Republic Day celebration with Kids!

Republic Day celebration with Kids!

As we approach 26th January, the Republic day of India, there is a feel of patriotism in the breeze. Indeed, this day is special, as there can be so many activities planned for kids and family to raise awareness about the sacrifices of our citizens for a free constitutional India. Let’s celebrate this day with full patriotism feel!

As we approach 26th January, the Republic day of India, there is a feel of patriotism in the breeze. This day is special, as there can be so many activities planned for kids and family to help them know about the sacrifices of our citizens for a free constitutional India. #26January #India #RDay #IndianFlag #RepublicDaycrafts #Republicdayfood #Tattoo #storytelling #beingIndian #jaihind

Republic day history for kids :

Well, Republic day of India, celebrated on 26th Jan, is the day when the constitution of India was born. And just to let you know that it is unique, since it is the largest written liberal democratic constitution of the world. This calls for a celebration, isn’t it? And more so, it will help children instil patriotism in them right from the start. This will certainly turn them into responsible citizen, full of gratitude and courage.

Here are some interesting ways to celebrate Republic day with kids :

1. Republic day parade :

To me, watching the really amazing Republic day parade is a must. It fills me with so much of love for our people, our country. Why not, this time plan to watch parade with your kids. Educate them about different acts being performed, show them the diversity of India. Sing along some Republic day songs – Mere Desh ki Dharti , Aye watan tere liye, apni azaadi ko hum, and so on! Play them and feel their words.

As we approach 26th January, the Republic day of India, there is a feel of patriotism in the breeze. This day is special, as there can be so many activities planned for kids and family to help them know about the sacrifices of our citizens for a free constitutional India. #26January #India #RDay #IndianFlag #RepublicDaycrafts #Republicdayfood #Tattoo #storytelling #beingIndian #jaihind

2. Flag Hoisting :

If you are celebrating Republic day in your society, let kids participate in Flag Hoisting. Usually Flag hoisting happens in many schools, universities and other public institutions as well. Kids should be a part to pay their respect to India and our National flag.

3. Dress up traditionally :

Dressing up creates a zeal for any festivities to begin. So why not dress up kids, either in tri-colour or dress up as per the cultural diversity of India. Incase, you are celebrating as a community, arrange for kids fancy dress competition. That would be great fun.

4. Indian republic day Craft Ideas :

Let the festivities begin, as you can start engaging preschoolers and older kids in the Republic day crafts. The start can always be with Crafting Indian Flag out of paper or you can even decorate the Indian Flag, to wave it on 26th January. Making a flag simply needs white sheet, tri-colours and a long thin stick to hold the flag. While decorating it would need some pompoms, cut outs of glitter, felt paper, sequins, crepe paper and so on.

Other interesting republic day crafts using Tri-colour (Saffron, White, Green) can be:

a) Paper rocket signifying the importance for the country.

b) A Kite which kids can even fly once the sun is out.

c) Tri-colour medals made out of felt paper/normal sheet, to celebrate the bravery of kids

d) Tri – colour Pen stand to keep their beloved colours.

e) Those who love quilling, Tri-colour earrings / flower patterns can also be a great option.

f) Wall hangings showing unity (Joined hands/human cut-out) look great and help kids understand importance of unity

g) Spray painting with Saffron, White and Green will be loved by Pre schoolers who love the messy work of spraying all the way.[Just like my son].

The basic idea is to make the day full of creative fun and make them understand the significance of Republic Day for us. If you stay in societies, you can even plan for a Republic day craft making competition among all kids. That will be super fun, I must say.

5. Facts and Story telling time :

Why not plan a story-telling session, from some senior member of the family or neighbourhood? Our elders have lots of stories of unity, struggle, freedom, sacrifices which needs to be shared with children. It can be a real interesting and loving session of kids as well as of the elders in the family, who will love to revisit some old memories with children. Allow kids to know the diversity of culture, heritage, languages, religion that India has. Promote Unity in Diversity.

Also, let them know the National Bravery awards which are given to kids from all over India for their bravery in various acts. Further, also make it a point to watch these awards while being telecasted. Believe me, these awards are so encouraging and instils a sense of courage and stand for the truth in us and kids.

6. Colourful foods :

This is a fun activity which kids will love tons. Why not have some saffron, white and green coloured interesting foods in snacks and lunch? The most common are the colourful Sandwich, which kids can fill themselves and grab a yummy bite. [Saffron – carrots, white – cheese, Green – Chutney/spinach – corn spread]. For the lunch, one can make colourful Biryani, Idli’s, Marinated and BBQ Paneer steak [orange tomatoes – white paneer & Onion – green capsicum].

Even colourful pasta is a good option!

As we approach 26th January, the Republic day of India, there is a feel of patriotism in the breeze. This day is special, as there can be so many activities planned for kids and family to help them know about the sacrifices of our citizens for a free constitutional India. #26January #India #RDay #IndianFlag #RepublicDaycrafts #Republicdayfood #Tattoo #storytelling #beingIndian #jaihind

Fruit time can again be a combination of Oranges – bananas – green grapes. Thus, a full breakfast – lunch  – fruit time can be made special.

7. Fun Time with balloons :

That can be in the form of different Balloon plays with all three colours, saffron, white and green. Blow, tie, and have fun with balloons.

8. Rangoli & tattoo :

You can have simple floral rangoli made out of Orange, white flowers and green leaves. Kids love making rangoli and this is an eco friendly idea. Make a fun tattoo with colours on kids faces, hands for a more festive fervour. Ensure the colours are safe.

