How Quilling will change your Imagination

How Paper Quilling for kids could make Betty draper a better Mother:)

So let’s know what is Quilling..

Finding its root in Europe, Paper quilling has been around for centuries, but only recently gained the attention and popularity. It is a form of art involving strips of paper to be rolled, twisted to give amazing designs. Quilling designs are as versatile as they are beautiful.

An excerpt by my sister “Of all the paper craft, quilling was an extremely creative outlet for me and my daughter (who was then 5 years old). Thanks to a family friend, who gifted it to my kiddo, and then started a whole fulfilling world of creativity with ‘little circles’.It gave a magical vent to the creative side of ‘us’.”

What not can be created with just a few tools in hand, a whole plethora of delicate designs, may it be quilled cards, embellishments, jewellery(earrings, pendants, rings), photo frames, bookmarks, fridge magnets, wall hangings, keychains, coasters, home décor items…blah blah..Name it & you go! Its a heaven to showcase your creativity.

Rolling narrow strips of paper into coils or scrolls and arranging them to form interesting and intricate 3D shapes can be intriguing enough. Be it flowers, hearts, butterflies, snow flakes, abstract designs etc., it is so fulfilling and rewarding in the end.The best part is you always get interesting results!”

Further let’s just have a glance on quilling enhancing kids development in the areas:

1. Fine motor skills

2. Good hand eye coordination

3. Ignites various facets of brain (Cognitive Part).

4. Since it is time consuming, It enhances the level of patience.

5. And yes it helps taking the “Fun element” to the next level.

So let me share some designs / Quilling Art Images by my 5 year old niece :

A very natural question takes rounds, When should a child be introduced to quilling? So, let me tell you to sit back & relax. A 2.5-3year old kid can also start with basic pasting. The earlier your child is introduced to this art, the better development aura your child gets. Your child begins to appreciate art & explore his interests early on the developmental path. Doesn’t that sounds interesting?

Quilling for kids
Growing levels of quilling : Simple to more creative

Let’s initiate Quilling for Kids:

  1. Beginning for a 2.5-3year old Kid : Prepare multi-coloured quills well before and draw out the boundary of a simple design. Ask your pre schooler to paste the pre-defined coils on the design to begin with. Don’t let them apply glue by brush to the shapes directly. Kids of this age don’t have a great control on using big brushes, hence try to pour some glue in a small plate & ask kids to put their shapes in it & then paste.
  2. Once your baby gets aware of what & how to do, don’t put any designs on the sheet, rather let your kid explore his own designs. Exploring on their own helps them develop their brains & yes their imaginations rocks for sure!
  3. Slowly you’ll see that your kid will demand that the “coil must be prepared by him”. Don’t panic & yes leave the fear of getting messy in that drawer:). Give them wide strips of heavy paper (narrow strips should not be used with these small kids) to start rolling & making their first “Coil”. Their first coil needs a round of applause for sure moms.
  4. For the Older kids, more than 4 years, Quilling is an art they’ll love & give you perfect awesome designs. It works wonders for both boys & girls with just the choices of designs being different. I saw my friends baby boy creating animals and cars out of it, while my niece loved making Flowers, earrings out of it! Quilling ranked on top position for them in art & craft category. They would not even ask for “Smartphones/Online Games & videos” while quilling. It sounds a great “Problem solver”, right!                                                                                                                                                                                                  And Moms, try yourselves , it is a remarkable way to get out of that monotonous work spread across the day. Creating some amazing designs & utilities will help you de-stress and also give you a satisfaction of “Being Creative”:)

Ready to roll? Lets get started ….How to do Quilling : Basics & Materials –

Quilling is quite easy to learn and addition of right tools only makes it more so.

  1. Quilling paper: A good quality quilling paper can contribute to the overall appearance of the project. Pre-cut quilling strips are available aplenty. You can get them either from online stores or from some good stationary shops.You can even cut your own using colored sheets and utility knife/cutter.
  2. Slotted quilling tool: By placing the quilling strip in the slot and then rolling with help of thumb and fingers you can easily and steadily create coils. You can also use a toothpick which comes handy for the same.
  3. Glue: Use glue which will dry soon. Needle tip bottle can be used for ease and also to keep the mess and clutter at bay.
  4. Circle sizers: To make uniform size coils, circle sizers come handy for beginners.Coils of different diameter can be made with their help.
  5. Crimpers: Can be used to make zig zag patterns on the quilling strips which can then be rolled into loose coils.
  6. Comb: It’s a special tool to make interlaced loops and eventually different patterns.
  7. Finally….Loads of PATIENCE !

Some simple Quilling Designs /shapes to start off :

Before mastering this craft, basic quilling shapes have to be learnt. Main shape is the ‘coil’ and the rest of the shapes such as tear drop, curved tear drop, marquise, tulip, petal, scrolls, square, etc.,are formed by pinching and adjusting the coil. Start coiling small & big balls, try outlining a heart shape or a flower with the same sized coils.

Once comfortable with the basic shapes, you can try hands on various projects. The more you explore, the more you love quilling. 

Giving handmade quilled gifts to your loved ones will earn you lots of appreciation.

Though paper quilling is time consuming and requires lots of patience, but it is creatively satisfying for both kids and grown ups.

Quilled earrings
Gifted by my Niece! Aren’t they awesome!

So go ahead, quilling has made Betty a great Mom!

Happy Quilling Kids & Moms !!

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