10 popsicle stick crafts for kids : Summer Extravaganza III

Popsicle stick craft for kids

Can Ice creams be creative? Thought of Popsicle stick crafts for kids?

Summers are amazing & so are the ice creams to savour upon! From a year old kid to 70year old, I believe Ice cream is something “unavoidable” in nature, only the variants & flavours can change. As the temperature soars & the Ice cream parlour man comes, mom’s I’m damn sure you must be having a hard time cutting them out of your kids daily routines. And now when summer vacations are here, that’ll be a good shout out at homes:). So let’s switch to some popsicle stick crafts for kids.

Don’t think that I’m game in for a daily treat, but then get creative to sort that issue out. Let the candy enter the tummy & stick pile up for an amazing art. Yes moms & dads, here I’m gonna share some interesting crafts with popsicle sticks/ ice cream sticks for kids. So do not throw them away, rather wash, pat them dry & be ready to engage your kid for some really creative craft.

Try to put that as a bait;). No more ice creams until the craft gets completed. That will super engage them. And for the next time art why get some popsicle sticks online right there?

Here are some popsicle stick crafts or crafts with ice cream sticks for you!

1. Plant Markers:

Popsicle stick markers
garden markers

Well who doesn’t loves gardening? The only problem which occurs is of the  space. So what? Let your house have some pots with fresh seeds to be sown. This will not only help kids develop gardening interests, but it is a great practical way to learn science. The soils, weather, amount of water, type of seeds, nurturing, will all help them learn ample. And yes let them craft out some beautiful Plant markers, tagging the name with images of the plant sown. Won’t that be a great idea? Look at my colorful “Tomato Marker”. Let kids paint & write tomato/any other plant which has been sown.

Super easy & creative!


Popsicle stick crafts for kids
Lovely bookmarks

Kids craving for those beautiful next shop bookmarks costing approx a $ or less? Why not ask them to design it themselves? What they need is a popsicle stick, glue/fevicol, colours, their favourite cartoon cut out of paper/cardboard. Let them colour up the stick & prepare their pooh, ready to be bookmarked. Paste it & it is ready for the favourite story book.

What’s your take?

3. Just getting Fishy:

Popsicle stick fish

Tried crafting a super easy fish, out of the popsicle sticks for my 2.5year old kid. It was super fun. Just 4 sticks, he loved painting them out, putting the googly eye & pasting them on his sheet. This was very simple, you can definitely carve out some fins & paint out river on the sheet & then paste the fishy fish:).  It’s just acting as an ignitor to your grey matter! Ice cream sticks can design simplest to most elaborative arts, simply depends on the time & imagination you put onto.

You’ll be popsicle stick crafts family soon!

4. Lil Duck or the next door Pug

Popsicle stick duck
animal characters

How about crafting that with paper, colours & ice cream sticks? That will be super fun to make these lil creatures. Try the figured out duck or let your kid make the imaginative animals all by himself:).

5. Earring stand & container boxes –

Popsicle stick
earring stand

Now there is a popsicle stick crafts idea, dam easy, super decorative & perfect for mommies. Could be a mother’s day gift? Juts need coloured sticks & glue to make the stand or the container boxes. Why not paint the cover of container boxes & flaunt them in your living room? Match their colours with your living room & get appreciated for your art on Insta;)

6. Drawing or Mug coasters :

Popsicle stick painting

Your kid loves drawing & painting..Are you short of sheets? Why not utilise the ice cream sticks for a great craft ? Make a varied coloured frame by just sticking the popsicle sticks. Give them the colourful hues supporting your painting. And once they’ve stuck, just paint over what you wish to… Here we’ve demonstrated a city night life on the sticks.. get creative & hang them onto your walls. You’re gonna be applauded for sure! They can even take a form of Mug coasters, isn’t it?

7. Mirror/ Analog Clocks:

Popsicle stick mirror

Take a base & spread out the sticks, colorful or plain in a perfect round shape. For mirror get the small centre space attached to a small rounded mirror cut out.

Analog clock time, get the hands stick on it (Just for show piece) & decorate your walls!

Popsicle stick crafts for kids will drive all crazy!

