OTIS – The best neighborhood school

OTIS – The best neighborhood school

A neighborhood school for my child

I remember that first day of my child’s school when tears rolled down my cheeks. While my face seemed cheerful, my heart had a different story to tell. The first day of kindergarten and formal schooling can be strenuous especially for moms. To a mom, right from a child’s well-being, to what he/she ate, to their learning environment, social interactions, even the smallest of the things, like a neighborhood school matter. And believe me, I’ve experienced a myriad of these emotions.

But at the back of my mind, there was something that was pacifying, my research of finding the right school for my child. A school that gave my child ample opportunity to explore learning experientially and creatively. Finding the right school needs ample research, more so with the rapidly growing primary and secondary schools. Factors like school proximity, education methodology, extra-curricular activities, Infrastructure, clean environment, Teacher: child ratio, and fees are imperative for parents to consider. Out of these, looking for school “schools near me” was the most crucial, during my child’s early years.

One such neighborhood school, focusing on experiential learning, is future-ready, and NEP compliant is OTIS, Orchids The International School. 

What is so unique about OTIS, Orchids The International School?

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Orchids The International School, having 38 campuses, spanning over 6 cities is a perfect neighborhood K-12 school. Here are some of the unique features of OTIS:

1. The Neighborhood School:

The first criteria that I’ve always looked into is finding the best schools in my proximity. And that’s the best part about Orchid schools, as they are located in the residential areas and are apt to be classified as “The neighborhood school”. Thus children don’t have to travel long distances to get a quality education.

2. Learning makes a difference:

Orchids The International School, visions a creative learning environment by proving experiential education to children. They believe in “Learning by doing” and thus provide innovative “study kits” for hands-on practical experience to students. They have introduced kits like Science Kit, Math Kit, Environmental Science Kit, and even Robotics kit. These kits include various tools and games that help a child get a hands-on experience for the understanding and retention of any concept. Isn’t that interesting?

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3. Education Philosophy:

OTIS is a school from Pre-Nursery till K-12. Their EYP (Early Years Programme) is to nurture curiosity in the budding minds and give them a real-life experience through a vibrant learning environment.

They follow methodologies like, Montessori, Play-way theory which are oriented towards creative learning.

They have an innovative Academic philosophy “SHARPER”, which has been designed to provide children with 360-degree development while molding their skills as per the changing times. It helps children build the right life-skills and values to face the advancing and ever-challenging world.

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4. Holistic Development:

All work and no play is not good for the soul!

As a parent, I’ve always looked for a school that addresses the holistic needs of a child. Extra-curricular activities play a big role in unlocking the hidden pursuits of a child. OTIS exposes kids to various activities like Film Photography and Videography, Robotics, Music, Yoga, Visual arts, Theatre (Speech and Drama), Dance. When it comes to sports, you name it and they have it. Their infrastructure accommodates various sports like Taekwondo, Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Skating, and more.

They also offer an After School Sports programme (ASSP), giving a chance to students to hone their skills by getting trained under professional coaches.

That’s a fab exposure for children!

5. Nutrition:

As a parent, we are always concerned about the right nutrition for a child. Orchids The International School, have a team of Nutritionists and Dieticians, to observe the health of every child. They conduct regular Health assessments and share:

  • Personal Diet Charts and Plans
  • Parent Counselling’s and Workshops
  • Regular Health Report

Their assessment plans include Biochemical Assessments, Dietary Assessments, Clinical Assessments, and Fitness Assessments.

6. Safety:

Choosing a school with a safe and secure environment is something that every parent looks forward to. Orchids The International School, have all security measures like:

  • Only female staff
  • Parent ID Cards
  • Classroom doors without locks
  • 360-degree surveillance through CCTV cameras
  • Trained Security guards
  • GPS equipped Buses, with female staff on every bus
  • Security controlled entry & exit

And a lot more to insure a safe learning environment.

They have best-in-class Infrastructure, well-equipped and supporting co-curricular development. Not just Infra, they take pride in being a technologically robust school. Parents have easy access to their app to stay informed wrt any announcements, daily classwork and homework, online fee payment, and even e-certificates.

