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Orboot : Perfect Christmas Gift for Kids!

Looking for Christmas Gifts for Kids? Here is  an Orboot, an Augmented Reality Globe from Playshifu. It is completely fun, interactive and a great tool to help our kids explore the world. #Orboot #playshifu #augmentedreality #Christmasgift #christmasgiftforkids

The Gifting season is here, Christmas is here! A festival to spread joy and happiness, a festival to shower our love, and a festival to have sweet treats for all the loved and needy beings around us. And , I’m really crazy this time, since my son has grown from toddler to preschooler. Yes, he has become more understanding, compassionate and at the same time more demanding for his things. His learnings are in an expansive mode and so, this Christmas, we have planned so many things between us which resonates with fun as well as learning.

And, one part of that planning was a  Christmas gift, which we wanted to present him. I was very clear of the type of Christmas Gift I wanted to give to my kid, but the search was longer and it ended at “Orboot”. I’ve got something really interesting for you and your children here. Something which is fun along with immense knowledge about the world to be served in their trays.

What is Orboot?

“Orboot”, is a 10” globe with no boundaries, but a globe with adventure. A globe which helps the budding minds with a new way of learning. A game, a toy with new technology of Augmented Reality built in itself. Feel the technology, learn the world and love the Orboot, this was what I could conclude as my son is truly enjoying his Christmas Gift.

Inside the Orboot Box :

Looking for Christmas Gifts for Kids? Here is  an Orboot, an Augmented Reality Globe from Playshifu. It is completely fun, interactive and a great tool to help our kids explore the world. #Orboot #playshifu #augmentedreality #Christmasgift #christmasgiftforkids

  • One 10″ Globe
  • A stamp, with airplane embossed
  • A fun passport to stamp the places explored
  • A guide to help you throughout

Benefits of Orboot:

It was fascinating for my son and at the same time intriguing for me as well. He just loved his surprise and started with rotating and playing with his globe, till the time I downloaded the app to see the magic of Augmented Reality.

“Did you know the culture of Nepal, a small Asian Country? Or Did you ever ponder what do Penguins and Ostriches love to eat? Or did you know what animals are the native of India?”

Well, so many combinations, so many countries and so much exploration. Orboot, is indeed a fun visual directory of the world for kids. Lemme tell you, I was glued to it as well, after all, I didn’t knew so many things in this world:).

1. Identify and know the world with respect to :

  • Local Animals
  • Local Cultures
  • Inventions
  • Monuments
  • Maps

2. More than 400 attractions all over the globe

3. Simple handling , just scan the Orboot globe , and you’re ready to fly around the world and enjoy the category you love.

4. Get some really adorable Kids passport and Stamp, for the countries explored by them across the Globe.

How to use Orboot :

  1. Install the FREE Orboot app from Google Playstore/ Apple App store.
  2. Allow the complete data to download wrt Orboot app.
  3. Now, simply scan the Orboot Globe with the device you have installed this app.
  4. Tap the areas highlighted while scanning, people, monument, animals, where you have targeted and there, you get to know so much about them. You can feed the animals visually, their favorite food.
  5. And yes, do not forget to stamp up your Orboot passport as you cover up learning new countries.

You are ready to experience the magic of Augmented Reality, from PlayShifu! You are ready to contribute to your kids Cognitive development. 

Looking for Christmas Gifts for Kids? Here is  an Orboot, an Augmented Reality Globe from Playshifu. It is completely fun, interactive and a great tool to help our kids explore the world. #Orboot #playshifu #augmentedreality #Christmasgift #christmasgiftforkids

Things to note :

  • Ensure that the app is downloaded in a device with good camera and sound clarity.
  • Your room should have enough light to scan the globe and highlight the specific categories. Darkness may hinder proper scanning.
  • Try to keep your hands static while scanning. Scanning by my son took little longer, since he couldn’t keep his hands static for few seconds out of sheer excitement.

The pictures and graphics of animals, monuments, cultures, their descriptions are really engaging for our growing kids. You can even interact by the way of feeding animals/birds their favourite food and this in turn helps you enhance your knowledge.

Looking for Christmas Gifts for Kids? Here is  an Orboot, an Augmented Reality Globe from Playshifu. It is completely fun, interactive and a great tool to help our kids explore the world. #Orboot #playshifu #augmentedreality #Christmasgift #christmasgiftforkids

I really envy where were all these when we were growing up. Augmented Reality has really great benefits to help kids learn and develop their growing minds. And so does this Orboot, which ensures that kids have not just fun but evolve in their learning processes too.