8. House:

Popsicle stick house
Popsicle stick house – aliexpress.com

Wow, wouldn’t that be great that you gift your crafted duck & pugs a house to live in? Well, that can be super crafty & can look really beautiful with some hues added to it. Have patience while making it, it’s gonna be elaborative and tedious. Once done, you can frame up a small garden to let your animals stroll there;). Have a look at a beautiful popsicle stick house making video .

9. Night lamps:

I still remember making out a beautiful night lamp out of ice cream sticks when I had actually got bored out of my daily one in class VII. It was so satisfying that I used it for next few years besides my bed. Well, that is a great craft for lil older kids or kids and mommies together. Sharing a small video to help you out on it. Do try out, it will really engage kids. 

10. Let your emotions show:

Popsicle stick girl
Smiling girl

Funny of me crafting! It could be the simplest!

Take 5 (less or more) sticks and all you need is sketch out your/kids emotions.

Draw out your emotions on single sticks – Happy, Sad, Curious, Surprised, Fear …and so many. Or colour out your favourite doll & gift it to your mom the cute lil thing:).

Once done, hang them on your wall or paste them on your table. Let kids look at the smiling face every time they get knocked off something. 

Let the ball roll!

Hey moms & kids, these are just few ideas, get your grey matters roll about & make as many as you wish too.. From Snakes to wall craft holders to those paper ice creams. There is no limit to limit yourself from the imagination. 

[Share here some of the art your bunny bee would have made from popsicle sticks!]

Loved popsicle stick crafts for kids? Show us some love!

Till then, happy crafting! 



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  1. Tina Basu

    The plant marker is very cute, i am going to make it soon.

  2. Apeksha Gupta

    With the summer holidays, these look like fun projects.. I am going to pin this..

    1. Jhilmil

      Thanks Apeksha, they are really fun!

  3. Carolyn R

    There are some fantastic ideas here! I especially love the “let your emotions show” idea. I know my students could definitely benefit from that!

    1. Jhilmil

      That’s really great, do share what they thought off & if they adopted it..Would love some pics:)

  4. Anna Barton

    Love these ideas!! My kids have so much fun creating with popsicle sticks!

    1. Jhilmil

      They are indeed Fun:) Thanks for liking it.

  5. jeet sandhu

    I used to make wall hangings out of the sticks in my childhood. It was fun!

  6. alifeofauthenticity

    I just recently bought some popsicle sticks for my daughter so these ideas will come in handy. I’d like to say that we will be all over that house, but that is a negative, I am definitely not that crafty. Thanks.

    1. Jhilmil

      Oh c’mon, your craft spirits will be on a high once you get into it, m damn sure. DO share with me the pic of house you crafted!

  7. pileupblogs

    It looks like fun , I would definitely try it out

  8. Amber

    What great ideas! I’ll keep these in mind. My kids do go through a lot of popsicles during the summer.

    1. Jhilmil

      Ha ha, I believe most of the kids would have a stock of popsicle sticks.. Do try out some ideas with kids, they’ll love for sure:)

  9. Tina

    We always keep plenty of craft sticks on hand. I love the duck/animal idea. I’m pinning this for our summer craft sessions!

    1. Jhilmil

      Great Tina..DO share me some of the kids craft in their summer sessions:) Would love to see

  10. mommyingmaars

    Awe I love popsicle crafts. I wonder if we can eat enough popsicles this summer to reuse them for crafts! ? thanks for sharing your ideas!

  11. Samantha

    So many great ideas!

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    It’s been ages since I’ve done Popsicle art! This post really brings back some great memories.

  13. asoulwindow

    Whoa! This reminds me of my childhood days. Cheers!

  14. Working Mum

    I like the bookmarks and the emotions ideas- it’s not really warm enough here to eat them just yet but will keep these ideas in mind for the summer!

  15. Deimarys

    These are so creative, fun and definitely easy to create. Elias would love to make these and I definitely need a book mark!

  16. munniofalltrades

    These are such cool ideas. In my childhood, I used to make pen stands and wall hangings using popsicle sticks. We used to call it ice candy sticks back in India 🙂

  17. Katherine

    We have stacks of these! I know just want to do this weekend.

  18. leuchocojummy

    i will really like to watch the clock. Alli have to do now is shop for popsicle sticks.

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    You are so creative. Great ideas to keep the little ones busy. Thanks!

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