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The world has moved way ahead in conversing with the rest of the world & one such mode I’ve loved from quite some time are Podcasts. So simple to learn, enhance knowledge, or just to have a good laugh, while cooking or cleaning or travelling. All you need is a pair of earphones! No extra time to be spared, pick your favourite when you are for a walk and you’re done! Get refreshed, get to know that the world has the same struggles & still is an inspiring place to live in.

Looking at my Podcast love, here are some of the “Parenting & Womanhood Podcasts” I really love & suggest you all to give it a try. Shall keep on updating these as and when I touch & love the others.

Here you go, with the 5 lovely podcasts :

Mom and dad are fighting – 

Mama’s wouldn’t you love to get all aspects of Parenting? Be it interviews or some news on working out on different parenting styles or raising confident kids. Slate’s parenting podcast is truly entertaining. Occasionally you’ll also see some really witty comments and some bombs been thrown by the hosts Allison Benedikt and Dan Kois. I’ve known recently that it has got new hosts, but yet they are funny discussing all of Parenting. At times, I don’t agree with them or their discussions, but it can happen with every human. But, I still like the way they focus on bonding & developing your relation with the child.

The Longest Shortest Time – 

Hillary Frank launched this podcast for 21st century parents it seems so to me. When fresh, really bold & true stories are thrown and handled in a way mature manner, it does gives a sense that this is an intellectual pod. Be it talking about the Sex to kids, thought provoking stories or be it on vaginal delivery, it is so quirky & honest. I need to admit that I’ll have to catch up with all remaining past episodes soon. Frank had worked in radio for nearly 16years and had a sad start to motherhood with she being unable to walk for few weeks after her delivery. She started talking to other moms & that’s how the journey to this Pod began. To me, this has actually become a “No miss”.

Quiet –

I searched & tapped on this pod, when I saw one of my friend struggling with an introvert kid. Hosted and produced by Susan Cain, the author of a Best selling book [Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking”], it actually focusses on how to raise introvert kids. Get to know as to why social environment, schools, daycares are important for introvert kids. What is the science and psychology behind being introvert. She also helps us to understand what are the signs of an introvert child. This is a very relaxed and much sensible podcast to hear on.

The Modern Dads Podcast – 

Something for Dad’s on Fatherhood, why not, being a parent!

Parenting is no longer all of Motherhood in this century and fathers have to play a very active role in raising up their kids. The Modern Dads is presented by the NYC Dads Group, sharing the stories of modern fatherhood. It shares the Joys, difficulties, tips, real life stories of modern fathers. The best thing my better half feels about it is that it looks very natural & does not self promote it. It gives a non cluttered feel. Even the guest interviews are hosted which deals with fatherhood and parenting topics in a much bold and responsible manner. Dad’s, do give a try & lemme know if you can relate to it.

She did it her way – 

This is an inspirational Podcast for Women entrepreneurs, with Amanda featuring a new women entrepreneurs every week. It seems a real true conversations she has with her interviewees with respect to their lives and business, how they dealt with the changes and surroundings. One can so very well relate to the real life challenges & how an aspiring women can reach her goals. Her stories re-ignite your passion and they motivate you tons.

These are some of my Parenting & Womanhood related podcasts I’ve loved from past 1 year. What about you my fellow readers? What are your favourite podcasts & why will you give them a thumbs up? Share out here.

Parenting & womanhood podcasts

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