As we approach 26th January, the Republic day of India, there is a feel of patriotism in the breeze. This day is special, as there can be so many activities planned for kids and family to help them know about the sacrifices of our citizens for a free constitutional India. #26January #India #RDay #IndianFlag #RepublicDaycrafts #Republicdayfood #Tattoo #storytelling #beingIndian #jaihind

9. Distribute sweets :

Kids can plan a visit to Orphanage and distribute sweets to kids there. One take some hand made Republic day gifts, like pen stands for those kids, to celebrate the happiness.

10. Cultural Programs :

You can plan cultural programs in your society or neighbourhood, wherein kids can be given a chance to speak few lines about republic day, why do they feel it is important for us? This can be followed by some patriotic songs by elders, small skits by kids. This will not just help kids in knowing the value of a free nation, but will also help them know the sacrifices our soldiers have done for a Free liberal India.

So what are your plans for celebrating the R-day, the birthday of Indian constitution with Kids? Why not share your ideas with our readers here in the comment section?

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  1. marysa

    This sounds like a lovely celebration and a great way to celebrate. I love these ideas and using the colors of the flag in foods. These are great traditions to enjoy with the family.

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    jai Bharat mahaan.

  3. Marjie Mare

    I am glad to learn about your culture. I feel like it’s an awesome ideas to have the kids involve in all the activities.

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    What a wonderful celebrations. I have a young child but I would love to participate in this for my community. I love cultures and learning about their history.

  5. Mohan Manohar

    Happy Republic day in advance

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    Being from the US, I had never heard of Republic day, thank you for sharing this cool information!

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    I love learning about new cultures! What a wonderful celebration this is. I love the colorful food as well, it is such a fun touch. Thanks for sharing this info. I enjoyed learning. xx

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    Great ideas to engage kids and make them aware of India’s Republic day. We surely have flag hoisting in our apartment. I like the idea of tri-color food too

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    Best way to celebrate this amazing day with kids teaching them values

  10. Donna Regen

    I always loved crafts as a child, so I like the suggestion to create something fun and related to this holiday with your young kids. They will be so proud to see their works of art hanging in your home even long after the holiday is over.

  11. Ana De-Jesus

    Happy Republic Day! I especially liked the idea of creating cultural programs that can enable children to learn more about the countries traditions, so dressing in traditional costumes and colours to reinforce the spirit of republic day is such a good idea! It must be such an empowering and emotional celebration, especially being able to celebrate it with kids!

  12. Komal

    How fun! I had no idea pasta was a thing lol. Although I love me some paneer.

  13. myteenytot

    Wow !! Awesome ways to inculcate values by involving them in such activities.Thanks for sharing.

  14. Bushra Khan

    These are indeed lovely ideas! My kids celebrate Republic day in school where they are told about imprtance of Republic day followed by flag hoisting!

  15. Papri Ganguly

    Very beautifully written post. I absolutely agree with your thoughts.

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    This is awesome Jhilmil. You made an opportunity to learn a different culture and also inspire me to spend more time with my kids. Everyone should spend more time with their families. Thanks

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    These are great ideas! I plan to take my kids to society function and tell them stories

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    We too celebrate the national days here with a parade. It’s always nice to watch! I like your ideas!

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    Thank you so much for this. I work in an early learning centre and have always been stuck for ideas to celebrate Indian Republic day – I have numerous Indian children in my room.

  21. Flyingkids

    These area great ideas which children and adults will have so much fun and learning doing.

    1. Flyingkids

      Interesting post. These area great ideas which children and adults will have so much fun and learning doing.

  22. I am always hunting for new craft ideas around this time of the year. Thanks for sharing this post. Going to be helpful for next few days

  23. eliza

    Oh great! This celebration is perfect bonding with our young ones, events and feast will surely entertain not only them but us too.

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    It’s great that you have managed to put such creative ideas to celebrate this big day. My son would love some of these for sure.

  25. Simone

    First thanks for sharing this celebration in general, now i know what is all about! It is important to know your roots so making children an active part of it makes them grow with values and respect! Good job!

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    Wonderful ideas to make the Republic Day the truly special thing it is for us Indians. Our kids need to know the basic ideas behind every national holiday.

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    This sounds like an absolutely lovely celebration!!! My little boy would have loved this day as well!!!

  28. I really enjoy watching the parade and I attend all the events being scheduled in my college and society every year !! Gives me a great sense of pride in myself and my country 🙂 Happy Republic Day !!

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    What a greart celebration and Happy Republic Day in advance, all the way from the UK

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    Happy Republic Day to you and your family. It’s fantastic to be able to share such important days with our loved ones.

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    I didn’t know you celebrated a day like this – what wonderful ideas. I love the colourful foods!

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    Happy happy Republic day for sure! Especially that you celebrated it with kids; that is so touching. I love how kids can be so innocent that they’ll keep on jumping up and down in ecstasy just by looking at the parade! Ha-ha! And the colorful foods yummy!

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    I like your ideas of how you can celebrate with kids and have fun together! Kids would definitely enjoy sweets and colored faces 🙂

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    Happy Republic Day! What a wonderful way to celebrate your constitution, culture and patriotism all at once. Reminds me of my beloved 4th of July.

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    What a wonderful way to celebrate! I have heard plenty of stories about the parade and would love to witness it myself one day.

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    I agree to you that all these small things can pep up the excitement in us and let the younger generation know the value of this day too. Its an important day for all of us 🙂

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    Happy Republic Day! I love when special days like this have activities for kids. I feel it so important for kids to learn and know about these days! 🙂

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    Absolutely agree that children should be involved in the celebration and made aware of our history 🙂 Happy Republic Day!!

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    Its a great Idea to involve kids. When I was very young, my primary school then had agreat events maped out on our independence day. We even had the oppotunity to meet the governor of the state hahahaha and alot of refreshments aswell.I always look forward to this day


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