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Pampers Premium Pants-Product review

Reasons why you will love “Pampers Premium Pants”

Few years back, I got a chance to attend the “Pampers Premium Pants Launch” event in Delhi. Post attending an edifying Event with Mandira Bedi, Sleep Consultant Ajita Seethepalli, Actress & Celebrity mother-Tara Sharma, R&D expert Dr. WeiSing, it was the time to “Crack the softness” on my baby. All through the event I was eager to check it out on my little a year old baby. And why not with the wonderful 5 star features which “New Pampers Premium Care Pants” (for the first time in India) poses, It could have been the curiosity of every pamper fan Mom!

Let me share you crisp 8 reasons why I felt it to be the best for a baby:

1. A Perfect soft touch (with the extra love of Mum) –

A touch which my baby doesn’t feel now due to specially chosen soft fabrics for ultimate comfort. Touch & feel yourself!


 2. 12 hours of Dryness:

Well none of us actually want to keep babies in diapers for 12 long hours for the fear of Leakage or wetness or irritation, but what happens in the night? What happens during the travel?

It’s not that easy to change the diapers in 5-6 hours, this is when the importance of premium Pampers care pants comes into. With an extra dry sheet covering the inner lining ,quickly absorbing the urine, it is specially designed to lock the wetness away from baby. It helps in least irritation & shares a sense of dryness all time. To be very honest ,I myself felt the same during the live demonstration in the event, when 150 ml of liquid was poured on the diaper (rather 2 diapers ,one being pampers pants & another undisclosed ones). The speed with which the liquid got absorbed & still gave dryness was pleasing for Pampers pants (as other diaper started getting wet upon touching) . So a perfect beginning for my lil one:)


3. Wetness Indicator :

Well, a very important indicator for a healthy & free baby, an indicator which changes its colour from yellow to blue. It helps us identify the time to change & free the baby without any hassles.

Wetness Indicator
Wetness Indicator

4. Baby Lotion:

An important aspect is prevention of any skin irritation, which is provided by the presence of gel in these pants. When this layer is treated upon by the urine, it remains as such due to the presence of Gel & prevents child from any irritation & rashes. This being an important factor was wonderfully demonstrated in the event very scientifically. This clearly reflected how the Gel treated part remains unchanged & the untreated part gets changed when it absorbs urine.

Baby Lotion
Baby Lotion

5. Breathable materials:

A next very important point is the presence of micro pores of the material present in these pants, air circulation being significant for the skin. Presence of micro pores in the breathable materials helps in keeping the wetness & moisture away from the baby’s skin. Its Presence gives healthy skin, happy baby & healthy un-disrupted development.

6. All-around waistband and soft cuffs:

Highly soft elasticity in 360 degree waistband & leg cuffs, Little stretch & we get to know how easily leg cuff’s adjust to our baby movements, thus providing them un-hindered free run all over the house.

Perfect Fit
Perfect Fit

7. Easy Disposal:

The presence of tape enables easy disposal of the pants after just tearing apart from both the sides, rolling & taping them !

Easy Disposal
Easy Disposal

I guess, it needs to be a seven star product rather than 5 star looking at my happy baby in these pants!! Thanks Pampers for giving a sense of happiness to all mommies for caring little extra for our lifelines. For me, Pampers Premium pants have been the best diaper for a baby in India.

Picture Courtesy : Pampers!

And thats my “Pampered Baby”!

Happy Baby
Happy Baby


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