OTIS, even has the provision of an extended online program, in the form of Eduvate. It facilitates live interaction between students and subject experts, thus helping students grasp the subjects and perform better.

They often also conduct Children’s Literature Fest and Children’s Film Festival to expose children to the world of storytelling and entertainment enhancing their audio-video skills.

If you are looking for International schools in Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Chennai, then look no further, than OTIS, the Neighbourhood school.

Aptly quoted by Aristotle, Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all. A schools environment impacts a childs development, be wise and choose right!


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  1. Alpana Deo

    Picking a right school for our kids is a major concern for parents these days. I resonate with your points. I am happy that now schools in India are also focusing on the overall development of kids. And are having a well formulated structure which gives them 360 degree development.

  2. Choosing the right school from the start is very important. It very important to have an overall development of the child in the school and good to acknowledge that Orchid school is doing so very brilliantly.

  3. Swati Mathur

    A good school build stronger foundation. So I agree it is very vital to find the right school which focuses on holistic development of a kid. Kids happiness is equally important as good education. This post will act as a guide to select a right school..should be shared more and more.

  4. sonam jain

    picking the right school for your child plays an important role.. so it’s important to focus on the likes and dislikes of the kid and empower them with holistic education.. this post is a great introspection on how to select schools

  5. Orchids International is a school.of the present time. With all the facilities and differerenr teaching style they have incorporated the changes in lifestyle in the academics. This is great.

  6. The Champa Tree

    Orchids International is indeed one of the best schools in India. With their children’s theatre and positive affirmations they have rewritten the style of teaching for the future generations.

  7. Snigdha

    Picking the right school is important. OTIS seems like a good option to choose from. I will share this with my friend also .

  8. Hansa Kajaria

    True, finding a right school sets the tone of their entire education life so we as parents need to make sure we choose the best for our kids. I also chose the school based on 1. Proximity and 2. How it can help in my kids growth n development.

  9. Ishieta

    Picking the right school is absolutely essential for the child’s future. I like that this school focuses on the overall development and looks at things other than just marks and acadamics.

  10. Varsh

    ‘The neighbourhood school’ sounds good and is a big relief for parents when it comes with quality education that includes holistic development of our kids as well. Will recommend OTIS to my friends for sure.

  11. Amrit Kaur

    All these pointers are essential, specially the safety part now. My cousin did look out for all these pointers while selecting school for my nephew

  12. Dipika Singh

    I believe for parents this is one of the most thought about decision and needs lots of workarounds. Glad to know about the school, too have recently entrusted in them and shared about this school chain on my blog.

  13. Ruchi Verma

    I really loved the way this school is taking care of academics and even co-curricular activities. It’s important for parents to make choices wisely for the base foundation of kids.

  14. Mandavi Jaiswal

    A neighbourhood school makes so much sense as the child doesnot have to spend 2 extra hours struggling with teh bus drop off and pickups. Its good to know about OTIS

  15. Surbhi Prapanna

    yes selecting a good school is a big responsibility for parents and with multiple options many parents feel confused. I had heard a lot about orchid school before but did not know much insight. after reading your post, felt that it is one of the best choice that parents can make for their kids.

  16. Roma Gupta Sinha

    Seriously selecting a really worthy school is a tedious task, we have postponed our shifting to Gurgaon because of tis very reason. I loved to know about this school buddy

  17. Rakhi Parsai

    Even I am based out of Bangalore and had recently visited Orchids school. It’s indeed a wonderful school for a child’s holistic development.

  18. Anahita Irani

    It is seriously a big concern for parents to find the right school for their kids. I was very impressed to read about the curriculum and facilities provided by Orchids The International School.

  19. Isheeria

    The right education is key in ensuring that a child has a good future therefore choosing the right school which has an approach that is focused on the child and his overall development is absolutely essential l and this school looks promising.

  20. Saad

    Honestly, It is a big concern for parents to find the right school for their kids.

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