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There are enough discussions around the Macro and Micro nutrients these days, but we find that protein’s are lacking that awareness amongst Indians and our diets. We might plan to fulfil Vitamin D deficiency but what about the building blocks of the cells? What about a component which is there in every part, every cell of the body, aka, Protein?

Numerous surveys have been conducted on our diet patterns and results have always been shocking, when we get to know that 9 out of 10 Indians are deficient in Proteins. It is more so amongst North Indians, wherein the major portion of diet is vegetarian. But being a vegetarian doesn’t hinders correct protein intake, only if we are aware of our body requirement and how to fulfil that gap created.

Protein Rich Foods : Are we taking the requisite Protein?

Indian diet has mostly been a carb based diet with lots of focus on whole wheat chapati’s and added fats in the form of ghee, oils and butters. No where are we closer to adding sufficient proteins in our foods.

A daily protein requirement is 1gm/kg(body weight)/day, i.e. If I’m a normal fit adult, weighing 50kgs with not much of physical exercise, then my daily Protein need is 50 gms. Here comes the question, are we meeting this requisite, more so the “complete protein” requisite? Proteins are made up of 20 different amino acids, out of which 9 are essential amino acids. Intake of these essential Amino acids makes it a complete protein diet. 

This requirement increases incase you are in one of the phases: Growing children, teens, elders, Athletes/Sports or during illness. In these phases the requirement increases from 1gm to 1.2-1.6 gms/kg/day(varies) and thus pose more challenge to have a protein rich diet and here hydrolysed proteins can be really impactful.

Hydrolysed protein and its benefits :

Every function of our body cells are controlled by this macronutrient called protein. It’s presence is in DNA, Haemoglobin, Hormones – Neurotransmitters, Enzymes, Keratin – Hair, nails,  Bones, Muscles.  And, so it is must for all age groups, from a toddler, to a teen, to an adult and even for elders.

Basically proteins can be taken in an Intact form or in the hydrolysed form. Intact proteins are acted upon by proteolytic enzymes, which break the long peptide chains into single amino acid or small peptide chains of 2-3 amino acids. This hydrolysis enhances the efficiency of the protein compared to intact protein. Our body absorbs protein in short peptide forms more efficiently. Hydrolysed proteins act faster during recovery and helps in better muscle protein synthesis also. Did you know that protinex supplements have Hydrolysed protein in them, which help in instant results and better mechanism ?

Hydrolysed Proteins help in :

  • Enhanced Amino acid levels : Certain Hydrolysates trigger a good spike in Amino acid levels which results in a greater control over muscle protein synthesis.
  • Hydrolysed protein helps in better muscle strength and quick muscle healing and recovery compared to intact protein.
  • Weight loss : Hydrolysed proteins helps you feel fuller for longer with less calories and it helps shedding excess of fat from the body.
  • Diminishes any allergy : Hydrolysed protein is less likely to cause any allergy, since it is said that the allergens get removed during this process of forming hydrolysates.
  • Better Immunity : During any illness or dieting regime, you could handshake with weaker immunity. This can be easily supplemented with Hydrolysed protein, which gives an immunity boost. It also raises the levels of glutathione which protects immune cells.

Other benefits include :

  • Prevents increase in Blood Glucose, thus maintaining Blood sugar levels.
  • Mood elevators : They help in synthesis of hormones elevating our moods.
  • Better memory and learning, due to their role in formation of neurotransmitters
  • Maintains strong bones, bone repair, due to better absorption of calcium

Do you wish to calculate your Protein intake?

Protinex Calculator is here for you!

It’s time to check out how much protein requirement are you covering from your diet. Forget visiting doctors and feed in your details in a simple protein calculator launched by Protinex. I came out to be just 60% on the scale and I really need to improve my Protein intake (and not over do it). A balance of all nutrients is must for the perfect functioning of our body. For this, definitely, my diet has been moulded, along with 2-3 scoops of Protinex added in milk daily to give me sufficient Protein.

To me, Protinex supplements and the newly launched travel friendly “Protinex bytes” are the best option to help my body cells smile.  All the more, it has amazing flavours like Vanilla Delight, Fruit mix, Elaichi, Chocolate & its original flavour.  And yes, they have special packages for children in their 1st and 2nd growth spurt. Clubbing a balanced Protein rich diet along with protinex supplement/bytes is definitely bridging out the protein gaps and making us full of energy once again!

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