We totally loved Orboot from PlayShifu and it is worth the penny! How about you? I see that they do have discounts this festive season, grab them up! Get your kids Orboot as a Christmas Gift (available on Amazon & Playshifu Site) and see them explore the world and kicking their grey matters!

*Sponsored, but the views are true, basis our experience!


Merry Christmas!


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  1. Nisha Malik says:

    I think this is a wonderful Example of AR in education and learning. I am sure kids would never forget what they learn with this highly interactive app/game.

  2. I was thinking of getting something of the sort. But for myself. I don’t have kids. Is it also good for adults?

  3. It is very important app must in every phone. never I heard about the Orboot app. Will surely download it now

    1. You might enjoy but for once, more so for kids:)

    2. Hey this app can be used when you buy the Orboot Globe so that AR shows its magic:)

  4. That’s a very awesome gift idea! I will pass that on to my boyfriend’s sister who has a small daughter – great and the perfect read for the christmas-prep time.

    1. Definitely Anne, thanks!

  5. This is such a wonderful gift! And what a fun way to learn about the world. TBH I want one for myself LOL.

  6. Augmented reality is everywhere these days.. this a great and fun gift for kids.

  7. This gift sounds perfect and fun to have for kids.

  8. I love how Orboot is more than just a map but an example of incredible augmented reality as well.I love how it teaches children about local cultures and attractions as well as geographical locations x

  9. Wow !! That’s an awesome Christmas gift. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I love seeing some Christmas gift ideas for my nephews and nieces. Orboot seem really cool gift. Really cool that the kids can learn and explore different animals and cultures by rotating the globe.

  11. Wow this is a cool gift for kids, and i think us adults will enjoy this too. Its educational! Kids will also inspire to travel in the future.

  12. My daughter loves to know ow about countries and is filled with questions related to animals, cultures, currency capitals etc.. This is a perfect gift for her

  13. Omg such a,nice product for kids I’m sure this will help kids learn the name of countries

  14. Wow this is a super cool AR present for the kids.

  15. the kids these days have so many ways to learn more and more about the world! Back in our times really, our only way to learn is to head to the library! Now children have information at their fingertps! thanks for sharing!

  16. Augmented reality games are a game changer. And I just live the unique concept of this one.

  17. I keep my kids away from the virtual game world, but this apps look great. Definitely introducing this to my kids.

  18. Papri Ganguly says:

    This looks pretty interesting, perfect for gifting kids in this season

  19. Orboot looks like a fun way to teach kids about geography and culture. The kind of thing I would love to gift to all the kids in my family. Glad I learnt about it in your post 🙂
    Thanks for sharing.
    Do drop by my blog as well : 🙂

  20. It’s things like Orboot that make me pause and remember how fortunate we are to live in today’s technology age. When I first started reading about it, I thought what a cool globe for kids. Once I discovered all of the depth of the app, I was sold. This is going to be under the tree for my grandson this year, and I’m excited to learn all about the world right along side! x

  21. I love everything about this! What a great way to teach geography and history with VR.

  22. I was planning to get a globe for my boy…and think now will opt for this rather

  23. Wow this would have been an absolute dream for me back when i was small! Super great idea for a gift. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  24. This app is just amazing, I will surely download it for my daughters.

  25. This app is looking very funfull for kids… Will download for my son… I am sure he will love it.

  26. I love the augmented reality things you can do with cell phones. And it’s so cool that they use that feature to do something educational on a globe. I love it.

  27. Wow! Orboot looks like an amazing way to teach children about different places around the globe.This is a perfect gift for my daughter’s curious mind. I am going to download it soon!

  28. This is so cool and Interesting and I love this gift idea for the kids. Glad that you share this

  29. Great suggestion, super cool AR present for the kids.

  30. sushmitamalakar says:

    This looks like a great product. I will surely get it for my nephew! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  31. Orboot Globe looks very interesting! It sounds great to learn about the different things you can do in each country just by spinning a globe

  32. Aside from an actual globe model and books, I absolutely love this gifting idea! There is nothing like education and exploration and I could totally see many kids adoring this as well! I may have to look into it for my daughter soon, thank you!

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