some 1000 years before. This pillar is of great significance in Hindu’s and it stands amidst the Mughal complex!

  4. Vartika Gakhar

    I visited Old Fort of Delhi on a college trip during MBA days, it was a fun filled trip where we enjoyed boating and many other activities, Your post refreshed a lot of memories.

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