Short Poem : Challenges of Life

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O will I go, untying the knot

In the realm of Darkness, yes I will go..

Far beyond the Truth, Truth beyond we know..

O will I go, untying the knot !

FreedomThe Thunders and the Storms,

Will end the havoc I know..

In the realm of Darkness, Yes I will go !

The quest & the questions, all takes a halt,

Far beyond the thoughts, mystic has a home..

O will I go, untying the knot !

What is, and what is not,

A little does it do..

The realm is the Master, so pity of you!

Hunting the logics, illogical holds the Clue..

O Will I go, untying the Clue !

In the realm of Dark, yes I will go..success

The failures & traps,

Will surrender to my grit..

O Will I go, untying the ploy..

In the realm of Dark, yes I will go!

Searching love ashore, family holds the key,

Far beyond the reach, Love finds the way ..

O Will I go, untying the Love !

In the realm of Dark, yes I will go..

I will go till my heart beats,

O my heart, beat on till I untie my Life!

A short ballad, start given by my friend, ended by me! Just reflecting a small phase of life wherein challenges grips us.

Some create a havoc, some shower immense learnings. This is an ode to the “Perseverance in life”. We really need to untie the knots life gives us & solve the hidden mystery to conquer the world. It says us to never lose hope & live life with the passion in the shades of people who love us. And finally, continue with your passion till your heart beats.

Never regret, create an auroral series of events in the life. Continue the search even in the storms until you get what you wish to. Be assiduous , pragmatic, unreasonable sometimes & spearhead the task with “LOVE” in your hearts!

How did this composition go friends? Did it relate to our life? Tell me what you think off in the comment section!

Happy weekend! Time has come to cherish your dreams!

22 thoughts on “Short Poem : Challenges of Life

  1. Once there is life, there is hope. I have learnt not to allow the challenges of this life weigh me down. This life is full of mystery. I enjoyed reading this poem, thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much Deepa, I truly believe that life should be led in an optimistic way..there will be many hurdles but then that’s what teaches us to grow:). thanks for liking it!

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